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By on October 10, 2016, with 2 Comments  

There are some days when I run across images and illusions for the site and I have no idea what to call them. Today’s illusion is one of those images. So, I’m just going to call it the impossible spiral staircase illusion…


…because it’s a little bit of all of that!

This guy is standing there looking pretty darn confused, and for good reason. The path that he’s about to travel is a pretty confusing one. You could even say that it’s pretty impossible! It’s almost a spiral staircase, but trying to follow along the path and you’ll quickly find that that’s just not possible at all. Can you see why?

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The weekend is here, and for some of you, that might mean time to party hard! But, hopefully not too hard. Too much whiskey, wine and song can turn a great party sour awful fast. Just ask these bad eggs here. Judging by the poor guy’s little “accident” and the looks on the egg faces around him, I’d say he imbibed a bit too much this weekend…


Okay, so this isn’t exactly a true optical illusion, but it’s certainly a fun little weekend distraction for you party animals out there. So, for those of you heading out on the town (or staying in) this weekend, cheers to you! Hopefully these funny egg faces have made your weekend just a little better!

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The new school year is well under way, for sure. By now, the allure of the shiny new school supplies has worn off, and kids are starting to settle into a bored routine quite nicely. Most of them are probably doodling away during class, and some of them may be creating some pretty cool works of art! Like this cool back to school art illusion in a binder…


I love school art illusion drawings! The creativity and artistic ability that these kids show when bored in school just blows me away.

The rings of the binder were used as a starting point for a pool ladder, which is definitely pretty cool! The binder rings themselves serve as the beginning of the pool ladder, and rings were added to look like water. Finally, the corners of the pool were drawn in perspective to for the rest of the pool.

No doubt this poor kid was day dreaming about warmer weather and sitting poolside instead of stuck in a classroom!

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Remember when the black and blue or white and gold dress took the Internet by storm? Well, I think I just found the perfect bag to match that dress! Like the debacle with the illusion dress, this particular accessory has a good chunk of Internet users asking themselves “what color is this handbag??”

Take a look and see what side you’re on…


What do you think? What color is this handbag?

A picture of the bag was uploaded by Twitter user Taylor Corso with the caption “Everyone say hello to my new baby.” When someone commented about how daring her new white bag was, she replied…”it’s blue.

Chances are, you probably thought the bag was white as well. I know I did! But why?

It could be a combination of a few different things. First, the handbag is probably a very light blue color, making it appear almost white. The lighting in the photo could also be causing the bag to appear much lighter than it actually is, and it’s not uncommon for some stark white objects to have an almost blue tint to them in some photos. Finally, your screen could also be the culprit. Colors don’t always show true on all screens, so try looking at it on a different screen to see if you see a different color.

So, what’s your final determination? What color is this handbag? Be sure to leave your answer below, then head over to check out the lady with two different colored eyes!


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Hurricane Matthew is forging its way toward the southern part of the United States as I type this. It is considered to be a very dangerous storm, and a handful of states in the south, including Florida and Georgia, have already started evacuation procedures in some areas. If you’ve been following the news or the weather lately, you probably already know about the storm headed inland. You may have already even seen today’s optical illusion.

I have to say, it’s a pretty discomforting one…

hurrican matthew skull map

This weather map was seen on a local television news station yesterday morning. Do you see anything a little sinister here? Like, maybe the giant skull that makes up the storm, perhaps?

I hope that this Hurricane Matthew optical illusion isn’t foreshadowing of devastating events to come. It’s a pretty wicked storm that is considered to be one of the strongest in nearly a decade. It has already killed a handful of people in the Bahamas, and now it’s on its way to the states.

My thoughts and prayers are with anyone effected by this storm. Stay safe, and may the gods be with you.

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By on October 3, 2016, with 0 Comments  

October is probably my favorite month of the year! Don’t get me wrong – I love spring and summer just as much as the next guy, but October is just…October! It has “that smell” to it, you know? That smell of summer moving in and the weather winding down. It means the end of long HOT days, and the start of crisp, cool days. It means, apple cider, pumpkins, and cinnamon. The gorgeous splash of colors on the trees—the reds, yellows, and oranges—all welcome in my favorite holiday…Halloween! I know it’s early in the month, yet, but I get excited about Halloween. So, I’m going to jump the gun a little and give you a pretty simple black cat illusion to think about today…


When you look at the picture at first glance, you’re probably thinking “hey, MOIllusions Girl—there’s no black cat illusion here!”

Alas! Look a little closer, and you’ll see that there is. Take a look again and tell me which way the cat is going. Is he headed away from us and looking to his right, or is he headed toward us and looking to his left? Pretty hard to tell, isn’t it??

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By on October 2, 2016, with 1 Comment  

Life has a funny way of working out sometimes doesn’t it? Sometimes, things aren’t always what they seem, nor do they turn out the way that you thought they would. And, sometimes, things in life just seem a little skewed. When I ran across this LIFE illusion, it just seemed pretty fitting…

life illusion

The skewed letters spelling the word in this LIFE illusion just reminds me of the way life in general goes sometimes. It’s confusing, contorted, and seemingly impossible. That’s just the way life goes sometimes, though, isn’t it. But, nothing is ever impossible and not everything is as it seems. Sometimes it helps to be reminded of that to get through the tough times.

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By on October 1, 2016, with 1 Comment  

Okay, so missing persons aren’t all that amusing in real life, I know. But, this missing person illusion is actually enough to give you a little chuckle perhaps. At the very least, it will make you think.


In this image, there are 13 people hanging around. Go ahead and count them…


Now, we’re going to do a little switcheroo on this image. We’re going to use the exact same image, but switch the sides of the top of the image around a bit.


The left top side of the image goes up and slides over to the right, while the right side of the image slides to the left. Drop the original left top side of the image into place and take a look at our new image…


Now count the people. Remember, this is the same image using the same people. You watched as we switched the top side of the image above. So, theoretically, there should be the same number of people, right?

But, when you counted the ones in the final image, you only counted 12, right? Where did the missing person go?? Look a little closer, and I’m sure you’ll soon be able to solve this stinky mystery…

Still can’t solve it? It’s okay. Don’t lose your head over it!