People Climbing Painted Stairs Illusion

Located in some secret metro station, somwhere in unknow parellel universe, this image was shot. It appears people are climbing this illusionary stairs, which are painted on the wall. Looked from a certain point of view, they look like real 3D transparent stairs! If you noticed, then yes – these are the same “Magic Stairs” I posted before! These two pictures were taken by Carrie, so be sure to visit her gallery after you’ve jumped inside this post.

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  1. Hi,

    These photos belong to me. I’d appreciate that you ask before posting them on your blog without even giving credit. Could you please remove them from your site?


    1. I am sorry for these people. I hope you will accept this, because I do not thing those people will apologize.

  2. Nah, Carrie has credit for the photos now. It’s all good =)

    Theese two images looks much better with people in them!

    1. okay, honestly Carrie, you can only claim credit for these photos if you took them or were some part of helping with this optical illusion… -.-‘

  3. who cares who took the stupid photos, lets give the credit to the artist who painted the stairs themselves!

  4. If they’re her pics, and she’s asking you to remove the pics.. and you aren’t doing it… consider how you’d feel if you found candid pictures of you and your loved one on someone’s website and you wanted them removed.

    Get a clue and take them off.

  5. just to let you all know, I contacted her months ago and sorted things out – she gave me premission to keep the picture…. as you also may notice, her link is inside the text… so everything is legal… :)

  6. forget carrie these pics are A-W-E-S-O-M-E. stupid copy write!!!!!! whoever painted these must be really good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I went to carie’s site and the next button just keeps resetting the kids face…
    I did not find her photos ( concerning the above).

    Just a word from one professional to another. First it is very non professional and rude to demand publicly that your photos be removed, unless you have talked to the people responsible, and they refused. second. if your stuff is not really good, and your site has errors,my advice is, Don’t call attention to yourself.

    Please keep in mind, I am not insulting your photography, just your attitude.
    People take my stuff from my site all the time, some even say it is their work. unfortunately for them, I do charge to use my art/ photos… and eventually they will pay. if I am contacted, depending on the format, I sometimes don’t charge, but I NEVER make a public spectical of myself… end of line.

  8. Hi,

    As the photographer of these shots, a few things:

    1) It’s all cool now with these photos being posted here. I’ve had a lot of issues with people just using or stealing my photos without permission, and I have a right to protect my images. All I ask is for copyright credit…which comes with the territory. I’d originally sent an email that bounced back, hence the comment. Again, we’ve talked, and it’s fine.

    2) To the anonymous viewer…if you hit ‘next’ you won’t go anywhere, because you’re on the front page. You need to hit ‘previous’ from the main page to get to the archives. That’s pretty standard on photoblogs.


  9. guys calm down!

    Carrie has rights to ask for copyright since they are her pictures! the copyright has been posted along with link to her nice site. Before there was no way to track these pictures and that’s why there were no info previously.

    Please read all above comments before you post same questions/etc again people!

  10. i dont think he necessarily has to say who he is whether or not he is a proffessional if he soent want crap from people.

  11. hey Carrie News Flash why would it be bad to just use a picture of a cool illusion for uor site in fact i posted a WHOLE bunch of illusions on my site and nobody said anything infact they were ok with it

  12. BB by the way its not a family photo its an illusion that she wants exclusive THERE GREAT PICS and i would never of heard of the great photographer carrie if these wernt on here just let it go carrie LET IT GOOOOOOO

    from rosie metzner the illusion mad 10 year old

  13. shut up carrie if i was going to put those pictures on my site i wouldnt give YOU credit for them that guy in the pictures is NOT you so just GET OVER IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    To Carrie, OMG OMG OMG,thank you so much!

    Thank you all and goodbye.

  15. K, couple things.
    One. Credit for the illusion goes to whoever panted the stairs. Carrie would be just one of who knows how many people who decided to take a picture of it so Carrie really needs to take a chill pill.
    Two. When you take awesome pictures like that and go and post them on the internet you can’t be surprised when other people use them. Sorry, but to post something like that and expect that no one in the world wide web is going to ever use them at least without permission or giving credit…well in short that’s just plain naive. Simple as that.

    And yes I realize that I’m posting this 3 years later than the original post started, but I had to speak my mind anyway.

    It IS a very cool illusion.

    1. Hey idiot what if she did paint those stairs. there are some talented people int he world look at dont be such a prick

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