• nick R.

    That is sweet i wish i could paint that good. WHo ever did it deserves alot of credit.

    • happydoodle

      yeah. the first time i saw it i thought the car was seperate and right next to the truck. then i realized it was a painting

  • Farted

    I want the green car!!! And the wheels! I agree with Nick! I wish I was that talented!

  • Hai

    whoa. @ first glance it looks like a green sports car parked next to a yellow van

  • Seba 719

    It is a real car. Thru the window u can c the doorknob.

    • liz

      They just painted it that way!! duh!

  • Peter

    haha. Seba, you’ve been tricked. Of course you can see the doorhandle. Think about it. It’s still sticking out of the side of the van. Then they just used a dark yellow paint for where the window is supposed to be on the fake car.

  • Red.

    hahaha, how trippy would it be to see that next to you at traffic lights

  • Christy

    can the next Reply tal me if its next 2 the Car or bsid the Car

  • XY


  • Bob

    Great illusion, gave me a laugh anyway.

    Only the green car appears to have no lights, and the door handle does appear to be on our side of the car.

    REALLY cool tho

  • Anonymous

    wow!! thats crazy!!

  • Wiiman

    i WANT THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • rare_piece

    You see the title on the van? It’s the Groot. That’s a Dutch name. You see how creative the Dutch are?

  • Lejla


  • andy

    I mean this is a good idea…….ur car-drivers “ego ” gets 2 vehicles at the price of 1……

  • Synco

    It is a picture from a car dealer in the Netherlands named: De Groot Exceptional Motor Cars
    You can find this picture on there site http://www.grootauto.nl/
    and click on “Route & Openingstijden”

  • piper

    HOLLY at first i thought ” what am i looking at a van and car for” themn i realized it was a painting hahahaha they got me

  • CakeFace

    Thats pretty neat ;) x

  • Me

    What the hell that isnt even an illusion.

  • MeEgAn GaLaNtE

    that’s sooooooo coolioo!!!!!!!!! It’s like two in one!

  • MeEgAn GaLaNtE

    Now i just notice that I type fast!

  • GeeFos

    Just incredible. At first I though they were separate vehicles, I see clearly now.

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