Rose Stereogram Illusion

2 more weeks, and I’ll be back from my summer vacation! This means new illusion each day, again. I have over 500 unanswered emails containing optical illusions in my mailbox, and some of them are pretty awesome. I’m just asking for your patience again – and hope I’ll receive some ;) Today you get another interesting stereogram. I love posting those, since I never see their meaning, and look forward reading your comments explaining the illusion. I also have one short question for you people – which optical illusion category you prefer most? Is it “Spot the Object“, “Google Earth Illusions”, stereograms, scary illusions… or something else? You can see all of the categories in the sidebar, and please post your favorite one, so I can concentrate more on those kind of illusions.

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  1. I love stereograms. Thanks for the beautiful rose! Once you learn how to let your eyes go out of focus, seeing the objects normally takes less than 5 seconds.

  2. I’ve noticed that this 3D Stereogram pops out when I literally put my nose to the monitor and slowly back my head away. At about 3 inches from the screen the flower just pops out. Blur your eyes… sort of make the back wall (even though you won’t see it with the monitor in the way) your focal point. I’m not great at seeing all the stereograms, but this one “came into focus” with the technique that I just wrote about.
    BTW, I like the “Spot the Object” style of illusions the best, but really enjoy seeing all kinds of things that are considered “illusions” from this site.

  3. WOW! This is the first time i noticed this – if you cross your eyes and overlap the images instead of unfocus them, it inverts the image. so in this case you see a cone coming out at you. pretty neat.

    btw, i’m really good at this and i think its after a lot of practice looking at stereographic images.

  4. i love these, i see all of them, my parents thought i was gifted as a child, but it turns out i just like to cross my eyes.

  5. i like the 3d chalk drawings, spot the object, and google earth. this one is pretty, and u can sort of c a rose ish thing but i cant c it that clearly

  6. Some stereograms are hard to see. This one popped out with hardly any effort. I could even move the cursor across the screen and not lose the image.

  7. I like the google earth illusions best, then the 3D chalk illusions. I can never figure out how to get the stereograms to work. I heard that you have to go crosseyed, and I can’t do that :(

  8. I really do like he stereograms. But my favourites have always been those fantastic paintings – 3d perspective in 2d. Quite amazing.

  9. I’m very fond of stereograms! I’d like to know more about making them because I want to print a few “plotter size” images to use as posters. Maybe someone here could enlighten me on the applications used for this purpose. Thanks to all who contribute to this site as I’ve seen such beautiful illusions here that captivated me into checking it on a daily basis. Peace out.

  10. I like find the object best, then stereograms. Not so wild about Google Earth Illusions & the scary ones are too scary for me. But I’ve loved everything that shows up on my daily optical illusions section of igoogle. Thanks very much.

  11. I think i’m in the group that have a hard time seeing these stereograms. I’ll try for real one of these days. I really liked the dragon and the spinning silhouette illusions.

  12. I like find the object.

    I’m missing the flower though.

    Does anyone else see cheerleaders in this image? On the second row from the bottom, it looks like there’s a six heads (one per frame) and pom poms moving fast. That’s all I was able to see.

    Cool illusion and looking forward to more! :-)

  13. i love all the illusions… except stereograms because i can’t see them and it makes me so upset. i want to see one so bad.

  14. to see it, try looking about 2-3 feet behind your monitor, then just relax… we had masses of these in books here in the uk back in the late nineties called Magic-Eye… absolutely amazing what tricks and illusions the mind plays on you!

  15. I love stereograms, I can stare at them until I feel my eyes falling :D
    Other categories I really like are Escher Style and Impossible Objects.
    I enjoy the Tests category too, it would be interesting if you put more of them in the site.

  16. I really like Google Earth things. I just felt bad when I saw the giant bug one, and when I looked at it in Google Earth, they took it off! :'(

  17. wow, thats the first time i’ve ever been able to do one of those! Thanks vurdlak! my favourite categories are sand sculptures and 3D chalk drawings! Keep up the good work!

  18. I love all optical illusions but I really enjoy the ones where there are two images in one for example, the face in the tree branches. Thanks for asking.

  19. Beautiful rose! i like the stereograms like this one. the chalk drawings and ones where the room walls are painted to lokk like certain things are kool too.

  20. I agree with “Christopher.” Just cross your eyes and let the images come into alignment and presto… The image pops out at you! it’s like looking in 3D without the glasses. Coolness!

  21. i loved these when i was lil…i would take home books full of these illusions from the library and look at them 24/7. i still love them now :)

  22. You’re supposed to put your nose right up against the center of the picture, and tehn slowly back up until you notice that it begins to look 3-D. In other words, it’s a hidden 3-D pic. I can always see depth, but I’m not too good at determining what the object is, but this time I saw that the hidden pic was the top view of a rose.

  23. ¡Cómo me encantan este tipo de ilusiones!

    Hace años que no veía uno de este tipo.

    Donde se pueden conseguir más de este tipo?

    Where I can find more like these illusion? or how is called?

  24. This illusion works by fooling the brain’s depth perception. With nearly identical vertical patterns,(rows) placed side by side you can cross your eyes, creating 2 separate views (1 per eye), that spread apart horizontally. The more you cross the further apart. When the rows in the center of your overall view line up, the brain can perceive two different rows of the pattern as if they were the same row and lock in to the view. This cross-eyed perception should be completely in focus and make the picture and the 3D object within the picture seem much closer than it actually is. The same feeling as when you look at the tip of your nose. (your brain thinks your nose is pretty close) It is! Whatever 3D object appears at this point; does so, due to subtle differences drawn into the repeated vertical pattern. For me the bigger the picture the better it works.
    I love these illusions.

  25. the trick is look up close to the pick with your eyes cross eyed and move your head away slowly and you should see the picture of the rose.

  26. unlike most people, once i find the picture, i can move my eyes anywhere as long as its on the picture and i dont lose the 3d part

  27. Ok, call it ‘rose’ if you want, nevertheless I liked this one: it´s very deep, as if I were a bee floating above the flower…

    1. ^ DON’T cross eyes! Crossing eyes is suitable for stereo vision pics, not for stereograms. Here you have to do the opposite, focusing something behind the monitor. Of course you can’t do that easily so you must imagine you are doing so. It helps if you listen people talking at radio or television while doing that. And wait, and wait… Your brain will do the rest. It results better if the distance from your eyes to the picture is about 2x it’s diagonal. And you cannot have severe eye problems, of course.

  28. I love these. Had eye problems when i was a kid, double vision (corrected). Never had a problem seeing them so I figure that’s what you have to train your eyes to do… see double

  29. for those who are confused: you have to cross your eyes. exercise by holding your finger up and looking at it. then look at something behind it (like a wall). without shifting the focus of your vision, notice you see two fingers instead of 1. this is what you have to do. cross your eyes like you’re looking behind the screen and the image will be 3d. hope this helps.

  30. Here is the thing with stereograms; if you cress your eyes, the image will be inverted, for example, for this one, the rose will sink back into the screen and the points that are further away from the screen will appear closer and the parts that are closer to you will appear most “sunk back”

  31. Wow this is the first stereogram I got to see and figure out what it was. and now that i’ve seen it I wanna say 3D movies are lame now that i can do this without glasses…. dont ask i’m just happy i saw

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