Mysterious Two Faced Rock

This strange object of mystery was submitted by Maximilian Mazur. The illusion it holds, is that the strange carvings on it form a face – not only one, but two! You should easily spot the first face in the photo on the left, but the second face is much harder to recognize. You’ll have to flip the photo to see it. This is why Maximilian submitted few more photos (inside this post), to help you. But there is another thing Max asked us to help him with. Maybe its best to let him explain it for himself:

“Hey hows it going? So I found this rock, it looks very old – don’t have a clue to where it came from. I know your site gets a lot of viewers so maybe one of them might know where it came from and how old it is. For now it is the best paper weight I have! Maybe its worth something I don’t know, maybe it needs to be in museum or it could be a fake-made-in-china kind of thing. Don’t know, I’ll leave it to the experts of your site. Hope it makes it on the site. Have a good one.”

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  1. I would show this to an archaeologist, or an anthropologist… seriously, a good way to start is a t your local university’s anthropology department, they can point you in the right direction

  2. Well thats what I’m thinking it is Mayan or Aztec. The rock is on the darker side. It is almost black, a really dark shade of gray. I’m thinking more Aztec then anything

  3. i agree with what the guy who wrote comment #9 said. at first, i saw a 2nd face upside down in the 1st picture, and then i saw the correct face after reading the article.

  4. hah cool.
    i can see both. looks cool :D

    about the origin: its possibly made of limestone, and is worth about $40/£20 in an auction etc.
    i found a carving of a fish which looked of a similar material and age and we had it valued for about £20 although the fish was bigger than this, it was not as detailed.
    mind you there is not much detail you can put on a fish is there ;)
    anyways its cool

  5. Ya I don’t understand how you only see one face, there are clearly two. And to where I found this rock. My dad gave it to me, he got it from his friend sort of a hand me down rock I guess you could say. He doesn’t know where he got it, it just kind of materialized in his possession. So your guess it probably better then mine.. sorry I don’t have more info for you guys

  6. I saw the upside down face first, too! It took me longer to find the right-side up face. That is a really cool rock at any rate and HAS to be worth something more than a paperweight! :-) Thanks for sending the cool illusion!

  7. I’m no expert, but I’d say it’s not mayan or aztec art. It does have a pretty obvious Indian influence, looking at the way the eyes and lips are made.

    For example look at this NW coast Indian piece of art.

  8. In the first picture I saw what appeared to be an african american face. In the second, it took me a while to see the hands and feet. I really love it too.

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