Perfect Circles Optical Illusion

Few weeks ago, while still on my vacation, I promised you I would give my best to post new illusion each and every day once I return. It wont be an easy task, but let me try and see for how long I can do it! Previously, there was an update every two or three days, which is a shame I admit. I think its about time we change that! Let’s start with few concentric circles, as our #seemingly_bent category hasn’t been updated for quite some time. Can you trust me when I say them circles below are perfectly round and concentric?

21 Replies to “Perfect Circles Optical Illusion”

  1. Sorry, no, I didn’t trust you. I cut circles out and held them to the screen and your circles are no where near perfect.

    And hey, I’d rather have a good illusion every 3 or 4 days than a “pseudo” illusion every day.

    1. Waldo,… Maybe you need to buy a better monitor? The illusion is stunning. Perfect circles, yet the human is incapable of seeing it. Another daily optical illusion!

  2. Quality, not quantity.

    These circles are trippy – don’t even appear concentric – almost spirally or connected somehow

  3. They are in any case psychedelic. They make the impression of being irregular spirals, and if I try to study them meticulously they resist and move around in different directions to muddly my perception.

  4. Woah! At first I was like “there is no way those are circles” but then I focused rly hard on every single one and even if they weren’t perfectly circular, they’re still not at all the clover shape I thought they were! Plus they looked like they’re moving AND like they’re all connected. AWESOME!

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