Piano Player Illusion

Alpren is our third guest blogger that covered really magnificent piece of art for our mighty community. I would like to welcome him, as well as our previous authors, Josh and Pablo. With help from these guys and our new applicants, I believe we will start posting dozen of illusions daily. It’s just a matter of time! I’m just sorry to see that all of them, including me and our pending co-editors are guys. It would really feel natural to have some articles with “woman’s touch“, and see some gal’s apply for the “guest blogger” beta project. Don’t you agree so? Following, you can read Alperen’s article.

Hello everyone I’m Alperen and I’m one of the new co-editors of this site!!! Ok, here is the illusion. It depicts a woman playing the piano, however she herself is painted as the piano. I’ve always liked these type of illusions. You may remember some old ones like “Heidi Klum“. If thats not enough, just check out the whole Body Art category. Hope you guys like it and leave lots o’ comments! btw: you guys should check out the widgets. I have one and its very useful :) – Alperen

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  1. is the lady naked? because that’s really gross. oh, and welcome pablo and Alperen. note: sorry about the bad farm illision,

    1. People really need to stop making ew gross comments.. its not disgusting, the human body is beautiful especially in arty.

  2. It looks like a naked old lady ewwwwww anyway its still cool and good job on your first post Alpren!

  3. There’s nothing more boring than an “Eww gross” comment. Grow up. It’s an illusion, that’s why you come to this site.

    Someone took a lot of time to make it look like the person is transparent. Most comment writers on this site are also transparent.

  4. Welcome Alperen! I’m looking forward to seeing more post from you =D. I love these type of illusions! Personally I don’t think it’s gross at all, I think it’s wonderful art.

  5. Why “ew naked lady”? It’s just a painting! I have the widget and I look at the site too. My favorite has been the google earth thing, although I don’t see that as an optical illusion. I really thought that the dino thing was really neat (I went back to past posts to see it) but ooo it made me motion sick, haha.

  6. Grow up. If you don’t want to see these kinds of illusions, don’t go to the body art part of the site. Jeez.

    But, this is a good illusion.

  7. ciao a tutti…hi!!! I’m Italian and this site is very cool…i visit that every day!!! go-go-go!!!!!!

  8. Like a lot of stuff on this site I don’t think this qualifies as an “illusion” it’s a photograph of a painted person sitting at a piano. ….not really a trick of the eye or anything else…so very lame in that regard.

    however, I do think it’s a very brilliant picture in the artistic sense…it is said that “A Musicians best gift, is to be invisible in the presence of his song” meaning it’s the music that counts not the one playing it. something todays music industry has forgotten. so kudos on finding a nice picture…but bad form for trying to pass it as an “illusion”

  9. ok how is this not an illusion? she is painted to give the ILLUSION that she is transparent, which she is clearly not in real life. How else do you possible define visual illusion other than something that appears other than what it is to trick our logic.

  10. It is very much an illusion. The woman is painted to look like the piano, as if she’s not sitting there. If they disguised her head as well, it would have taken a moment to notice her at all.

    These types of illusions always fascinate me. How can they match it so perfectly? It’s mind-blowing.

  11. I just have to point this out because I’m an internet superhero . . . they missed her legs. ^^’

    I like it otherwise, I just . . . happened to notice that of all things.

  12. Has anyone noticed that in the left side of the picture, it actually looks like a shadow of the lady? I thought that definitely an interesting part to the art although it might just be my eyes playing tricks. -Oh, welcome Alperen :)

  13. Has anyone noticed that next to the lamp’s shadow on the left side, there is actually a shadow that looks like the head of the lady?

  14. it would look better if her head wasnt sticking up…its brown, shouldn’t her head match the wall or something…hmmm, someone didnt think this through all that well!

  15. I’ve always liked these illusions. They’re very cool!

    And would ya’ll quit with the “OMG they’re naked” comments … at least here you’re not seeing anything of her breasts or pubic area, you see more of someone at a beach/pool. Get a grip.

  16. Ok, I admit that I was disappointed b/c I was thinking that these would be different types of images….. BUT

    I think that many people are maybe confusing what I now see to be their intensions. First of all they do not claim to be OPITCAL illusions, just illusions.

    illusion : something that deceives by producing a false or misleading impression of reality.

    But optical illusions are different: a perception, as of visual stimuli (optical illusion), that represents what is perceived in a way different from the way it is in reality.

    visual stimuli, it’s more of a tricking of your eyes

    But these are just illusions, not optical illusions.

  17. optical illusion:
    an optical phenomenon that results in a false or deceptive visual impression
    there is a better definition, it’s optical phenomenon, tricking of your eye

    illusion by itself means something different

  18. A naked body is a beautiful thing, it’s not something gross, it’s the way you were born. But anyhoo, I love these illusions, although it’s a pity they didn’t manage to disguise her head in this one.

    Great site, by the way, I visit it every day!

    A Former Lurker

  19. It’d be cooler if the who ever painted it took the time with her hair that he did with the back so it looked like you could see the wall through her too. It’s still really great though =D

  20. I love this body art things best because i’ve never seen art like this anywhere but on this site. The spinning optical illusions make me a little dizzy after a while but these are simply beautiful. I’m a girl but i don’t think it’s gross that they’re not wearing any clothes. Infact they’re more covered up then most people with clothes because (although this doesn’t apply to ALL of them) you can’t see anythign! They are basically wearing paint to cover up.

  21. Also, i forgot to add to my previous comment. I greatly admire the model. I could never do anything like that not only because I’d be too embarrassed but i can’t even begin to imagine how much it would tickle. *giggles @ the though* Seriously if you’ve ever brushed your hand with a paintbrush it tickles like hell but this is all over and in quite “sensitive” areas too:( Fortunately some people arn’t ticklish, i guess these models fit into that catergory.

  22. Good Golly! XD

    Welcome uh…Alpren? Alperen?

    This is so good, espesh because she isn’t stickthin and blonde like the others.

    Hey, does anyone else think this makes her look like she’s a ghost?

  23. wow! that is awesome!!! It took me a while to realize that it was an actual photograph and not a painting..great work.

  24. Alperen thank u for such beautiful art I love how the woman is painted just the right way to make her blend in wit da piano.iluv.it

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