Photoshop Fail or Optical Illusion?


Couple of days ago, Luca has pointed me to the photo of Spanish minister Carme Chacón published on El Pais website. At first I couldn’t see anything strange in it, yet after I’ve read the title of Luca’s email (same as above) – it triggered my attention. Finally, after few moments I’ve noticed that minister’s feet were actually inverted one to another!

It seems as if her left leg ends with the right leg’s foot. Same goes for her right leg. At first I considered this yet another shameful Photoshop disaster, which I immediately forwarded to fellow webmaster who collects these. Yet, the twist came after I was explained there is actually nothing wrong with the photo itself! I couldn’t believe the photo was actually a “mere” optical illusion.

What has happened, is that Carme covered her left thigh in a way where it appears it’s pointing left, instead of it actually pointing up. This photo has been featured in several world sites as a wrong retouch, but after all the false spotlight it received, the agency who took the shoot explained how the legs were actually not crossed at all! I’m not sure I managed to explain what is happening here, but be sure to check the solution I created with help of the Photoshop (below) – it’s still hard to imagine, yet it should explain the illusion.

  • Rick

    nope, still don’t c it !, this is the 1st illusion that “actually” stumped me.

    • Furgal

      Rick, her legs are not crossed.

  • Zrowny

    nice! Also about the cinemographs, I think they are very cool. I would love to see more of them.

    • Mark

      @Zrowny: try going to and type cinemographs in the box you see and then hit enter. You’ll find lots of pages with more cinemographs. You could also press the ‘pictures’ option you see on the left to jump directly to cinemograph pictures. Or you could wait for Mighty Optical Illusions to post more cinemographs. [img][/img]

  • Rob

    It took me awhile to see the illusion… I understand, but it didn’t ever look like her legs were crossed, just her ankles….

  • Aeros

    I didn’t get it at first then it hit me. Very awesome!

  • RuloCore

    Hi! I’m from Catalonia, where this woman is, and I have to say that it shocked me :O
    But I also have to say that this woman is making a good progress in militar matters!

  • Marty_Mtl

    Allo ! daily viewer here, and long live the MOIllusion site !! keep the good work ! regarding this illusion , I have to say its a good one , glad you posted it , being not created to be an illusion, but rather a “natural” one out of reality, I got puzzled !!
    Cheers to you !!

  • matijs

    Perfect, i just love that kind of illusions, which takes some brains to understand :)

  • Rob

    Wow, this is really disorienting. This is the stuff I love – seemingly “normal” images that create an optical illusion.

  • clozecall

    I see it in the 2nd picture with the white skirt. @Rick, look at her left knee (leg in front) in the picture with the white skirt, it looks like her left leg is coming out of her right leg, and not resting on top.

  • benni

    what? I don’t get it at all. :(

    • benni

      never mind. Just got it lol

  • Care Bear

    Now that definately qualifies as weird.

  • kapnui

    I bet she stubs her toes a lot.

  • David

    I love this, it’s a proper Optical illusion
    More please

  • Alexandre

    The shadows of her hands helped a lot with the illusion of crossed legs.

  • person

    Does anybody see what looks like a face in the window

  • Frizlab

    Very good illusion! I’m stunned.
    But I don’t like cinemographs.

  • Ribber

    Nothing more enjoyable than having to stare at a lovely pair of legs…

    The vertical shadow that is a combination of the cease in her bent knee and her left wrist really intensifies the illusion!

    While it’s pretty easy to see the legs both ways, it’s a lot more fun looking at them reversed :P

  • Julia

    Cool, but look into the window (if ther was a window :s) And it looks like a head there, with mouth and eyes xP

  • john

    nice gams…

  • LGD-W

    I could only see it after I looked at your ‘solution’. Great job!

  • Adam

    Very cool. I had to re-read this many times and look at the pictures multiple times to fully understand but basically, in the real photo we think we’re looking at the side of her left leg crossed under her right leg when it’s actually the underside of her left leg which just goes up and back down. She’s blocking the rest of her leg with her arm on her knee.

