21 Replies to “Rotating Snakes no.2 Illusion”

  1. lol u showed him matt. yea itsreal cause when you stare in 1 place it stays still.
    do you really think they programmed it so that when you look at it it stops?

  2. Almost noone can keep their eyes focused on 1 point for more then a couple of seconds.
    You need to move your eyes constantly else the whole picture would turn black in matter of minutes.

    You can see it like that your brains needs to refresh the picture constantly thats why it seems it rotates

  3. hey, something else about the picture. if you look at just one of the circles, or snakes, whatever, it looks like a spiral. But if you trace the outer edge of whatever circle you are looking at it turns out that it’s not a spiral

  4. if you put your face up to the screen so that your nose is touching, the 3 circles in the row change into two:D

  5. is it becoming unfashionable to be able to spell properly ? If we don’t abide by the mutual agreements we eventually become unintelligible. It probably stems from the increase of the texting culture but it is not clever and does not increase our knowledge base. This is also a symptom of the need for speed in communication which results in people chopping phrases, not finishing sentences and improvising made-up words which do not exist,except only in their own minds.

  6. if you focus on one of them they stop moving ive seen this one soooooooo many times! and everytime i see it i focus on one and my eyes move cross eyed and i can’t help it

  7. Donifearnain, you forgot to capitalize the first letter of your first sentence. Also, you forgot to use commas after the words agreements, culture, and sentences.

  8. marymac, I refer you to Muphry’s law (that’s not a spelling error).

    Firstly, donifearnain’s post was specifically about spelling, not grammar.
    Secondly, in a list, there is no comma before the ‘and’. It’s a grammatical conjunction, therefore replaces the comma.

    Notice the use of lowercase lettering for names – donifearnain and yourself have used non-capitalised names, therefore that is what I shall use.

  9. lol when i scrolled over the picture it said trippy optical illusion and i instanlt thought of charles trippy

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