Purple Haze Video Optical Illusion

Jimi Hendrix
Jimi Hendrix

Hy guys! Another update before I go to sleep. I discovered new video player Adbrite released, and am currently doing some tests with it. As you probably noticed, usually I don’t put embeddable videos on this site. I never liked those YouTube or Google video players. Somehow they make a site ugly to me. This is the reason I never posted them before. Here and then I gave you external link to some optical illusion videos, which you probably noticed in our videos section. However, this video player looks acceptable, and has some nifty options like embedding website logo in it. As I probably mentioned in the past, I get quite a few video submissions daily, and from now on, I could start posting them. Here’s where you come up! I need you to post some comments regarding this, and if you would like to see optical illusion videos post on moillusions.com more often? As a test, I placed really cool Hallucination video, that somehow reminded me of Jimmy Hendrix and his Purple Haze song. It’s a variation of Pinwheel animation we already have in archives. I would really like to know how you feel about this, and if I should keep videos, or ignore them in the future? Thanks for making this site better (if you noticed, your opinion is really important to me!)

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  1. Thnks!

    Just a short question, did you see the Hendrix picture in your Mac Dashboard widget? Has it appeared in Google Homepage and PC Widget as well?

    thanks for help!


  2. showed on my google page!

    great great work vurdlak, lovin this illusion! freaked me right out!

    good luck with the adbrite player!

  3. wow that was soo tight, definitely get some more videos…i kept looking around and everything was like trippin out..woah!

  4. Very nice. Enjoy the website. Keep up the great work. Quality of the player is real good, too. Real clean & uncheesy & url in the corner is a nice touch.

  5. uh…yay cool video, but dude? where’s the link between jimi hendrix’ purple haze and this video?

    sorry didn get it….

  6. i´ve seen this before, it´s quite cool.
    But when i looked at the jimmy picture after seeing it, that was realy impresive.
    the image appeared to be liquid.
    Try it!

  7. Is there supposed to be a video under the pic? Its not working for me. Its 3/22/07 at 7:17 AM.

    I have flash and all that installed. :(

  8. Yeah, it showed in my Google page as well. I’m here every day almost, and really enjoy the pictures…. but the video was even better, V!

    Keep them coming, and keep up the great work!

    ~ Dan

  9. If that is what happens when you look at a few moving lines for 30 seconds, imagine what watching your flickering tv is doing to you. :o

    and you stare at that for hours on end….. worth thinking about..
    “What are they making our eyes NOT SEE_!”

  10. Excellent!Definitely put in more videos, they are excellent. This one is very long and its gets kinda boring and frustrating in the middle, buts it worth it in the end

  11. Ehm. Johannes, you do know that a left handed guitarist would use his left hand to strum, and his right hand on the frets right. This picture shows handrix playing in a left handed fashion, seems ok to me.

  12. “Problem. Jimmy was left handed and the image shows a righthanded Jimmy.”~ johannes

    i am a right hand guitar player, and its my left hand that plays on the neck of the guitar (the long scrawny part) so if Jimmy was left handed, hed play on the neck with his right hand.

    hope i cleared things up!

    btw i loved this illusion but i had to stare forever before i got to see it.

  13. wow that was amazing! i can hardly c wat im writing coz its still moving!! lol
    makes u feel dizzy thou and i keep falling over and swaying on my chair!! lol x2
    really kl!
    yeh and i agree with timbo: great work Vurdlak!!!!!!!!

  14. this video illusion was a good one.
    i like all things that help tease or train your eyes to notice the unordinary things life throws at yeah.

  15. This was cool…I ended up looking at my son’s toy lawnmower (bright red and yellow) and it was wicked crazy!!

  16. I write this just after watching that, I don’t see purple much but everything looks wavy 0.o oh and the wavy security code doesn’t help either.

    1. You must be really young man, reeeeally young. Purple Haze was a really groovy acid man! Reeeeeally groooooovy man!

  17. woah! not only do you see a purple haze, but the room becomes an optical illusion with the walls bubbling and shifting. Tripy!

  18. Neat but gave me a headache and my eyes hurt. Can’t get rid of all the shapes in my vision. It’s like burned in my eye sight now! Don’t want to watch another like that hurts my head.

  19. If you sit at the edge of a river and watch the water go by for a while, and then look at the grass or sand in front of you, it will appear to move also, but in the opposite direction.

  20. Pretty neat my floor was moving. Was just hoping I wasn’t being subliminally hypnotized. Hmm…now I have this strange urge to go to Walmart wearing a tomato on my head

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