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By on July 6, 2011, with 26 Comments

Flickr user mamassage knitted this cool anamorphic scarf that looks like it’s just another stripped scarf until you see it from the right angle -then it reveals a hidden alien pattern between the stripes. Even if you stare at it long enough without tilting it, you’ll eventually see the aliens, but I doubt you’d really notice while someone was wearing the scarf.

It’s a little like this striped Garfield picture Vurdlak posted back in April. A good knitter could even make a scarf from that, although Garfield would undoubtedly appeal to an entirely different crowd than the alien from this scarf.

Personally, I’d love to wear a something like this, knowing I was the only one who would know about the illusion for the most part. Would you guys wear this or at least one with a similar illusion knitted in?

Optical Illusion Scarf

P.S. Here’s another example that found it’s way through. Thank youTrevor for sending this in!


  • Anonymous

    This is so creative and clever! Thank you for sharing. n_n

  • melinda

    Yes I would and very cool BTW

  • The alien scarf is from “Stitch ‘n B***h: The Knitter’s Handbook” by Debbie Stoller. The scarf was designed by Shetha Nolke.

    • Morgen

      I found the book, what page? I can do a Garfield pattern if I can figure out the basics.

  • HI

    thats so cool

  • Music


  • bluepool

    I want one! :)

  • misty

    I think it is awesome! I would wear it for sure! I’m kind of amazed on how great a of artist they are. I crotchet and it is not easy to put something like this in a scarf.

  • judy

    Spooky. Could we have a pattern please.

  • Oh, now that is too cool! I would so wear one. Especially one with a cartoon character- a classic like Mickey Mouse or something like that. :)

  • Bethany

    Very cool! :-D

  • Aianna

    Thats pretty cool and yeah I’d wear a scarf like that, to be one of the few people who understand the significance of the scarf would be awesome!

  • Steve

    Very cool! Love the medium of clothing for illusions.

  • Linda Brightwell

    There are patterns for the alien scarf and the heart one in a book called Stitch ‘n Bitch. I knitted both about 7 years ago and still have the book. Have done the alien one several times.

  • ramiro

    i think the design was made so when he/she fliped it it was just lines hope you understand first comment

  • ramiro

    opps im stupid i read the message that the person wrote you can still see it if you look verry close

  • anon.

    I would definitely wear something like this! They’re so cute!

    P.S. first comment!

  • pixie

    The first one is totally awesome :) I so would wear one !!!

  • ZL123

    Wowowee. But how does the second one work?

  • milogirl

    yes i would so wear that!

  • Care Bear

    Cool scarves. Hot summer. Not ready for thinking about wearing neck warmers yet.

  • Cassie

    my mom made one of those years ago for my choir teacher. it was black and white stripes with music notes hidden in it.

  • Thanks for the kudos, everyone! I originally knit this back in 2007. As several folks have stated, the design can be found in the Stitch n Bitch books…I believe the first one. I just moved, so I don’t have them handy. But check the books out, if you haven’t already. Even though they’ve been out for a few years, there’s a lot of inspiration to be found within their pages.

    Again, thanks everybody.


  • someone u don’t know

    looking at all these illusions have made me dizzy and hungry lol

  • Clancy

    OMG!! Is that the alien design from stitch n’ bitch? I’m working on that. but in the colors that she recommended. (Green and Black) :) I like the heart one too

  • Lulahoop

    Excellently clever! :D