Optical Illusion Moving Patterns

A friend of mine pointed me to these amazing images done by Flickr artist called KRandolph. He used well known patterns done by master of illusions, Akiyoshi Kitaoka, and warped them to create these beautiful modern optical illusions. It’s amazing how well these work. Remember, that all of the pictures below are static in nature, and that they somehow manage to fool the eye, and give you impression of continuous motion. To experience this effect in its full capacity, open the images in full size (more inside this article). Which one did you like most? Which one gives the best effect? Please share your thoughts!

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  1. actually, pheonix, i don’t think it’s 3D. i think he just painted it so that it looked like it was popping out of the frame. it is really cool in my opinion :D

  2. Very impressive as it is “Not 3d “(Phoenix) but a 2d representation. What is mazing though is the depth of field feeling created by it.

  3. i think the very 1st one gives the most best effect because if you look at the center where the aquamarine car is at you feel like the blue dots are moving foward slowly….its pretty cool..i like this type of cool effects of pictures thats why i add this application in facebook..lolz

  4. I am the one who twisted these well known illusions and I find that a lot of people can’t see the image move. I’ve changed the hues and it changes the movements to less or not at all. Colors and shade make the difference. Everyones eyes are different they may see different things.Being color blind makes a difference.

  5. Look at the first, the “glass” ball is giving a shine at the top as it were round, looks like glass reflection made in Vray, the one in the frame, look at the blue ball, the persons dont reflect in it

  6. for me, the first one seemed to move more than all the others. they are all very pretty. i love this type of optical illusion.

    awesome!!! :D

  7. Am I the only one who didn’t see any movement in these at all??

    These kinds of optical illusions don’t work on me for some reason.

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  9. disappointed….I dont know why but no motion in any of these illusions for me……I love this site though,I sometimes spend hours browsing through the illusions.

  10. haha thats awesome…i dont haf a favorite…but i guess the first one if i had to choose…
    cool site…keep it up!

  11. the first one. the dots get smaller as they come to whole in the center, going at a slant, and thus look like they’re moving. pretty neat.

  12. It’s funny. The only way I see them moving, is if I focus my sight slightly above the image. If I look directly at them I don’t see any motion.

  13. Cool, really. keep up goodwork vurdlak.
    And guys make sure to make ur own avatar for ur icon to the right. Type in avatar in website search and click first link. This is so people can identify u when u talk :)

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