Puzzled Cows Optical Illusion

Frank Berardi, who also wears title J SGT MIL USA USACE (still not sure what each part means, but I always considered him some sort of high ranked USA military general or something) has sent us another awesome optical illusion. Those of you who like to research, browse the website by search term “Berardi” and you’ll find his previous interesting submissions. Today’s one is very similar to “Illusion of Two Horses and One Head“, but this time the story is opposite. We have one cow body and two cow heads. Frank asked where does one cow begin, and the other end? Here is his email: “I found this in the opening sequence of the show “Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares” and I just couldn’t help but think to send it along. Where does one cow begin, and the other end? I know this is pretty easy when you look at it for more than a second but I think it gives a good double take.”

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  1. Hahaha, I love this one. Ok… I think the left cow is all black and since that patch of the right cow is slightly behind it, it looks like they’re attached together. BUT, I still can’t figure out the horse one.

    1. If you look at the whit patch on the back of the right cow, it looks like the silhouette of another cow.

  2. This is awesome. But I can find the trick. the left cow is all black and right above it is a tiny patch of white meaning the spotted cow is behind the left cow. It did trick my eyes at first but then I found the trick. Well done!

  3. You guys are retarded. There can be nothing clearer than the fact that there are two cows standing near each other!

  4. Illusion ???

    I don’t understand how you can name this a optical illusion.
    There is two cows and it’s easy to know where is the end of each !

  5. This is actually a 2 for 1 illusion- Which way is the black cow facing? Towards the camera or away from the camera?

  6. When I first saw it, in the small window of the widget, I really couldn’t tell where the cows split, but when I saw it close up, the legs really gave it away.

  7. looking at it from a painful point of view, it looks like the black cow is coming out of the other cows ass(ouch)!!

  8. Yo, Vurd! I love your site, and so as your illusions! And this is one of the finest! Keep ’em coming!!!


    1. I’m afraid that this isn’t really an illusion. Black cow at an angle in front of white cow. Where black ends, cow ends. It is not a true illusion, only a cool pic for those you live in the city and have never seen a cow before. As a country girl I wasn’t fooled for a second.

  9. i got it ^_^ the cow on the right is prettymuch side on whereas the left cow’s body is almost straight on with the camera because you can see the patern on the white cow is too rounded

  10. In this one, the black cow has its body sort-of “twisted” to its right; both cows’ butts are almost touching.
    …The “horse” one was caused by the horse on the left’s head being behind the one on the right’s head- you can see the “lips” of the left-horse, barely, underneath the neck of the horse-head in front (the one on the right.

  11. The title means:

    Junior Sergeant, Military, United States of America, United States Army Corps of Engineers.

    Sorry, the guy isn’t a General

  12. the all black cow’s bosy is turned to its right. If it were stragiht, the cow would be facing forward, but, teh cow is turned so u can see the left side of its body.

  13. The things actually 2 cows.One is turned toward the camera and is blocking the end of the other cow making it look like one cow.

  14. i know how this works. you have a one eating grass the regular way. then you have a different colored cow turning sideways to eat the grass. i noticed this as soon as i looked at it! MOOOO!!

  15. Oh! i got it, the black cow is facing our direction showing only half of its body while the spotted cow is behind the black cow! thats cool!

  16. some people are so one minded ..its an optical illusion cause it appears as if it is something its not… the cows look like one cow with 2 heads one at each end..in fact the black cow is more towards the foreground then the white…the black cow u can see its hind leg just…and its more bent in its body so it appears it is missing its behind

  17. It is a black cow in front of a black and white cow.
    The effect is given because the black cow is in a position so you can’t see all of her back. This is reinforced by the fact that the two-tone cow has black spots.
    Fairly simple.

  18. I think its kinda random cause anyone can see that they arent acctually connected…. it is cool but RANDOM :)

  19. You know, if most of you even bothered to read the description, you’d see that the guy who submitted the picture admitted that it would be quite obvious that it’s just two cows and not one body with two cow heads. This can be considered an optical illusion because at first glance, it looks like the cows’ bodies are one body. Really, if you don’t like what this site uploads, go find another illusion site and quit b****ing about how this one.

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