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Hey everyone, I just drank my coffee as announced in previous post. The reason for such quick update is because I had little trouble viewing newest illusion in my Optical Illusion of The Day Yahoo Widget. Do you see this one in Google Homepage, Mac Dashboard widget or Yahoo Widget? Please comment, because I am not sure should I fix it, or it was just a glitch (like we had one before). Anyhow, this illusion below, even though simple, works really well. It was discovered by Dan Sheffield, who wrote the following:

“Hey Mr Illusion man, I hit upon this one whilst messing about in Adobe Illustrator, it’s pretty subtle – in fact I’m not sure if I’m imagining it or not. To me it looks like it’s slowly rotating. It’s simply three stars layered on top of each other with the colors (cyan, magenta, yellow) mixing to form black. Thanks for the fantastic site, I love it.”

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  1. Works for me, especially if I’m not looking directly at it, like when reading the text above.

    My Google widget works ok too.

  2. Yes, it seems to be rotating. However, it is doing it extremely slowly. My advice is to look at the middle of the picture and unfocus your eyes. Click on the illusion, it is easier with a white background. Also, to me it looks like it is also getting a bit smaller when I unfocus my eyes

    btw i have no problem with the google homepage thing, not sure about widget.

  3. nice and accidental illusion, it does slowly rotate for me too

    off topic, a tip for the site, every time i read the description of the illusion, well im not beeing rude but i just want to read the illuision bit and not the rest, and its soo annoying to search like 3 paragrapgs to find it were you talk aboout the illusion and not other stuff, some times when its a long description i cant even find it and i just give up on it when i could of really enjoyed the illusuon, cant u make like the actualy description on bold or something, this one wasnt too hard coz u pasted a quote, but does anyone else agree

  4. my widged says “loading…” for 5 minutes now.
    by the way: this is an extremly cool blog! i found you a month and have been coming back every day since then.

  5. Nice ! I get dizzy looking at it…

    I have it in my google homepage and it ‘s always there (even thisone). Well is it al te time in a smaller size than the original on your site, so most of the time I have to click it to get the illusion correctly.

  6. I saw this with my Google homepage just fine.

    This pic gives me a slight headache to look at it … but yeah, looks like it wants to rotate. Wild.

  7. Yea, I Can see it but not if i’m looking directly at it. Only if i’m looking off to the side.

    Anyone else the same?

  8. I have had trouble seeing my Mac Widget Illusion of the Day for the past couple of days. I thought it was my net connection then I read this post and realised that it’s not me.

  9. First post lol

    Been there, done that- pretty much a copy of 500 previous illusions. Show some originality! you can do better than this!

  10. Doesn’t appear to rotating…is therea certain way I should look at it, eg for 30 sec in the center or something?

  11. Hello V, can’t see any ‘slow rotation’ on this one but it’s probably just me…also, I’m using the P.C. widget and it’s not showing up on it.

  12. I agree there is an illustion here. It’s simple yet effective

    I am not having problems viewing your illusions using the Google Widget

    And I just wanted to say I love this sight. I teach college and actually use this page and the illusions in class for discussions on perception. You have a GREAT variety.

  13. Hey… This was a pretty cool illusion. At first I didn’t think that it was working, but then i really thought i was loosing it when it started to rotate.
    !Thanks for the illusion!

  14. I’m sorry, I don’t see it. All I see is a huge blur until I concentrate on one spot. Is it just me, or does this thing hurt your eyes too?

    By the way, I can see it on the Google Homepage.

  15. yeah, saw this one on my google home page. It’s so simple… you can’t help but wonder if you’re imagining…

  16. Ya if i dont look directly at it it sorta kinda works and if i look right at it it just sits there and hurts my eye’s.

    I dont show up on my google widget either and i has happened before so i do belive it is probably a glitch but What Do I Know.

  17. didn’t see any rotating effect… but it does work well as one of those illusions where you see an after image once you look away…

  18. I noticed that usually from the Mac widget I get directly linked to the specific illusion it shows. This time my click-thru led me to the main MOI page, not this specific illusion’s page. Perhaps that has something to do with why it doesn’t show in the Mac widget. Just a theory.

  19. Ur not supposed to look directly at it for it to work look at the txt or somethin and you’ll c it rotating…BTW Mac dashboard widget doesnt work ><

  20. I got it to work!!!
    I printed the page, cut out the cog, stuck a pecil through the middle and spun it around. WORKED A TREAT

    1. lol right? walkin down the street and someone walks up to you like HEY!!! YOU!!!!!! Hi mr. illusion man!!!!!!! and your like o___O

  21. Whilst I was reading the description I could see the thing slowly moving diagonally towards my mouse, and then when I looked directly at it, and let my eyes go a bit fuzzy, it started pulsating! XD

  22. i see it. just like most optical illusions or even like the stars in the sky, you cant look directly at it. if you move your eyes in and around the text printed above, you should be able to notice it look moving around very slightly

  23. yep, it works for me too, just like most optical illusions, even the stars in the sky, you just cant look directly at it…try looking above at the text and you will see it slightly moving.

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