Robots Dance

Are the robots really moving? This sympatic optical illusion is original work from Mr. Herman Verwaal. It’s called “The Dance”. I’m glad Herman let us post one of his illusions on our site, but if you wish to see more from where this came from, visit his website. If you are expert, you may notice influence from Akiyosi Kitaoka in Herman’s illsions, or how he often calls them – trick art. Enjoy!

25 Replies to “Robots Dance”

  1. An interesting way to make part of the picture stop moving is to put the mouse pointer in a area. The area around the pointer will stop moving.

  2. If the mouse rolls over any part of the picture, it stops moving. This is a common technique used in many of the illusions I have seen in the past.


    P.S. I’m 12, and I feel as if I am smarter than about 1/2 the people here. (Not on these comments, but on many others.)

  3. the dots are placed in such a way your eyes cant focus on them, that why when the pointer is on it it looks like it stops because you can focus on the broken patters.

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