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Glad you managed to solve the Youthless Illusion from yesterday. It wasn’t that hard, wasn’t it? Not much of a revenge I thought it would be.  But do me a favor and open the previous article. Now jump to the comments section. See any difference? I did a small test today, and approved only those comments left via Facebook Connect in addition to regular ones that have their gravatar set. Now doesn’t that look much better? I’m desperately asking all of you to start practicing Facebook connect when leaving comments (link can be found next to the comments box), or at least merge an avatar to your regular comments. This can easily be done via Universal Gravatars. Don’t worry, all of the comments will be approved eventually, I just delayed the process to show you how nice and warm would it be if we all had some sort of an avatar (yeah, I know I haven’t set mine yet but will do it soon!) Oh, and the illusion – can you spot today’s one yourself? Hint can be found here.

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  1. Ah. You’re playing the old game of cat and mouse with us. Interesting concept. If the cat catches the mouse he ends up eating his own face. A little gruesome, don’t you think?

  2. i think you already posted this before. it is a cat face where the mouse is in the middle. the mouse’s ears is the cat’s eye

  3. Yeah like this one. I couldn’t quite figure out what was wrong with the picture until I opened up the page fully.

  4. I will never use Facebook connect. I prefer that I not get overloaded with advertising.

    I kept looking for the 3rd level, bug/cheese/? I think that would have been note worthy.

    This is almost as lame as the horse/turtle. On that I kept looking for the turtle!

  5. Nice simple illusion.
    It’s okay to want a avatar next to a post but I will never use FaceBook connect to be able to comment. I don’t want random people to even now what my FaceBook page is, even if it is closed for other people. I digged around some comments and already found a guy from my University. I will watch him and when he makes a stupid comment, I will gather a group to laugh at him! MUHAHAHA!

    Not really ofcourse.
    My point is, FaceBook is something to share semi-personal stuff with your friends. Not the world! That’s why I will never use FaceBook Connect to be able to comment on an optical Illusion, no matter how desperate you will ask for it.

    You got a Gravatar out of me and that’s the best you will get.

  6. when this illusion is in the widget box, its easy to see there is a cute cat, but here its easy to see the mouse. so is it a cat or a mouse?

    Whats with this Facebook conformity? I don’t care for Facebook! I’m kind of a non-conformist.

  7. I can’t comment via Facebook connect, my network at computer blocks Facebook :(
    Might be a problem for others….

    Great illusions! I love your page!

  8. I agree with Fiona, you really need to start hiding the image name from us, they’re so often dead giveaways. And I agree with Oola, some of us don’t even use Facebook, please don’t punish us for that!

  9. When the tags are “Multiple Meanings, Spot The Object, Cat, Illusion, Mouse, Nose” and the hovertext is CatOrMouseOpticalIllusion, it’s not hard to spot :-)

  10. Facebook connect? I don’t even allow facebook scripts to run. I don’t think seeing images next to comments is worth letting facebook follow me around taking notes about everything I do.

    You have a good thing going here. Please don’t help facebook ruin it.

  11. Cool elusion! Took me like.. I don’t know 30 seconds! But dude u should seriusly think about taking the name off. I was playng with my mouse and I found yesterdays elusion! Think about it. (btw: I found the “revenge” elusion really easy!)

  12. A cat’s teeth and nose don’t look like that… I’d argue for a cat profile with a rabbit’s face inside, and then a mouse in the nose.

  13. You know, I have an Avatar, I use Facebook. I just really don’t like it that my comments apparently can’t be seen by others after I write them. I have yet to figure out just what is being ‘moderated’. This has kept me from leaving very many comments and I think I just may stop altogether.

  14. There’s a story here. Cat has mouse in mouth. Mouse is not happy about being in cat’s mouth. Cat is happy, has eyes closed savoring mouse.

  15. Gravatars are a waste of my effort (and reduce my privacy since I have to sign up) and I will never join Facebook.

  16. Nice illusion, simple and effective.

    I feel if the mouse didn’t have it’s teeth it would be a nicer image, and probably work a little better too

  17. very nice. Shame that you dont want to display my comments any more – dont feel that you have to. I really like this website, but I don’t have a facebook, and I’ve tried a couple of times with gravatar and couldnt get it to work. I’ll still comment though! Its a good illusion today, quite obvious but still effective.

  18. I use gravatar, but I really don’t like facebook connect. I know, you could find my fb page with some quick google-ing, and I don’t mind that at all, but I don’t like how personal it feels to have it link straight to my fb. I’ve set my website to my DA, which feels a lot better, to me.

    Anyway, onto the illusion, rather cute! I like the cat/mouse symbolism.

  19. It’s a pretty ugly looking cat. I mean, where are the canines that make a cat look like a cat?

    By the way, I won’t use Facebook Connect either. I keep my Facebook very private… private as I can, at least.

  20. The illusion works better when the picture is smaller. I say the little mouse right away, but when I opened the gallery, the thumbnail looks much more like a cat with a white face.

  21. It looks more like a MOUSE THAN A CAT!! whan it was loading only hafe was still there i thout it was loaded i got *This illusion Fails* :( pls make a good illusion!!!

  22. this one made me giggle…i think it’s really cute…it looked like a normal cat at first but wtih only a few seconds of inspection the illusion was obvious

    1. I used this for my science fair project on twins and their ways of thinking and almost every one said that they saw the cat. I wish I would’ve chosen a different one :(

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