Relaxing Polar Bear Illusion

OK, listen carefully now: I’ve learned how to export all the images from Blogger and Photobucket, and update the permalinks automatically on my new WordPress blog. I’ve managed to export the full blog, and am now in the process of importing it to MY OWN DEDICATED server. When everything is done properly, I’ll announce it here and point my domain to the new server (and WordPress platform). If all goes well, you shouldn’t even notice it (except for new template ;) I’m still struggling to find out how to update the feed correctly, so your widgets and gadgets continue to work, but there is a chance you will have to download the new version when all this is done. If I find someone experienced in RSS feeds, this probably won’t be necessary. If you are able to help, drop me a line PLEASE! Stay tuned…

For today, enjoy this relaxing photo of a Polar Bear lying in the sun. It was submitted by a person whose name I forgot, but still it is a very nice illusion! I can’t believe how this snow formation resembles to such a realistic Polar Bear. Have to go now, will keep you informed about the site migration!

29 Replies to “Relaxing Polar Bear Illusion”

  1. wow. that looks really good. are the eyes just the ends of twigs or were they added by photoshop or little stone?

  2. its alright
    ihve c’n better
    but u kno it looks cool!!!
    I’VE C’N A PIC OFF A nude girl on a beach but u kno
    depends on how u like this pic

  3. Pretty sure it’s not photoshopped. someone probably just saw it, decided it looked like a polar bear, and stuck some black stuff on. Good job for not n=knocking it, though!
    Oh, and it’s still a realy cool illusion. :P

  4. I live in a place where you can see all kinds of snow creatures living in trees–but you have to really look for them.

  5. probly at least some part photoshopped but is still really cool. Keep the illusions coming, love this site!!!

  6. Cute!

    As I’ve said, it’s a shame that the photobucket problem has made you have to export all of the blog- but it seems to be going well, and i will support you all the way :)

  7. Image manipulation is as old as photography itself, contrary to the idea of a photo having inherent verisimilitude. Though not obviously visible to human eyes, image manipulation can be detected by some sophisticated tools, like Photoshopped Image Killer. Which tells you whether your image has been Photoshopped given the image or the image’s URL.

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