• Kimy

    That’s really neat!

  • Dr. Fong

    Whoa! I think I’m gonna throw up.

  • Aaron

    Best Illusion ever!

  • Kahlúa Macarena


  • sillyooa

    whoah! thats cool….works better looking far rather than close IMO

  • Atonik

    Yeah look at the palm of your hand hand after watching the pinwheel, and oldie but a goodie

  • Farted

    Woah….. that’s awesome yet strange……

  • georgina

    i see a rectangle with some sort of weird flower in it.

  • May

    some sort of a star or a strange flower.i tough i’ll see spirals,but flower….wow

  • Nixster Flixster

    WOAH!! funky!!! my frend sandra aryeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee sed she was gonna throw up after tht ordeal

  • maddy

    that was SOOOOOOO…… totally cool
    best illusion ever!

  • rewlie

    cool, i feel just like my eyes were suck up into the screen

  • Farrukh

    Its our nature that we keep in our brain the inverted image in binary… look at any image for about 30 seconds,,, then look on the roof or something, and you will see an inverted image of the one you were looking at … :)

  • annerz

    i just peed a little

  • ~

    That is just giving me a headache.

  • Dave

    This is what its like when you are frying on acid….

  • Matt

    Hahaha…. i love this illusion…. i see 3 diff. rings on the illusion when i relax my eyes and focus on the white dot… i love it!!!

  • Madeline

    Cool! It looks like a hypno ring!

  • Hai

    awwwwww hecka tight!!!

  • royce

    i see a rectangle with red and purple that is bulging like a water droplet faling on water

  • Silje

    wooooow… im spinnin! i saw “just” white n black things spinnin 2gether towards da white spot… thats more than we human do..
    whatever, it got my eyes sucked out.

  • Boux


  • Never pee pants

    I peed that time

  • wooooooooo

    wao a breathing wall

  • fender

    wooooooooooooow!!!!!!!! this is the bestillusion on the website

  • April

    I like this one!

  • Joy

    My ocular implants are loose!

  • Goliatmo

    The same thing happens if you play a lot of guitar hero^

  • …K…

    It’s odd. I see a flaming flower after looking away. Possibly some sort of daisy. Definitely on fire.

  • jebuse the stoner

    That was like whoa! it was the coolest thing I have ever seen. But then again when your stoned you see stuff like that all the time.

  • BurninRubber

    Have you noticed that circle? it looks like it’s going out; when it’s actually the spiral effect.

  • tsunei_09

    my door is melting!

  • tim

    i can’t c it on da site!

  • KeiRa


  • The One and Only!!

    Hella cool!! This is probably like one of the best illusions i’ve ever seen!!

  • in the words of eli wiatt you cheesestring!

    oh no this reminds me of the waltzer i think im gonna be sick

  • melissa

    wow now just close ur eyes after

  • Some kid

    I fell of my chai… my head hurts

  • Rookie


  • cheezy-llama

    i feel sick….
    Here’s a joke: What is cheezy, and like a llama?
    IT’S NOT A JOKE!!!

  • Frito(Ashley)

    …that made me cry…

  • Ashurii

    wow thats totally awsome!!!!! I saw a sort of box with lines shaping some sort of flower thinger. Totally wicked!!!

  • Deanna

    Aaahhh…psychotic! Very cool, I love it.

  • MMM

    Try to look to your hand…
    That´s really looks like… Blhiak!

  • Anonymous

    I remember when i was 4, I did that illusion in real life. AMAZING! Absolutely beautiful.:-)

  • Anonymous

    this was awesome. Who was the genious who came up with this?? thumbs up

  • Anonymous

    yooo, this is enhancing it.

  • Anonymous

    srry i tried it but the dot was so small!!! it took me forever to find it

  • Wilton

    There is only two syllables to describe this thing…

    AWE SOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (And it gives you V

  • Kaitlyn

    aaaaaah ha ha ha ha

    thats awsome

    love it!

  • Nathan

    The walls are moving again, just like in the purple hase video or whatever you called it!

  • Anonymous

    har har it dont work…for some reason my eyes are resistant to illusions…unless theyre the ones where u gotta find stuffthat doesnt seem like its there…but those r easy too

    • Jericho

      IT WORKS!!!

  • Amanda

    THAT IS SO AWESOME!!!!! i saw a flower imprint when i looked away!!! that was awesome!!

    • ZL123

      ME TOO! Wow.

  • Laura

    Whoa! That was awesome! Everything warped.

  • Danger Machine


  • Julie

    Wow! I found it very difficult to find the dot after about 10 seconds or so, but now that I’m typing this, I can’t get that image OUT of my vision–LOL…nice illusion!

