Phantom of The Falls Illusion Set

User called Zigy-Zigger mailed me some info on one of our previous optical illusions. More precisely – “Haunted Forest” illusion I posted six weeks ago. I was wondering what was the authors name, and Zigy jumped in with an answer. This is what he wrote to all of us: “Hi the name of the artist for the picture you called Haunted Forest is Jonathon Earl Bowser and the picture is entitled “Embraced by Spirits 4: Phantom of the Falls”. I’ve included some more of his art that are just as good or better. Hope you like them.”

I sure did. Johnaton’s creations remind me of Beverly Doolittle’s illusions, and this is why I’m posting all of the attachments Zigy sent. Jump inside this article to see all 3 pictures I received. Also, try and detect how many hidden animals and stuff you can find in each picture. To see full sized photo, click on image. Which one did you like the best? First one is my favorite! If you like this kind of “Spot the Object” illusion games, be sure to check appropriate category!

Also, if you are new visitor on this site, did you notice our “Optical Illusion of the Day” applications? They basically give you option to view new optical illusions from this site each day (when new illusion is posted), on your PC / Mac / Facebook or iGoogle. Choose which one you like the most, and get it for free from here or simply click on platform you prefer above!

Oh, and if you are experienced with Windows Vista widgets, and would like to help us produce one for optical illusions, feel free to contact me. Your help would be much appreciated!

23 Replies to “Phantom of The Falls Illusion Set”

  1. These are neat. Some things are obvious and some are not so obvious. The second one is my favorite. I didn’t notice the skull in it at first and when i did it totally caught me by surprise. Spot the object illusions like this are my favorite.

  2. I’m getting really bored with this site. I always see the same stuff. I understand that there are only so many illusions out there, but different variations of the same thing over and over again gets really old. Maybe a few montha ago i may have though this was a cool illusion; Just get some new stuff and i am sure everyone will be happier.

  3. i absolutly love the last one. Did any1 els notice that there is a lady riding a full horse? i saw the horse’s hed but it took me longer to c da body and her legsXD reely gud keep up the gud work

  4. I was AMAZED at the number of animals in pic2:
    woman(ok not an animal)
    skull(ye i no thats nt an animal 2:P)
    a wolf
    a lioness/leopad?
    an ox( i think its an ox- right of pic)
    a deer
    a bear
    another wolf/fox?( its snout forms the womans waist/dress, 2 the left of pic)
    a full horse
    a frog
    a bird-sparrow(bottom middle)
    a rabbit
    an otas that may b unintentinal:
    an alligator
    a pig/boar
    a racoon

  5. These are the most beautiful things I’ve seen in a long time! Thank you. These are also my favorite kind of illusions.

  6. I love these pictures, they’re so beautiful…but seriously…its not a skull in the second picture guys. She has her arms up to a dream catcher. Native American…dream catcher…get it? Its very well done.

  7. WOW…

    these are really beautiful and artistic, my fave is the first one but i LOVE the horse in the last one

    … bytheway, hey wildwolf, PEI TING???!! unbelevable you still go on this site from china…

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