Nifty Impossible Object Optical Illusion

It’s the first new work week of the New Year, and I’ll bet everyone is just raring to go! I mean, after a long weekend of champagne and celebration, who wouldn’t be ready to get right back down to business? I know, I know—I’m nuts. To get your brains in gear this morning, I have an interesting impossible object optical illusion for you…

impossible object optical illusion

Trying to make heads or tails of this impossible object optical illusion should be a real treat for you! You would never actually see this object in real life, since it’s…well, impossible!

I’ll leave you to ponder this impossible creation, while I whisk away to find more crazy goodies for you guys to ponder. Don’t forget to rate this optial illusion with the stars below!

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One Reply to “Nifty Impossible Object Optical Illusion”

  1. Why would that be impossible? If the viewing angle was right, the front post could actually be going back on an angle until it was past the other, more conventional corner to corner connection. Then it’s a simple over the top to connect to the last corner. It’s only impossible if the front post is indeed vertical, which at this angle, there is no proff it is. Illusion, yes. Impossible object, no.

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