    • Stevin

      Wow me too I keep seeing this and even right now

  • scottie

    I agree with goliatmo (28) if you play Guitar Hero a long time it feels like every thing is coming towards you. I expect the same thing happens with DDR.

  • Addicted

    when I look at anythang afta lookin’ at dis I c everything come back 2 focus after about 4 seconds but I agree with amanda on da flamin flowa thang

  • Niall

    Wow this is well good, if you blur your eyes its realy wierd.

  • i*is*awesome

    tis is a video not a pic
    *looks at pic 4 30 seconds*
    < .> uhhhhhh dizzyyyyyyy

  • i*is*awesome

    omg try lookin at places on the thingy other than the dot and it’ll have a dffrnt effect

  • Anonymous

    i can’t see it- the pic won’t show up!!!!!!! :(

  • Anonymous

    The picture or video won’t show…aw man!

  • Zen Master

    The picture won’t show!!! :o(

  • Casey

    I saw Saran’s eye.

  • Anonymous

    dont look away look at the back of your hand

    looks like bugs got inside your hand

  • Likith

    AWSOME!:D :p :) :} :]

  • Hallucination

    I saw a flowery imprint, too!
    A moving one.

  • rhirhi

    OMG Dat iz awsome!!!!!

  • Sacha

    Why is the wall moving!?

  • Cheryl

    Yeah i saw the wall moving with a flower imprint. then i looked back at my pc.. It was like a paper wobbling

  • Eva

    Wow, I saw a flower kind of image for a second, and suddenly everything was bulging! I think the illusion worked best when I looked back at the monitor. Amazing!

  • anna

    haha cool, when I looked at my plant it was like it was getting bigger and bigger, so cool

  • nobody

    woah either im high or my coke is getting bigger, wait i have a great idea….wooooooah dude you should try this its the best idea ever ;)

  • PaperMoon

    OMG! Wow!

  • PaperMoon

    OMG!!!I saw a sunflower! LOL!!! I love these! :D

  • Jupiter

    When I stared at the middle it blured my eyes for a while then it was like moving down a tube. Then when I looked away I saw the flower like image. Then when I looked back at my computer it was “wobbly”. Pretty good.

  • Orshina

    I SEE FUZZZY lol

  • luchigo

    well it wasnt bulging, but my vision was warping… that is verry strange!

  • Micah

    ohhhhh my goodness… look at your the back hand it looks like theres a bug inside it

  • nice :D

    omfg instead of looking around close your eyes :D
    my youtube is runescapedrawcontest and malebolgia90

  • lily


  • ghjkil;

    i see the flower imprint and i couldn’t see anything for like 2 minutes and everything is blurry but no bulging for me….

    • blaze

      same here

    • iloveillusions

      i saw a flower and it was making things wavy

    • iloveillusions

      i saw a flower and it was making things wavy!!!!
      i like

  • Mike

    Wow, that’s trippy. :-)

  • mackenzie

    LOL it moves

  • mackenzie

    oh em gee i looked at a pillow and it looked like it was growing

  • Ember Mclain

    LOL *rolling on floor laughing my butt off!* This is FUNNY!! I love the comments and this is great!

  • tim

    I saw Elvis how weird is that

  • That’s cool, have a look at the back of your hand after looking into the spiral. Looks like you’ve got an alien creature under your skin.

  • cheyenne

    unfocus your eyes! its soo cool

  • Look at the back of you hand! It looks like you’ve got a bug on it!

  • u bum

    thats cool its just like the purple haze
    thing what ever u call it


    this is moving all you have to do is look away you can see motion

  • hoi

    i looked a few minutes at it, and saw that pattern for about five minutes!

  • Alexis

    i never get tired of doing it! thats so trippy!

  • Maisie

    It’s animated -_- If you think it aint then print screen it.

  • akiko

    wow i know how it works! there are three circles with black and white coloring and they spin in different ways giving an illusion

  • A person

    Try looking at your hand after! X3

    It’s alive!!!

  • someone

    all i saw was this weird star thingy. no bulging. nada

  • Rach

    What is your wish master???

  • ashlynne

    glasses on or off?

  • ricky

    oh my god!!!!
    i have never seen this kinda illusion anywhere….gotta love the effect it gives on surroundings after those 40 seconds…

  • Drazzie

    Omfg that was awesome lol it looked like my keyboard was a wave!!!!

  • nena

    I saw a sort of white heart when I was looking about 20 seconds… @_@

  • Divyansh

    I think that I am really losing my mind.

  • Grace

    Everything goes down

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