Perth Impossible Triangle Optical Illusion

Hmm, seems it’s time for another true optical illusion. Sorry people, there aren’t so many pure ones, so I have to post closest things I have. Luckily, I found this set of photos from Perth, Australia to show you great impossible object. Just in time to celebrate my Croat team victory in waterpolo world championships that was held in Australia as well. It’s an art installation or a statue of some sort, that gives an impression of impossible triangle, if viewed correctly. Inside this article you can see photos of it from different angles. It’s the same idea as the Unity triangle, that was also featured on MI. Anyone saw this in person? Is the effect as good as it is in the photos? You tell me!

Click Here for a RANDOM Optical Illusion

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  1. Yeaah, no never mind, ok i was about to say… aw man i forgot! no wait.. ok now i… oop i lost it… I think i dang! umm… yes now i … no never mind. OH I SEEN THIS TO MANY TIMES!!!, boring now… what did i say?

  2. That is SO Awsome to bad i can’t cross the world to see it


    Im an illusion FREAK!

    But yah weird lookin. If i saw it at the wrong angle i would have been like what is the point of that?!?

  3. yeah, man i live just near that thing and it does work. It is on a 2 lane roundabout but you cant see it work from the roads, only the footpaths that surround it.

  4. Does anyone know where this is in Perth? I have a brother living there and i could tell him where it is so he could se if it works.

  5. Wow, that rings true to life. A lot of times we jump to conclusions and judge others but when we only see things from a different perspective it could be entirely different.
    Very nice picture, thank you.

  6. I could see how it was done right after seeing the last photo. If you look carefully, there’s a crack between one of the shafts that is visible. And I agree with leet, it does look a little like it’s floating in the first picture.

  7. The sculpture is at the round about on Plain st, East Parade, Brook St East Perth.
    For those with google earth the pointer says it’s at 31″57’05.68″ S 115″52’36.87″ E elev 11m

    you can see it clearly from above :)

  8. Damn, I was just in Perth last week, if I had’ve known this was there I would have made a special trip to see it.

    Hmmm, maybe I’ll just save these photos & tell people I went there, yeah, that sounds good!

  9. I used to get driven down the main road to that thing, it sits on a roundabout, all the time and it really doesn’t look like much from that angle. But indeed, down on the paths near the little canals you get the special effect.

    We Perthians are used to it, but we still grin when it grabs the notice of the internet, mainly because people often forget we exist thanks to Sydney being the apparent only city in Australia (you can tell this annoys me, well it would annoy you too if you said you were from Aust to someone and they eagerly exclaimed “Oh from Sydney!?”, then their face falls and looks bored when you say “No, Perth. In the far west.”

  10. I have walked through this area for years and never knew the sculpture made a triangle. It was only recently I saw it from the right angle and went WOW! It works absolutely perfectly like in the photos, you just need to be on the path a fair way from on the other side of the lake. Even the ends of the sculpture are designed so they almost lock together when viewed correctly

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