Possibly the BEST Leaning Tower of Pisa Illusion Picture Ever!

A Leaning Tower of Pisa illusion picture is a must-have is you’re ever lucky enough to make it to the iconic Italian city of Pisa! Pretty much every tourist has had a photo taken of themselves with this slightly crooked tower. Usually, it’s a forced perspective photo giving the illusion of them pushing the tower over¬†or leaning against it.

Some tourists, though, go above and beyond with their forced perspective photos. These cheerleaders took a pretty great one, but I think the BEST Tower of Pisa illusion (so far) goes to this lady!

leaning tower of pisa illusion picture

Talk about a love for Italian culture! This lady actually has a picture of herself “hugging” the tower! And, with the way that the tower is leaning toward her, it looks like it just might be returning the affection. Looks like a little love might be in bloom here.

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