• rewlie

    hehe, only men, why not also lady inside, kekekekek ..

  • Try my style

    I see both options at the same time, try to do this at least once you will be confused, but see a greater truth in the world.

    • Kat

      It looks like two people kissing a vase…

  • Hai

    the first two look like they’re about to kiss

  • Rayne

    the vase looks like two people looking away from each other.

  • samba


  • Brooklynz finest

    i c both

  • shaaka

    i like these because you can still see the illusion when shot in different lighting and close-up

  • niki

    the first two were cool but I’ve seen beter ones of the vase.

    Also what do you mean Rayne?

  • Spença

    Now I think they make custom ones of these, where they can make a goblet thing so that the contours of the stem match your face.

  • loser

    i feel sorry for those people….

  • iHeart

    Again…#1 and #2, taken at the Exploritorium in San Francisco. I took the same pics. It’s right when you walk in.

  • lunty

    all in all your just another person in the wall wall wall wall

  • Johannah

    Wow, i have seen the vase and two faces one. But i haven’t seen the one with the men leaning.
    I love these.

  • Anonymous

    No comment. Still cool.

  • Anonymous

    i was sean as “anonymus”

  • Anonymous

    that’s at the exploritorium…right?

  • JDC

    It looks great! I really want to project something like that at my home.

  • Anonymous

    I know the first two pictures were taken at the ExplOratorium in San Fransisco (THE BEST MUSEUM IN THE UNIVERSE). The illusion is right as you walk in.

  • Talia

    Rayne i know what you mean it looks like two people looking away cause you can see two points that look like a nose on each side so it looks cool

  • Primadonna

    thats amazing

  • Miranda

    i see then its cool

  • amanda

    i see both…

  • Dolphin

    I see the people and faces AND the vases…

  • viola woolcott

    This is a really great one also. ;-)

  • Anon

    This is actually the symbol for speech

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