  • leperchaun

    That`s so cool!! At 1st I didn`t get it then I saw it! o_0

  • fossda

    photoshop, but not photoshop fail.

  • confused and curious

    At first, I thought the illusion was the face of a man up on the glass, located behind the woman… that a real guy or just an illusion or something else?!?

  • Karan

    Wow!! It is an optical illusion!! My GOD I was fooled at first too!1 Nice catch Vurdlak!!

  • savants08

    It’s just an illusion, and coincidence I think. After taking a second glance you can see her legs are not crossed just simply raised and crossed at the ankles. It tricked me at first I admit!

  • Shortie

    Wasn’t until I looked at your photoshoped version that I got it. To those who fail to see it still.

    The sleeve of her top (Left hand) covers a part of her thigh, making it look as if the thigh we can see is part of her left leg, when in fact it is her right leg.

    The leg in the foreground is attached to the thigh and at no stage crosses over the other legs thigh/knee (only at the ankles do the legs cross)

    Very, very! Clever.

  • PromiseMe

    Is is just me or are her feet HUGE?

  • jarod

    dude, theres a really creepy looking guy in the background at the top, above the different languages next to her head.

  • maria

    does anyone see the face in the door in the back?

  • emy

    am i the only one who sees the person at the very top in the middle?

  • michael

    if you dont get it try and do her position at on the first photo… it is actually quite difficult until you go to the pics afterwards

  • Madison

    There’s also a scary face in the window of the first picture. :D

  • Ben

    That is awesome. Such a simple little thing creates a forever mind boggling illusion. I must show this to all my friends.

  • Tom

    Yea it took a few goes to see the illusion but it’s definitely real. When you look hard at the photoshopped example where her left arm is missing, you can see where her leg does actually point up giving the impression her legs are crossed in a weird way.

  • Dolphin

    Ha ha,cool. Love it. And the cinemographs are cool. It would be very nice to see more.

  • josh

    anyone notice the creepy looking guy at the top of the photo

  • Eric

    I thought it had something to do with the couch having an empty spot xD

  • DudeMan

    Nice find! I wouldn’t have noticed anything strange about this photo if it wasn’t pointed out to me.

  • Dave

    Nice one.

  • Glidos

    Now I do like this one. Sort of double bluff of an illusion.

    Also, just to redress the ballance a little, I also like the cinemographs. I wouldn’t necessarily call them illusions, but they do give a striking effect. I’d rather see a few of them every now and then, rather than 100 flavours of Penrose’s stairs.

    • diane

      I also like the cinemographs.

      agree ♥

  • sharon

    to me it just looks like a shadow on her leg from her sleeve and makes it look like she has a false leg its quite briliant really

  • Chenoa Zephyra

    You did a FANTASTIC job explaining the illusion Vurdlak; you always do! Nice work and I did think her legs were crossed the whole time!!

    • Chenoa Zephyra

      I meant to say that “I THOUGHT her legs were crossed the whole time”… Not “I think”….

      Keep up the nice work!!

  • Ron C

    “legs were actually not crossed at all!” Okay now I see it. Oh, BTW, who is the man looking in the window?

  • Stan

    This one took a while to understand. I kept concentrating on her FEET because of the explanation.
    It’s just that it appears that her left knee goes UNDER her right knee and that her legs are crossed – when they aren’t. This is good. It forced me to be perceptive.

  • Flupty

    The second picture seems to also be an optical illusion, her hip on the right side seems to be non-existant.

  • Is no one seeing the face in the glass in the background? :O

  • steve

    Yeah, it would have been weird too.. if the other leg was over it wouldn’t touch the ground.

  • fail.. lols

  • Peter

    If you don’t get it, think about how her legs would have to be positioned if she has crossed them only at the ankles. The photo makes it It look like she has crossed her legs above the knees (combination of angle and position of her left hand covering the knee) which is what leads you to think her feet are on backwards.

  • ellis

    looks like her legs are crossed twice, once above the knee and once at the ankles.

  • Venture Free

    If think about where her right thigh would have to be, it would actually be weirder if her legs were in fact crossed. But of course that’s the point of illusions. Our intuition is giving us the “wrong” answer.

