Pseudo Arabic Optical Illusion

The sun has finally showed up, so I’m just about to take my roller skates, and go out skating with my beloved one. But before I do, here is another optical illusion of the day. If you remember, we helped you learn Chinese recently, and perhaps with our help you even learned Cyrillic. Not to mention how few years ago we helped you gain knowledge of Japanese language. This time it’s my sacred duty to reveal the mystery behind Arabic letters. Most of you perceive Arabic as some mumbo-jumbo, where letters appear very strange. Well, to tell you the truth it isn’t so hard at all. The secret not so many people know, is that the language has much in common with English language. Try tilting your head for 180 degrees, and then read what this picture below says. That’s it – now you can officially read another language. Remember this tip next time you’re visiting far East. It may come in handy. What does this sign say?

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  1. Get back to work? Upside down, starting from the bottom right? Kinda cool, a bit easy though….if that’s what it is.

  2. Look pal… I can’t waste all my time trying to figure out your silly illusions. I’ve got to get back to work!

  3. If you can tilt your head 180 degrees without breaking your neck, let me know! ;)

    BTW, it says Get Back To Work

  4. this is definitely not the best of the languages…maybe because i am used to seeing arabic writing and this doesnt quite look like arabic…

    arabic letters are ALWAYS attached when written in words. and the letters tend to be more upwards as in above the line (on an imaginary lined paper)

    still cool i guess if you have no clue what arabic looks like

  5. it really annoys me that like half the people who have commented have mentioned that they are first to comment.. when they are actually not ?!
    why is it a big deal if you are first anyway :|

  6. instead of breaking your neck tilting it like a contorsionist, try ctrl+alt+down arrow – it will tilt the screen, not your head! (then get thigs back to work with ctrl+alt+up arrow) — not many people knows about this trick!

  7. “get back to work”

    Two things: firstly, if I could tilt my head 180 degrees I’d either be a type of bird, or able to kill myself, secondly I saw it right away.. Still kinda cool I guess..

  8. XD im so dumb, I thought it said Get Back To Attack XD

    But now when I take a second look I see it say Get Back To Work

  9. its creative, but I knew it as soon as i saw it. I guess its because I used to write upside down, but idk. It certainly is creative.

  10. Its extremely hard for me since I know Arabic, I just kept seeing the Arabic words and nothing else.

    For those interested, thats not real Arabic, they are random letters of Arabic alphabets upside down but not words. Except for the W in “Work” thats actually “Allah” upside down. Lets just hope no one will get offended and pissy about it.

  11. oh shit, I thought it said “get back to attack” until I read everyone’s posts say “get back to work”…

  12. Dude, Vurdlak, as soon as everyone noticed this you probably lost like half your audience that came to your site during work today… which is probably 98 percent of the us

  13. It’s arabic but letters are up side down. It would be better if you turn it 180. It would work for both Arabic and English.
    The arabic letters have no meaning except the letter “W” it means “for GOD” in Arabic.

  14. I was still scrolling and found/read it right away in 1 sec. But its a nice trick. Now I need to “Get back to work”.

  15. guys, to understand the illusion, either turn your moniter upside down or stand on your head, then look at the picture

  16. hmm,nahh…not really.that’s not really appropriate arabic letters actually.stop thinking of that. arabic letters were arabic letters.very special letters actually.not the other way is not so mumbo-jumbo or whatsoever,if u learn it smartly,no more mumbo-jumbo.and stop twisting that muslim god name.even not enough one letter

  17. We r sitting in geometry class learning. we enjoyed this crappy demonstration.. it could be better if we had made it.. there were better sites.. flat out u suck

  18. whats wrong with you? Are you stupid enough to believe that people don’t know that its turned upside down? and in arabic, except for the W (God), nothing makes sense. Arabic is arabic, and english is english.

  19. i have a sister ( shes my imaginary friend )
    Me: its ” GET BACK TO WORK ” DUH

  20. yes it is “GET BACK TO WORK” if u read it upside down.. but that “W” is the name of God in arabic missing 1 letter and it means for GOD.. and yess it is cool illusion.. i liked it.

  21. it is not even the arabic word(only few of it)…and I think it is really rude to play with other religion’s God name.. ;(

  22. dumb! Thats not even proper arabic, you just brought in some letters together. Only “Allah” is a complete word there. DUMB

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