Newspaper Under the Skin Optical Illusion

Good morning everyone! Today is Thursday, and Thursday is the favorite day of a lot of people because it means that there is just one more day until the weekend begins! Yes, believe it or not, some people do consider Friday the start of the weekend even though it is still a week day!

Some people have a lot of passion for certain things, and they express their love of those things by getting a tattoo. Today’s optical illusion is a bit of a puzzling one because it shows a tattoo of someone with newspaper under their skin, so the natural assumption is that this man may be a reporter or is somehow involved in the journalism industry.

newspaper under the skin optical illusion

What do you all think? Why else would someone have newspaper under their skin?  Ready for another  great optical illusion? Roses are one of the most beautiful flowers in nature, but this flower does not smell so sweet. Do you see something in this Halloween rose optical illusion? Perhaps it is the fact that the rose has a face, and that face is kind of a scary one! Is this rose going toward the window to have a peek or does it have a more sinister purpose? You all be the judge! Have a Happy Thursday!

3 Replies to “Newspaper Under the Skin Optical Illusion”

  1. It looks more meaningful than just a newpaper column.

    I can’t make out exactly what it says, but it looks like Latin, so it must have a deeper meaning to the person, than just “newspaper printing”, or “journalism”.

  2. I think that you should have done your homework before posting that article. That tattoo is not of a newspaper. If you look at the script closely, it is a latin or greek verse written over and over again. Of course not enough is showing, so you can’t read it, but the owner knows what it means. It is a very cool illusion, and the tattoo artist is obviously well talented.

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