New Illusion Widget for Download!

Good news people! PC Widget “Optical Illusion of The Day” works once again. You will only need to download it again. Here is the link. Please post your findings, does it work? Thanks goes once again to Michael for fixing it!

When you open the new widget, it should show latest illusion from this website. For a test, I posted this “Spot the object” picture. How many wolves can you find? This illusion was created by artist called Larson. We had similar one it the paste, only with more older wolves.

I also did some small changes to the site. Can you see them all properly? For example, now you can browse categories more quickly, since I added drop-down menu at the top of the sidebar. Does the site correctly load in your web browser? Please share your thoughts! Now go on, and download new PC Widget!

Optical Illusion of The Day for PC

Below you can see new PC widget in action. It will automatically refresh each time new illusion is posted to the site. By clicking the image in widget, your browser opens, and takes you to illusion’s description and user comments.

P.S. Mac widget is also updated, wait few days before we put it for download (when apple approves update)

24 Replies to “New Illusion Widget for Download!”

  1. wow dats so cool! i saw the two humans before but i wasnt sure if it was part of the illusion since you only asked for how many wolfs.

  2. it took me a while, but i finally saw the people. if you look really hard, the girl on the left, along with the rock to the right of the face, looks like a giant chipmunk. but once you see the face, it gets harder to see it, so you kinda have to ignore the eyes, mouth, and nose. or maybe i’m just weird like that.

  3. I can see the wolves and the two faces, but there is also a mouse/rat in there as well. If you look at the top left face the rock between the face and the wolf to the right forms the rat face and the wolfs ear becomes the rats ear.

  4. Seven wolves and two people. As for the widget, I prefer to use the Google Homepage because I don’t like too many icons or a ‘busy’ screen

  5. Yes it’s definitely little red riding hood and Granny. There are no other wolves than the obvious ones.

    Man you’re getting bad at sopting the illusions… second time it happens lately.

    Nice to have you back anyway, thanks :)

  6. I didn’t see the sitting children but I see a profile of a girl.

    Also the drop down menus didn’t work on my computer.

  7. I see seven well-defined, color wolves, three definite apparition wolves, and one more possible apparition wolf. Plus the two human faces.

  8. I see 7 clearly defined wolves, 1 highly questionable wolf face apparition in the far top left, 1 boy looking in a north westerly direction and a hermaphrodite child with a large erection looking east.

  9. there are seven ACTUAL wolves but another 1 is formed by a rock. you can see its bavk just above the 2 in the bottom right corner and its ear comes up a little further up. its head is behind another wolf.

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