  • Luis

    Now I get it! It took quite long to understand what you menat. For me it was obvious the way her legs were positioned. Maybe there’s other people for whom the crossed legs is the obvious one.

    • wooow, it took the time while I noticed what is the problem about! crazy!!

  • I saw this one right away. But I clean photos for a living. X3

  • Nagaji

    One of the best; astounding in its effectiveness and simplicity.

  • Artemis Fowl

    I GET IT!!



  • Nicolas

    Optical Ilussion?? It seems that you’re running out of material…

    • George

      What!? This is what’s known as a “reach”! The only thing wrong in this picture is how badly malnourished Carme Chacón looks.

  • eee efff geee

    OH I get it I think those aren’t her legs, Cause if you look in the first picture Look at the knees and the legs where they start read the description a little harder :D

  • Gail Z

    I think what you seeing is because she is able to cross her legs at the knees, and also at the ankles. If you look at it from
    that perspective view, you will be able to tell that its not incorrectly photoshopped nor is it an illusion. You have to have some pretty long legs to do this. None of which I have.

    • kevin

      this is cracking me up, if she actually were crossing her legs above the knees and at ankles then that would mean that she was born with her left foot and right foot on wrong side… are people just ignoring here toes being in wrong place?

  • Ace

    This optical illusion is on-par with the animated GIF files. Do I need to stand on my head and cross my eyes to see it?

  • Ajidicia

    Absolutly amazing !
    even now, i still believe that she crossed her legs above the knees (and under which is obvious) but in fact she realy crossed her legs only once (under knees).
    The shades from her hands are guilty !

    • anon

      That was obvious to me that her legs were only crossed once… I had a hard time trying to see what was supposed to seem like it was Photoshopped… And it still doesn’t make sense that people would see it like that, Guess i just have a weird mind or something

  • JD

    It just goes to show and prove you should believe little of what you see, hear and read on the Net!

  • jessica

    i understand how the legs look different but how come the feet still look weird???

  • croat4life

    @rick in the 1st one the feet look at the feet!!!!

  • brooks masterton

    I believe the black clothing that hides any contour contributes to the strenght of the effect of this “illusion”. I appreciate the solution pictures. a very stronge effect. Even knowing the solution I still see the leges as reversed ( especially when I look at the feet)

  • Ron

    I didn’t see how her legs couldn’t be crossed until I saw the photoshopped pic with her hand “removed”. Good one.

  • Danielle

    Wow it took me a few minutes but I finally figured it out! Weird!

  • kevin

    Wow… mind-boggling.

  • heatfan

    i was looking at the guys face in the window

  • Ivan


    • Is that a painting of a face in the background or someone standing outside of a window, or could it be something Supernatural???? I don’t really believe in stuff like that but to me, it does Not look like a painting or someone looking through a window!!! It really freaked me out when I first noticed it!!!! To be honest, it still kind of freaks me out! LMAO!!!! I saved the pic on my PC, and then I opened it and zoomed in on the face and it looked even more freaky up close! I don’t have a clue what it is!!!!!!!




  • phoebe

    did anyone notice the face on the window in the background?

  • lo

    theres a face in the window

  • branika

    this is a total photo shop failure!!!!!! LOL :0

  • branika

    look at r cirled pic !!!!!!!!!!!!!! jealous now![img]woops 1[/img]

  • rebeca tomlinson

    ppl were actually confused by this????? honestly???????

  • chave

    it took while for me to understand the whole thing! it’s amazing :))

  • AnthonyVI



  • dc

    And no one noticed the creeper in the window?

  • AshtonC1997

    AHH I didn’t notice the creeper in the window until someone pointed it out!! That’s so freaking creepy! Now I’m scared… :o

  • PK

    No one else noticed the weird creepy guy in the window???????????????????????? That’s what I noticed, but in the explanation, he kept saying something about her legs, and I am like, WHAT????? While there is some creepy stalker guy in the window!!!

    • just saying, your a dumbass.

      Thats my thought, exactly.

    • Froggy.

      sorry about my name there. it was ment to be froggy.

