Newest Jesus Illusion

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For today I prepared something a little different. The illusion you see was submitted by Heather Rosson a while back. It shows you a face of Jesus (as we think he looked like), created from famous events in his life. How many hidden meanings can you spot? There are probably more than we had politicians hiding in that tree. Heather added: “I don’t know if you have seen this one yet but I really like it. It is the face of Jesus (or one version of how we think He may have looked) made up of scenes from His life. The twinkle in His eye is even a cross.”


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  1. Oh wow, I like this one. I just saw a face until I read “It shows you a face of Jesus (as we think he looked like), created from famous events in his life. ” that in the description, only then did I notice all the things it’s made up of!

  2. I don’t know why but I don’t like it… maybe it’s because i’m jewish? I dunno, but I just don’t like it. I don’t hate it eather, but I don’t like it. I really want you to know that I don’t like it. it is unliked by me. the this that I don’t like is ‘it’. am I clear? *not liking it*

  3. for some reason i like it. Not religous, but I find it amazing howit just works not in an obvious way.great picture.

  4. I’m not christian, so it’s not a religious thing for me…
    ‘cept i don’t like it either. Art style? not so cool. Kind of corny, actually, is what i’m getting from it. i’m not going to comment further, because i’d be getting political then…

  5. Yeah, this one is no good. Religious or not, there is hardly an “illusion” here. Nothing is really hidden. Just don’t like it.

  6. Pehaps non religious people would find it not as good because they may not understand all of the scenes, perhaps not – i was just thinking. It took me a while to figure out what his eye was…money on a tree right? but is his left eye (for him, our right) a scene or just added in to make the picture. I think it is very cleverly done but i can’t help thinking that most of the shape of the fact is just scenary – not really specific to his life.

    However, i still think it’s a cool picture.

  7. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a christian or not, that’s not what this website is about! I liked the illusion, of course it’s an illusion because you can interpret the picture in different ways, is it lots of small pictures or one big picture? See, thats an illusion!

  8. pretty good but the illusion isnt that good think it could be alot better not the best work eva but i would rate it 2/10

  9. For all you non religious people out there, the drawings are the stations of the cross-look it up- it starts with Jesus being condemmed to death and then goes to him dying on the cross. In this illusion there are a few stations missing but that takes nothing away from this illusion because Jesus was a great man, and to those who disrespect him you know what will happen….

    P.S. Could you people please use proper spelling/grammar so people can actually read the comments.

  10. OMG!!! i jus got back today from tennessee from a teen conference and the guy who originally drew this drew it on stage for us while a song was playing, it was awesum!!! he also does sand art its pretty sweet too. look it up on youtube.

  11. im not christian oor catholic, but i can tell u that there is 2 crosses, the virgin mary holding baby jesus, angels, the drummer boy, mountains, and a walking stick. Also the whole 1 pic of jesus.

  12. I saw a few things like his birth, some angels, the crucifixion, a river (at the neck), and a couple things I couldn’t see clearly. Overall, it was a good illusion. By the way the Anonymous quote made on October first, 2007, so disrespectful. Are you an anti-semite? Anony-Moose
    is right. Jesus was Jewish.

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