Infected Sandwich Optical Illusion

I went to shoot some golf balls at the nearby club this afternoon, and few of my close friends came along with me. We had a really good time. I hope you’ll forgive me for taking a day off ;) Then I remembered how I have these 2 images that I wanted to share with you. How amazed would you be if I just took this infected sandwich out of it’s bag and eat it? If I did this right, most of you would vomit and be disgusted by this gruesome act. All except one – me. Can you guess why? I have added another picture inside, and when you see it all will make sense. I’m experimenting with new way of showing you solutions, which you may check inside this article. I added the expand/collapse form, so that the solution doesn’t ruin the illusion until you’re ready to see it. Give it a try! Can’t wait to hear your comments. The solution can be found after the jump…

[DDET Click To Expand The Solution!] [/DDET]

77 Replies to “Infected Sandwich Optical Illusion”

  1. Very clever!

    Once I left my sandwiches in my bag for two weeks…they looked MUCH worse than this. I mean, they were fuzzy, for crying out loud!

  2. i kinda figured that it would be done this way. It is a great way to keep people from eating your lunch out of the office regrigerator.

    1. Yeah, thought of that but I think it could get your lunch thrown-out pretty quick too! Although around here……..????

  3. lol at shannon’s comment!!!

    i didn’t really like this all that much. it was kind of obvious. i mean duh, if someone sed to u, “this sandwich is moldy but im going to eat it and b fine” wouldnt u think something was up?

    it is a fairly good one, tho, worth putting on the site.

  4. its also something you can do yourself, a little food coloring is all ya need :P

    also the solution idea is great, i know i accidentally scroll down to far sometimes.

  5. I really like the new solution tab…oh and everything else about this website! It has got me through some long days at the office!

  6. …harr… :-§
    I thought, there´s a picture or something like that hidden in this “illusion”.
    I´m a litte bit disappointed about this solution!


  7. lol, i never would have guessed… well maybe eventually. btw, the show/hide thing works and i really like it; kool idea!

  8. On the other hand, someone might throw out your lunch, thinking that it had been in the fridge for a while and had gone bad.

  9. I think the solution sandwich has a bit of green on it… is it just me??

    Other than that great illusion!

  10. it would also be funny to put drops of green food coloring on the bread, that way you can actually eat the “mold”

  11. Where can I get some of those bags? They sure would come in handy for keeping people out of my lunch at work.

  12. make it a bet.
    “Ahw damn.. ive kept my sandwich to long in the bag. Durr… ey you know what? If i eat that sandwich. gimmi 10 bucks.”

    $$$ Moneytime :)

  13. Nice and simple illusion!

    Sure it will keep people from eating your lunch, but it might prompt someone to throw the sandwich in the bin!

  14. I knew it! It was the first thing I thought of when you said eat the perfectly fine sandwich… If your wondering how I got it. It’s because one time I made myself a sandwich and put it in a bag without looking. When I brought it to school everyone asked me why I brought a blood cover sandwich i got confused so I looked at the bag and realized the outside was scover in red marker drawn to look like blood. When I got home I chased after my little brother all day. lol. cute story…

  15. Hah! I totally guessed right! I am an artist and use Photoshop heavily, and I thought that the ‘mould’ looked more like a burn effect in Photoshop, or a blended added layer of colour. Which it was!

  16. I have slowly build my tolerance over time to mold by starting with micro doses and building to lager amounts.

    Now, even your moldy sandwiches are
    not safe from me!

    I can see pilfering someones soda in the fridge as ‘just payment’ for having to work late, but who the hell would eat someone elses sandwich?

    Who knows what kind of unsanitary conditions could exist in their kitchen. They could easily lick the bland and then decide that more Mayo is needed on the sandwich.

  17. This way of showing solutions is great! In the past it happened a few times that I saw the solution before I really had time to look at the illusion, but this way that won’t happen.
    And about the illusion, it was quite what I expected, but it’s still funny.

  18. I thought it was green food color on the sandwich as the lettuce is not wilted I figured the sandwich was still good. I was close but no stoogie…..

  19. i thought that it wouldeither be the patern(just like it was or that someone had put some food colouring over it!

    luvvvv ur site v, im on it every day!

  20. Great idea for the drop down menu. First time commenter but I visit the site nearly every day. I love how you encourage your readers to interact with the site. Keep up the good work.

  21. Yeah yeah!
    yeah yeah!
    i really like it.
    The show/hide solution idea is SOO COOL!
    it will revolutionise the way the site works!!!
    Well done Vurdlak!!!

  22. Well, I see I wasn’t the only one who taught that it was food coloring. The hide/show solution great idea.

  23. I thought it was mold before I read the post, but once I knew you ate it I figured it must not be mold. My next thought was the green being on the bag, and I was right! Well done!

  24. I would’ve put green food coloring on the sandwich,and had it for lunch on a picnic with friends…I might do that.

  25. That’s sooooooooooo cooooooool! Look at the mold!
    Once my big sis did a science project to mold bread and she did it in OUR closet but we took out all the clothes first! We’re are not stupid.

  26. That is totally awesome!! This is one way to not have people steal your lunch, although, they might throw it away thinking it is bad…still, very cool!!

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