Ramón y Cajal 160th Birthday

Google, a company (once) known for it’s “Don’t be Evil” corporate motto, has a fun practice of regularly replacing its homepage logo with various doodles.

Earlier this month, exactly 160 years have passed since birth of Santiago Ramón y Cajal. Ramón y Cajal’s pioneering investigations of the microscopic structure of the brain made him the father of modern neuroscience. He was skilled at drawing, and hundreds of his illustrations of brain cells are still used for educational purposes today.

Google payed the respect to the Spanish pathologist, histologist, neuroscientist, and Nobel laureate with the following “optical illusion” doodle. If you can remember of some other memorable illusory doodles, Google used in the past, be sure to embed them in your comments!

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  1. another cool doodle is the robert moog 78 b-day. Rob created the synthesizer and thats what the doodle is. the knobs on the headboard spell good while the wires spell le and in all, it spells google. but thats not all. you could actually play the notes and press the knobs and stuff.really epic.

  2. I just wanted to point out that there are actually three illusions in this doodle since some people seemed to be dissapointed or think it’s obvious and simple.
    1, the “obvious” face in the center
    2, the spelling out of the word “Google”
    and 3, the “tree” that’s making up the whole piece is actually a brain.
    I’m hoping, once viewers acknowledge all of these features of the piece, they will appreciate it more.

  3. So, there are two illusions: the obvious face and the hidden word “Google”. I liked the word more, of course.

  4. The face is difficult to hide (and a bad piece of art)…. but the 2 monkeys on the branch are difficult to spot

  5. Maybe the whole perspective of the face is to catch your attention instead of the word “Google” to make it more of an illusion. :)

  6. There are many you have missed. 2 heads of dear above to his left. to right a hands and arms folded male. next to that is 3 smiling women. To his left is a large face and a blank one with ears. A granny on his shoulder and a bird to the right plus much more!

  7. Nicholas Wade also created hidden portrait of Cajal somewhat similar to this Google logo as part of his Portraits of European Neuroscientists series.


  8. its a might fine illusion to me.
    If its “obvious” to you, you probably are a devoted fan of MO Illusions.
    Even if it is truly obvious, can we just appreciate the fact that it is an illusion-complex or not?

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