Naughty, Naughty Statue Optical Illusion


Before you start calling upon this photo as being inappropriate, first check the second one posted right below it. I got this in an email for someone (forgot your name, sorry), and was little puzzled how the authorities allow these kind of rude statues, taking place in their city of jurisdiction. Then I saw the explanation in form of another-angled photo. Everything was clear then, and in its place. No need to additionally blame the authorities this time. But initializing the “angry mob” is always something that can be fun. Maybe not in this particular case, but soon I tell you – soon! Now click on that “Random Illusion Button” few hundred times, and bump our website’s impression count! Cya tomorrow!

  • Chrissie Bette

    haha thats kinda funny!

    • Joseph


  • Welshy

    It made me laugh.

  • Anonymous


    • Your Mom

      Lol shuttup you stupid neopets n00b.

  • Ville


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    haha LOL THAT WAS FUNNY. sorry a bit hyper, that was funny though


    VERY VERY FUNNY. I 100% agree with Vurdlak’s comment about the first picture. I ALMOST got in trouble for looking at inappropriate pictures at work. I had to scroll down to show that I wasn’t

  • Tim

    I was laughing… :D

  • twylite-moone

    Didn’t think that one through to carefully did they?

    • nonya

      me neither

  • Ryan

    no they thought it through that was for sure intentional

  • Anonymous

    I have my mom looking over my shoulder all the time and she freaked! I showed her it was harmless though…VERY funny!


    There’s most likely going to be 70+ comments by lunch tomorrow.

  • Anonymous

    Omg, so funny, looks kinda naughty at first, then the kid’s hand, rofl

  • art

    o ya, at least u werent in an 8th grade computer class looking up triginometry

  • pek


  • Anonymous

    Dang!! I wish my weiner was that big!!!!

  • Anonymous

    looks like he jizzed on the woman

  • D.McF

    funny, but not hilarious……..I prefer stereogramss but love most of the illusions on this site anyway keep up the good work!

  • holodna

    It’s somewhere in Russia as i can see. Really funny:)

  • ~Lizzi~

    my mom walked in and saw the bad one hehehehe :D

    hahahaha it made me laugh

  • Cornelius

    ROTFLMAO! And what a long bus!

    (both pics):-D

  • Anonymous

    No It looks like he’s holding a bomerang

  • Anonymous

    LOL this is awesomely funny

  • Anonymous

    the old skoo im hung like a baby arm holding a apple lmao

  • Anonymous

    rofl!! lmao!! lol!! thats good

  • Anonymous



    oooohhhhh Boy!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kaos

    There’s one like that in italy.. I think it’s in Bologna

  • Waffles

    Ewwwwwwwwww. Hahahahahahahahahahahahah! ROTFLMAO

  • Paul

    It’s so FUNNY…!!!

  • Jordan Bannon

    that is hilarious :D

  • lolipop101

    LOL thats sooooo funny xD

  • Someone


  • Johnix

    It was in Novosibirsk, Russia, i live here and saw this

  • Xssmoke


  • cindy

    hahahahahaha :)

  • Dude that’s sitting down was already unhappy, ‘cuz he was fighting with the old lady about not being able to have kids. Just clearing his head then all-of-a-sudden hung like a horse comes walking by with his kid.

  • Battlegun

    I don’t get it. There are three people and a bus coming by. What is the point of this?

    • StrawberryCake

      In a different angle , the child’s hand looks like something else.

  • hahaha wow and the angle is too perfect

  • LOL … !!!

  • Funny,
    So do not beleive whatever you see in the world…

  • Ha Ha! I needed a good laugh! Funny!!!

  • someone u don’t know

    that’s horrible! but also very hilarious xD

  • Patricia


  • Shut Up!

    LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!! love it though

  • ellie

    I am 10 yrs old innopropriate

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