Running Snakes Promo

Tomato Kosir and Wolfgang Gosch used the famous optical illusion by Akiyoshi Kitaoka , and combined it with Galileo Galilei’s saying “Eppur si muove” (and yet it does turn). The finished product was then used as a presentation poster for the 9th Festival of Slovenian Film. I believe most of you have already stumbled upon Rotating Snakes illusion in one way or another, yet I couldn’t resist posting this high res photo showing the effect in its full glory!

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    1. your a terd!!! realy how much crap could you be getting out of the 10 people that visit your site, most of them is by accident! get a life and stop harrassing others!

  1. Wow, Can’t believe I’m the first to post a response. I have seen this illusion many times before, but never with much apparent movement. It really does look like they’re going in circles. Amazing that the brain can create motion ot of a series if colors arranged in certain ways.

  2. The picture are not moving. It’s just the background of the picture that control the light from dark to light that make picture to move.

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