Night Vision Transparent Laptop

PC Squirrel hopes I will post his illusion of a transparent desktop, so I did. It’s interesting submission because he posted two photos, one of shows the final effect, and the other is plane background of his computer. I specially liked the way that the screen of his computer seems like it has night vision built in, so you can clearly see how the background looks, even in dark. More complicated illusion of this sort can be seen in a video I posted earlier. This was quite popular few months ago, when there was even a flickr group where people would share their transparent screen DIY’s (DIY stands for “do it yourself“). I have many of them inside our Mighty Transparent Screens category. I’ll take an hour or so to post many new illusions today, so expect them coming in following hours.

20 Replies to “Night Vision Transparent Laptop”

  1. Thats easy you just take a picture then put it as your background then there it is that stupid
    worst one i saw

  2. Looks quite easy to do…not exactly an illusion that makes you go WOW! Love this site though i musta spent ages on Virgin’s find Rock Band Names illusion, its just this illusion really fails to impress

  3. You don’t need a laptop, a desktop has the same properties. Just take a picture of where you want, then link ur camera up to the computer. download, and put “set as background” from the right-click dropdown menu. Hope this helped.

  4. if you take off the back panels of an lcd they become transparent but its dangerous and the take a picture and set it as a background works to

  5. Easy. She took a picture of the same wall that’s in front of her, then made it her wallpaper. Not that hard!!

  6. Its cool… Not the best ever illusion tho… the only thing that gives it away is the white grooved boards… they’re slightly smaller on the laptop…

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