Nelson Mandela Art Installation

Wow! Never could have guessed so many of you would sacrifice their valuable time to create and share visual (animated) solutions for our Thursday’s illusion, The Breathing Square. Thanks guys! These kind of things really move me and pump my motivation in doing this what I do. You are truly an audience other publishers could only dream of. Have to say I’m very proud of the connection and symbiosis we have developed over the years, on this journey, where we explore¬†wonderful world of optical illusions together! I invite you all to check back published comments for Breathing Square post, and see the fan-submitted attachments containing the solution.

For today, here’s an art installation submitted by Puka Bear. I think it’s best we let Puka explain for himself what these two photos represent:

A monument to Nelson Mandela in Howick, South Africa. From the correct angle, the 50 steel columns depict his face. It commemorates 50 years since Mandela was arrested and charged with treason at this location. Designed by Marco Cianfanelli, unveiled in 2012 – Puka Bear

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