    • blahblahblah!!!

      im pretty sure that “guy in the window” is just a pic. of lord voldermort from one of the harry potter ads.

    • Ellie

      OHH SHIIZZZZZZZ the guy in the windooww.. Hoo shhiiizz..

  • Creepy how the brain tries to fix that…

  • Maths Rules!

    That’s kind of Creepy and hi Ms Dimos.

  • jessica

    lol she has a pair of scisors in her hand

  • Deano

    whats, no one noticed her hand on her thigh… thats a horrible blend job… pshhhh

  • door handle wrong side

  • Steven

    they arnt crossed look at her legs shadow… major fail

  • lala

    her hand is erased??

  • Haleigh

    There’s also a face in the window behind her. O thought that’s what the thing was about…it’s kind if creepy…

  • just saying, your a dumbass.

    you must be super dumb. thats not even the part your supposed to see! theres a face in the window.and the ones above this comment, all the ways up to “Jessica”, your idiots.

    • Bluetiful

      The “creepy face” in the back is a poster. Bunch of morons.

  • Sarada

    sorry about my name there. hi c it

  • April

    People need to be more concerned with the lack of health on this girl. EAT SOME CHICKEN!

  • bacour

    This is ridiculous. There is no optical illusion here. I actually had to read the description just to figure out what they were talking about and even then it took me a minute to figure out why anyone would think this. Absolutely ridiculous.

    • Anynomous

      Absolutely ridiculous – there is no “illusion” here – I had to read the post intensely before I even understood what you were going on about.

  • Jeff

    I too had to read the description to “see” what the author saw in this photo. Only an idiot would see an illusion in this; her legs are just crossed. If this confuses you, please buy a helmet and don’t have children.

  • Ding

    no no no, there is no way this is just an optical illusion. The picture taken to “prove” this fact only disproves it. In the second photo, the knees are level, and it is likely the legs are swapped behind the hands, but in the first photo, her knee is a few inches above the other, making a mere “optical illusion” impossible. Sorry, but I’m convinced this has been heavily p-shopped.

    • Series

      Not just any creepy face, that’s Voldemort in the window.

  • Andrew

    i dont get it… her legs are crossed at the ankles.
    where’s the illusion?
    it does however look like someone’s painted a blob on her left knee.

  • Richard Bond

    It seems that some of the commenters are not getting the photo, the skin to the right is not the uper side of her leg it is really the underside and a small portion of her ass.

    • Damion Yates

      Thank you! This was the key for me, even after following their explanation which made some sense, my eyes were unable to see quite why her leg still looked so crooked, that is until your comment.

  • me with tht face

    i get it her legs r not crossed just beside each other and to make her seem profetional they make her arm i certin way to hide the leg and make it look crossed

  • Willy

    Very well explained, as I was really confused and my mother tongue is not English and I’ve been able to understand what’s happening. Thank you!

  • Andrew J. Coleman


    • GraphicDesigner

      There is no “fail,” because there’s simple no photoshop/alteration work here.

    • Hunter

      Everyone lOok at the face that’s blue in the background that’s. Not an illusion

    • yaagdmrn

      Describing yourself, eh Andrew?

    • ed

      left leg on the right , right leg on the left,

  • i don’t think i see what they’re trying to show. it just looks like someone sucks at using the clone stamp.

    • GraphicDesigner

      Problem is, there is no alteration of any kind. I’m a designer, the picture is legit.

    • yaagdmrn

      No, PVC, it is you who suck, at comprehension.

  • LookintheBack

    does anyone else see the face in the background?

    • lib

      I do see the face in the back!! that´s kinda creepy..

    • yaagdmrn

      The human brain evolved to be good at spotting faces hidden in the trees … so good that we are prone to false positives.

  • Patrick Carlos

    Love is patient, love is kind.
    It does not envy,
    it does not boast,
    it is not proud.
    It is not rude,
    it is not self-seeking,
    it is not easily angered,
    it keeps no record of wrongs.
    Love does not delight in evil
    but rejoices with the truth.
    It always protects,
    always trusts,
    always hopes,
    always perseveres.

