Poision Perfume from Dior Illusion

So, anyone remembers original scary skull illusion? In 1860, an unknown author created first know illusion of this type, and called it “Blossom and Decay”. It was one of the first optical illusions in general! It is the third image you can see inside this article. What is so interesting about this motive, is the meaning how beauty and youngness is fragile and short. Later, probably the same artist created the more advanced version with only one women in it. This the second picture inside the article. In last couple of decades, many artist created different versions of this optical illusion. Check Aerosmith album cover, Silence of The Lambs movie poster, Descent movie poster, Skull Bakery painting… We featured more than dozen pictures of this type! Well, it’s interesting to see that Dior took the same motive for it’s Poison perfume, because it’s the first time we saw illusion of this type done in real life! Amazing, isn’t it? I underlined many words in this text, that can bring you directly to similar illusions that involve some kind of skulls. Check them if you wish, and comment which one you think is the best variation! For more optical illusions featured in product advertising, check billboard illusions category.

32 Replies to “Poision Perfume from Dior Illusion”

  1. not only is it a cool illusion but i think it is a beautiful picture. i really love the first one. the olders one are cool too

  2. actually, that centre illusion is actually the cover for Def Leppard’s Retro Active album. dunno if anyone remembers it tho.

  3. a very commonly used image. I do like it though.

    Unfortunately V, I’m saying goodbye today. I’m moving and I won’t have an internet connection anymore. However I will be able to logon at college sometimes. Your website rocks.

    Be cool snd wish you the very best success in the future,


  4. My most favorite illusion ever is the All Is Vanity illusion. Its the second one up there. I have a picture of it on my wall in a frame. I know I’m weird.

  5. its so weird but creepy 1 plus second are fine, but the third id way to fat to be a skull please stop putting skulls it is so weird and the first ok but blurry its not scary good thing nothing pops out all lot of those things on this site i can see becauese i wont be welly scared or something crazy like that ok 2 skull like it the most cus you can see, nothing popout ,funny really cool plus 3 kinda wrong because to fat,the sidesi mean are too fat,blurry,may pop out or some ting.,and its really weird.

  6. I think the 2nd and 3rd are more clear to spot the skulls because they are smaller. I use to zoom in or out at some of these illusions to easily spot the hidden stuff.

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