Not What You Originally Thought

Fresh optical illusions quickly become viral on the net. Seems internet audience is always thirsty for more, and this is why photo below (once it became popular), was submitted to my mail dozen of times. At first I didn’t see anything. Then I spotted what seemed to be not much of an illusion, but something more on the “offensive” side. I never even considered publishing this photo on Mighty Optical Illusions, until Jay Kleinrichert explained the secret. Boy was I mislead until that particular moment! This is truly a great find. Those of you who still don’t get it, be sure to check Dirty Minded Test – it might give you a clue. I won’t talk any further, chances are I could ruin the illusion for you accidentally.

Don't be shocked once you discover it, it's not what you think!
Don't be shocked once you discover it, it's not what you think!

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  1. Unless people should find it straight away, it might be a good idea to change the description of the picture… it is basically pointing out the answer.

  2. Lmao great one. I took a picture on my friends phone of the same thing so he would see it and think it was an ass and when he was looking through his pics he was like “WTF ‘n’ hell is this?” it was funny because I have hair popping out of that region.

  3. once again vurdlak, whether by accident or on purpose you have managed to give it away by the tag on the photo, in other news, what an illusion, i near laughed by head off

  4. Ofcourse these aren’t the girls buns. It’s the shoulder and armpit of the photographer which creates an illusion for all dirty minded amongst us.

  5. In one of Spanish TV´s, there is a part of a show -named El Hormiguero-, whose slogan is: “Ass or elbow?”…perhaps, armpit?

  6. ahahaha i get it,
    the woman in the back has a pink dress on,
    but it looks like you see her butt, but it’s the armpit of the girl in front of her

  7. I see the shoulder of the right girl in front seem to make the buttock of rear girl.

    (sorry for my english, i’m french and first on this post)

  8. ah i think i saw it :P. i see wat ur talking about. even after i saw it i cudnt really think of it as what it truly is and kept seeing what i thought was there. or maybe what i wanted to be there :\

  9. Lol, funny, I thought that you know lol. But then I tried to find out another illusion in that picture and then I relised that it was the girl arm lol. Big fan of this website xxjayzxx

  10. Vurdlak, I really like your site and your optical illusions, etc.

    But I am a business professional that works with minors. If illusions like this show up in my widget, I am in a way helping to distribute questionable content to minors. I appear to endorse the content by having it on my page, which is VERY bad for my job.

    So I am respectfully requesting that you please reduce/eliminate this type of content, or post it in such a way that it is optional, not delivered to every widget.
    I really don’t want to have to get rid of my widget, but if this keeps happening, I don’t see any other choice.
    Again, I do appreciate your site and the work you do. I enjoy it, and hope I can continue to be a part.

  11. Honestly, I thought it was supposed to be an illusion of it supposedly being a mirror. but its just a door way. i never noticed the ass arm thing, till u mentioned it in the comments

  12. @ Dave, You really need to get a life. This is no way questionable content, after all it’s only an armpit, It is the viewers mind that turns it in to something it isn’t. This is a great clean site and a comment like yours makes me sad. Your moaning for moaning sake, I for one would not mind if you delete your widget, you don’t deserve the pleasure of free daily illusions.

  13. @Dave, I second Pete’s comments. Nobody is forcing you to keep anything on your desktop. It’s ppl like you who who keep this country close minded and frowned upon.

  14. Dave,

    On behalf of other readers of this site I would like to apologize. You explained your situation, made a respectful request and left it up to the blog author to consider it.

    Its too bad some idiots see it this way:

    @Dave, I second Pete’s comments. Nobody is forcing you to keep anything on your desktop. It’s ppl like you who who keep this country close minded and frowned upon.

    SP. Learn to recognize a respectful request. Sheesh….

  15. ummm i forgot the name of the owner of this site
    so anyways (owner of this site) u might want to nor write down the illusion on the site itself:D
    so i clicked the picture and i never figured out the illusion until i saw the writing on the top of my window.:(
    nice illusion btw
    it totally fooled me

  16. Nah, it didn’t look like a butt at all. Maybe if the armpit line went right upto the “edge” of the other girl’s skirt, then it would look like her skirt is covering a part of her butt.

    Otherwise her “butt” obviously looks too small and too low as compared to the rest of her body. Guys who saw a butt here have probably never seen a woman’s butt. Pull down your wife’s panty. As for girls, use a mirror. LOL.

  17. i was very horrified at first, i mean WTF??! but then i realised that the girl with the camera doesnt hv a shoulder. Really funny!

  18. It is TOO a mirrior dummies! Why would the woman be putting on make up into a hall way!? And why would someone take a picture of someone taking a picture? I get it for those of u who don’t.

  19. BTW The girl whose butt looks like its showong….. her yellow and pink panties are on the bed to the left of the picture :) GROSS!

  20. ******SPOILER******
    it is so easy people!
    if you look at the
    girls arm,it looks
    like a ….well
    you know what i

  21. Geez, I am surprised so many people saw a butt there. Looks like they have never seen a woman’s butt before. It isn’t particularly hard to get an opportunity to see a woman without her panty on. I am sure a lot of men must have seen my butt, when I did not have my panty on.

  22. this is wrong in the mirror it shows that the girl in the grey is standing in front of the girl in the white shirt but in the real bit(real bit is outside of the mirror)there is nothing in front of the camera just the mirror

  23. the girl in the pink shirt looks like she isnt wearing knikers but her bum also looks like the girl taking the photos arm

  24. SOOO tricky. Its funny, But you can see the girls are taking pictures and looking at the mirror, but this is fake! If you look ALL around the room, you’ll see the mirror is in the other side.

  25. If you look at this photo closely, you will see that the picture taken by the girl with the camera is not the picture you are looking at. It is pointed down and to the side which would give you a totally different view. There is another photographer not shown in the picture who is lining up this shot. Nice work btw :)

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