    • Not Patrick Carlos

      Seriously Patrick? What the fuck does your reply have to do with the article?

  • thiago

    nuss” olha o rosto la atraz ‘ my god’

  • David Willis

    Get a freaking life Vurdlak[img][/img]

  • Gippo


  • I’ve seen much worse. One bad one I saw was a bones poster and one of the girls had an extra finger!

  • GraphicDesigner

    Here it is!
    Clear as day folks. The Picture, NOT photoshopped!


    • yaagdmrn

      You’ve got your left and right mixed up. Her left arm rests on her left leg, and her right arm rests on her left arm.

  • Nah, that’s not an illusion, I’m not buying the excuse. That’s a PS FAIL. Left thigh, left knee, not adding up. The reenactment ain’t the same. M2C

  • anthony

    wa wa wa …what a comment


    I clicked on a chick with boobs and ass to get this fuking site. WTF ?

    • mink


  • evan

    graphicdesigner: your conclusion is correct, but outline number 3 is incorrect. You outlined the lower part of her right leg and the upper part of her left leg and left buttock. You cannot outline her entire right leg since it crosses over her left and is not in view.

    • yaagdmrn

      “graphicdesigner: your conclusion is correct, but outline number 3 is incorrect. You outlined the lower part of her right leg and the upper part of her left leg and left buttock. You cannot outline her entire right leg since it crosses over her left and is not in view.”

      Evan, you are a cretin. Her legs are not crossed — if they were, her feet would be backwards. Outline number 3 is correct — an outline of her left leg, which is tight against her right leg — they do not cross. This is really quite straightforward for reasonably intelligent people … but there are numerous morons who still think it’s photoshopped, her legs are crossed, etc. even after it has been clearly explained.

  • AjP

    @ Graphic one your heads on straight its just a light illusion the pics the real McCoy ,’-) I do graphic design too all the way in Namibia

  • akki

    i can also do this but stil thinking how

    • yaagdmrn

      There’s nothing to “do”, dummy, the photo is unmodified.

    • NISHA

      then u cant say like dat…

  • apo

    OWWW yEAHH very sexy

  • an12345

    but i think her right arm is more weird at her elbow.

  • paul

    wtf do you mean her legs are not crossed! They clearly are! Unless of course her toes are reversed on her feet. This is F’n stupid. if her legs were not crossed then there would actually be something worth looking at because thhat would mean she has freaky reverse toes. This picture is totally normal and unremarkable.

  • Hunter

    Wwwooooowww do u see the fac e in the back round

  • Agustin Lagoleña

    Ok, it’s true, it’s a trick photo.

    It’s been manipulated so only gay people can see the face in the background.

  • Big B

    did u all see one of her hand is missing in the main pic

  • very well done……..

  • Rubberbandman

    Took we a while 2 c y this pic looks so messed up, i c it now. Probably took so long cuz i kept staring @ her legs. Damn!

  • efff emmm all

    idont get the pic really her legs look crossed

    ido see the face in the background so obviously big b has eye sight issues or is insecure

    and as for the whole photo ive already wasted too much of my time reading these comments basically all saying the same thing

  • Shakell

    This is so difficult to comprehend…I can totally see why thighs crossed + shins crossing back over and arms crossed could be soooo incredibly hard to understand.

    WTF is wrong with people?
    There is nothing at all about this photo even remotely interesting, except that she picked a very weird pose, and she’s flexible.

    • Shakell

      Well, not crossed…but close enough… talk about a fail…lol.

  • Unknown what to said about the instigated of today.

  • good work and food ;)

  • moe

    who cares?

  • Amadeus

    You guys are completely lame. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the picture. She is simply crossing her legs. It’s lame how people easily get confused these days. Stay off the internet unless you like getting scammed. You guys are easy targets.

  • magg

    y’all are stupid…the pic is made to look like her legs are crossed. IF they are, her toes are on backward…….look at the toes people…..

  • Annonymus

    All I noticed was voldomort in the window… amiright?

  • shawn

    Did any body eles see the face in tbe window

  • Wow nice tips. We have to care when we changing something in photoshop.

