Pretty Girl Double Pictures

3rd post today. What do you say about that!? Am I awesome or what? What brings me to another question, how long have you been reading Mighty Optical Illusions? My website is year old, and changed many designs in the past. I found this cool Wayback Machine where you can see how Mighty Illusions looked during a time. What was your favorite design? Have you been around with us back then? Check it! I’m really interested in what you will say.

Concerning today’s illusion, it’s another Multiple Meaning one. User called Παναγιώτης Κατσαλούλης (now decipher that!) sent me three new double images. I’m not sure if I have posted them before, but they are quite amazing. Two of them show a harmonic painting of birds and butterflies, but if you move away from your screen, you may notice beautiful girl’s profile. Am not sure who is the author, but I believe he is quite famous. This is what Παναγιώτης wrote me (I still can’t understand your name man ;) “Today I received by mail these pictures. Although I am a regular reader of your blog, which is pretty awesome, I don’t think you have posted them yet. It is a double image – I hope you enjoy it!”

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  1. Great images, the name of the greek author may be Panageeotes Katsalúles. Whatever, great pics. I really enjoy your website.


  2. I think, based on the wayback machine, I’ve been following your blog nearly from its beginning. When did the Mac widget first come out?

  3. I have that on a widget and it means it was small’ish so I saw the girl but not the composition and went to the website (here) where it was bigger and I saw what it was all about.

    I love this kind of illusions, I think they are really great !

    Thanks for submitting them and let us have free access to them !

    Cheers me up !


  4. Nice Website, congratulations!
    I am an internet provider here in Brazil and lots of my customers visit your site every day. Good job.


    SP Brasil Internet Provider

  5. thats really cool..
    Only really saw it, when i came to the website and saw an enlarged version.
    But now every time I look at the picture, I see the other image immediately (even in the smaller version)

  6. i love the last one it is amazing how an artist can bortray serten things as fashal fechers

    i know. got to work on the spelling. lol

  7. “Great images, the name of the greek author may be Panageeotes Katsalúles”

    No, I am not the author, I just got them from email. And yes, the pronunciation is almost correct!

  8. jaja… it def looks like Michael Jackson (the 3rd one)even thought the horses legs look retarded. But i still “can’t get enough” of these illusions

  9. They r all really easy to c. my fav is the bottom 1. and yes i love to abreev. i love horses. and who ever came ^ with these r amazingly talented.

  10. RE: The last one reminds me Michael Jackson posing like Che Guevara:)

    spot-on!!! as wierd as it is I was listening to a Ernesto “Che” Guevara documentary when I read these comments!? A good laugh for me I guess.


    Feakish Joker

  12. I love these illusions. I know the first two were done by the artist Octavio Ocampo but does anyone know who did the third drawing and what it is called? The one with the horses that make up the image of a lady. I am actually writing a children’s book and want to us the picture in my story. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks

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