Rupert Murdoch’s True Form?

Anyone who doesn’t take up residency under a rock has surely heard the news that Rupert Murdoch’s tabloid, News of the World, was recently accused of illegally tapping the phone lines of private citizens.

Well, whether or not you believe his story that says he was completely unaware of the hacking, and whether or not you believe he deserved getting hit by a pie during his testimony in the House of Commons, it’s hard to deny that there’s something a little mischievous about him. Fortunately, thanks to a specialized news camera that is designed to show people in their true form, we now know what Rupert Murdoch has been hiding for years -his demonic nature.

Ok, so maybe it’s just a strange camera angle that caught a humorous view of the media celebrity, but the horns illusion is still surprisingly fitting for the old man. What do you guys think, is the camera operator trying to tell us something?

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    1. first, its still an illusion, so your problem if you dont like it to be posted here.
      second, its anything and waste not eneything and waist.
      third, this is not a waste of time for me.

  1. Tats soooo funi! But you noe wats scary? Where I am its august 8th, august 9th hasnt even happened yet (according to when dis was posted) :O

  2. Such a smarty pants, you are, love it… I didn’t see this shot but I was trying not to listen and watch at the same time.

  3. This is perhaps one of the stupidest posts here ever. Just goes to show the Gestalt effect at work. People will see what they want to see. In this case it is a real stretch.

  4. [img][/img]

    blood smear illusion

    1. that illusion in the blood smear is two people kissing ;) took me a while to figure that out until i saw the unusual weird wiggle in the shorter drip. it looked like a man and woman

  5. You generally have funny and intriguing things on this website. This picture, however, is really neither of those. It’s just a perfectly normal picture. There was no “special camera” and I’m 10000% certain the camera operator was just taking pictures; likely 100’s of them having grown up with a professional photographer. I’ve seen these guys with their camera set to “auto shoot” and just hold the button down for about 30 – 45 seconds in hopes of getting “that perfect shot”.

    My feelings about Mr Murdoch aside, this is just a perfectly normal camera shot and I really think you could have done better. Please bring more pictures like the MC Escher in a water drop. Those are truly exciting and good.

  6. Sorry, but no. I really like moillusions, but this is neither an illusion nor a clever trick of perspective.
    Keep it up though!

  7. Dead Reckoning book cover. This is the latest book by Charlaine Harris, who wrote the series that True Blood is based on. You have had blood smears with faces and figures in them before. I quite like this one. I had the book for a few weeks and had finished reading it before I noticed the couple about to kiss.


  8. ahaha wow not only do i see a whirl of illusion where this mans soul should be, he also has horns coming out of his head, reality gotta love it!!

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