  • WTF creepy and weird.

  • lolnope

    wtf I don’t see anything weird about this picture besides the guy in the window.

  • Damon

    The legs weren’t really crossed. The left hand that held the knee had covered the joint. On top of that, excessive lighting places at an lower angle coming from the left of model (right of picture) had caused an overburnt to left of model. distorting the original shadow cast on the thigh. Comparing the skin tone of the other picture (non-minister) the lady had darker shadow on the skin of her thigh as compare to the skin on her leg.

    Sometimes inappropriate use of lighting can caused unnecessary illusions or at times, deliberate illusions.

  • tato


  • Keszei

    Does anyone else notice that scary face in the window above the sign, looks like a ghost

  • her knee is a few inches above the other, making a mere “optical illusion” impossible. Sorry, but I’m convinced this has been heavily p-shopped

  • LeanbodyExtreme

    This photo has been featured in several world sites as a wrong retouch, but after all the false spotlight it received,

  • hahahhahahahah.very funny work…

  • Adam

    I can see the issue you mention.
    If anyone else isn’t sure where to look, it’s the part of the thigh between her hands. It does look like it’s been messed with. I think there was probably an issue where the under part of her thigh was showing a bit more than she would have liked so somebody has moved it around a bit but because of what they’ve done they made her leg joint seem wrong.

    It’s really odd, but there definately looks like some odd dithering going on near that joint.

  • siddu

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  • jenny

    the pic is made to look like her legs are crossed. IF they are, her toes are on backward…….look at the toes people…..
    directions of toes are on the wrong.

  • cdaddy

    ur all idiots 1 pic she’s not wearing a ring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ur looking at the wrong thing! do i win a prize?

  • AndreaSynks

    Her arms are like sticks, HOW CAN SHE BE SO SKINNY?!?!

  • she is really gud at editing.

  • Lily

    All of you people who say this isn’t an illusion are idiots. So what if it’s been photoshopped, it doesn’t change the fact that THERE IS an illusion. Look at her left knee; don’t you see that it looks a bit out of place if you try to connect it with her right thigh?

    And LOOK CLOSELY. Think before you speak; and understand the illusion before posting comments. It’s rude. And most of you are getting the wrong idea, it’s not about the creepy stalker or the ring or the scissor.

  • Ke

    What about the creepy face in the back!

  • Very interesting image. Photoshop is dangeruos. :)


    please pull down your cloth

  • Donald Reid

    Has it ocurred to anyone other than me that this question could be totally resolved by contacting the lady woman in the photo on Skype and asking her to chgange into short shorts and stand in front of her web cam bare footed.

  • The Troller

    what is voldemort doing in the muggle world :troll:

  • BeiYangu

    Now I see it

  • xP

    Her legs dosen’t even look wrong! This whole thing is just fucked up O.o There’s no wrong with the picture :S

  • xP

    Ooooh, NOW I see it ._.

  • I don’t like u but,

    The creepy dude in the window, and her waist is gone. You are welcome! :) <3

  • MrCead

    Her legs are not crossed, she’s just extremely skinny. The hard shadow from her arms/hands just makes the leg “look” as if they are crossed.

    But in the grand scheme of things, why is there a debate on the matter?

  • lovely

    the other girl needs to eat a sammich! she is waaaay to skinny

  • wat da fuc… how can no bodies say bad things about hot chicks

  • …Now that’s creepy

    • :-D

      look at the top of the globe, there is a pink wall thing look at that for a bit and you see a minty kinda stripe

  • jazz

    does anybody else see that face in the glass?

    • luis

      yes, i do see it!

    • :-D

      help me now, that face is creepy!!

    • :-D

      does that face remind anyone of someone?

    • I

      ummm,what glass

    • I

      oh my god!!!thats my uncle!!!!!

    • Alex


  • yeep

    lol i c the face first thing lol

  • GtotheB

    Lol…looks like Jason. And, what a beautiful lady.

  • carlos

    anyone see the freaky face in the window behind her?

  • Photoshop really gud at editing.

It is main inner container footer text