Parallel World Illusion

An interesting look at the parallel world where anything is possible! What you see below is a successful variation of the “Folded Chessboard” classic painting done by Sandro Del Prete. Titled “The Terrace” this illusion became so popular around the net, that not many are aware of its original author – David Macdonald. The illusion by David surpassed Sandro’s chessboard in terms of internet popularity.


50 Replies to “Parallel World Illusion”

  1. When I see these impossible stuff only on thing comes to my mind
    Photoshop :)
    On the right side there is a ladder
    You can see on the top the man is facing towards the picture
    And the man in the bottem is trying to climb facing you

  2. It would be interesting to see how the artist would have connected the top fence with the bottom fence but alas they are cut off at the side of the art.

  3. heh heh dis is like so kool!!!!
    itz almost like it curvz upward!!!!!
    oh and um and jawa, itz like, a WATERFOUNTAIN not a birdbath!!!!!!!!!

  4. Could this be photoshop? Its years and years old I 13 and i saw it when i was 4-6. Is photoshop that old. Looks like a painting to me

  5. hey ive got it.
    i think
    its becauz the picture has been pushed in a little bit so thats how they did the picture
    but it could of been done by graphics

  6. archie, no duh it’s photoshopped. i think thats the point. but to all those other ppl who kno good illusios when they see them… Yay! fun i luv it!!

  7. It´s not Photoshop, it is a PAINTING! Remember that? Brushes, ink, paper? C’mon, we had no $1000-worth programs back in kindergarten!

  8. So what? My patio at home is exactly like that. When I have friends over, they have to be careful where they walk or they fall away into nothingness.

  9. I have to say that this is my favourite illusion of all time. It’s just brilliant.

    Well, it’s my favourite illusion until I find a better one on Mighty Optical! I love your site, keep up the good work!

  10. this reminds me of monty python and the search for the the holy grail.
    when they first come up to the castle and all that.

  11. a guy is walkin on a ladder onto the cieling while another guy is above the ceiling doing something but the guy with the ladder is….0.o

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