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  1. nice illusion! That’s a £20 note, but would work equally well with a 5 or a 10, they all have the same picture of the Queen on them.

    There was another trick a few years ago with the old £10 note where you could fold it so the portraits on the front and back made a picture of John McEnroe, very funny, but they changed the portraits!

  2. His left ear is sticking out, but it’s pretty good otherwise. And they’re called ‘notes’, not ‘bills’.

  3. It’s a £20 note.

    You can just about see the work “TWENTY” printed three times in the decoration to the right of the thumb holding the note – though I wouldn’t expect anyone to be able to read that off the jpeg image without the real thing in front of them !

  4. Quite funny! although illegal im sure! Its a £20 note although incidentally the queen appears on all sterling notes.

  5. Ha ha I like this one!! it made me giggle! It looks good everything matches up! (well. . .almost everything)

  6. It’s a £20 (about $40 or 30 euros) from the Bank of England. It’s of the new design that was introduced about 2000, if I remember correctly.

    Bank of England notes are the only notes issued in England and Wales, but banks in Scotland and Northern Ireland can issue their own.

  7. That’s not one of the better ones. I saw it and I immediatley say that the guy wasn’t the queen in the photo. He fits well though.

  8. This illusion has totally freaked out my daughter – we are dealing with significan trauma. Highly advise against kids viewing

  9. This is an english £20.00 note. Good illusion, bet the queen wouldn’t be too happy about it though!!

  10. if one person already says its a twenty pound note why do 50 other
    people have to say its a 20 pound note????

  11. oh, man!! so funny! but not the picture itself (it made me think of laughing, a good sign), i laugh at you dumbasses, which write for a hundred times, that its a 20 pound note. LOOOL!!
    maybe someone clicking around here asks, which bill this is??!

    IT IS A 20 POUND NOTE!!!!!!!!!!

    no offence to anyone… xD

  12. ^___^ lol, it’s funny how almost everyone is saying the same thing “it’s a $20 note.” how much is that worth in American dollars?

  13. five pound notes are green(or turquoise) not blue MikeDX! not a very good illusion if u ask me. Meow, its worth a bit more than 39 US dollars.

  14. i believe that it is a 20 pound note! everyone else said it so i thought id say it 2! its a bit scary though! but so is the real queen…

  15. The bold guy looks scared, mabye hes got to do the illusion againts his own will, us english do sum weird stuff wen were bord n probly drunk, god if the queen seen that, they wud b hung drawn n quarted! lol, i wounldn’t of guested it was a £20 note, maybe some more ppl sud type £20 note… lol :D

  16. First MikeDX for your information £50 notes are red and NOT pink.

    This is just a bit random though but I found a £50 note once so maybe they are not so seldom seen.

    This is a 20 pound note though.

  17. you should so something like… make another illusion. people can clearly see the hair popping out… try and find another illusion ^_^

  18. What Ive noticed about this site is that there is a wait when your comments get posted but the owner dosent cheack them as anythig gets through 9swears, inappropriat stuff…) what’s with that?

  19. You sure you wanted to ‘post the note’? Or did you actually want the note posted to you? :-D


  20. Incase we are in any doubt the note in question is the £20 note. Perhaps more interestingly it’s the old £20 pound note that has now been superseded by a more purple version (with lots of other differences). However both are still accepted.

    Cool picture – made me laugh

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