Mystery Spot Illusion

Please help me with this one… at first I tought it’s just a trick with a cabin that’s built in a leaning way what would qualify this picture as an Illusion, but after I’ve read about Mystery Spot, I am not as sure as I was before. Moreover, I’ve heard about some gravity-vortex sights on earth and moving rocks theory that has some scientific background. So in short: do you think this is just an ordinary optical illusion, or this story has some scientific background? Please enlighten me, and comment this “illusion”.

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  1. I was just at the Mystery spot (notice the spelling BTW) this summer and apparently, it was moved from one location to another, so I doubt highly there’s a true geo-mystery happening.

  2. the room’s on a tilt. they’re standing on rungs built into the wall which is actually canted ~30 degrees off of vertical. You can see the garbage can outside which is somewhat less mysterious.

  3. The ground, in the background, is perfectly level to the angle at which they are standing. I don’t see the mystery??

  4. quote: “I’ve been there before. Theres this big rock that has its own gravity. So it fucks with the place.”

    BWAHAhAahahaha. You can’t seriously have fallen for that? What about people standing next to Mt. Everest? It sure would be an easy climb.

    Also, the inside of the cabin is not level with the ground: look at the bottom of the door.

  5. If you look outside, you can see how the building is tipped slightly towards the left. You’ll see, just take a gander out the door.

  6. okay ive been ther before (i think) in South Dakoto theres a place where these friends found where the gravity is messed up and they built a crooked house and if you stand on this plank and lean foward really far you won’t fall –i can’t remmeber what it was called it was a few miles away from the eptile place……….

  7. You guys all might be wrong and here is the reason…
    This place could well exist on its place and could have the properties as it says…
    There is one such place in vernon where water flows upwards… didnt believe till i saw myself, my being a sceintist, did all the research necessary and here are results…

    Just like we create artificial gravity in sattelites and shuttles we send to space, we rotate a bigger rim around the vortex of the ship that creates artificial gravity. Now some places can have an under ground lava flowing and orbiting at exact that place or an underground water stream making a wirl pool at that place (Under ground)… If the quantity of matter circling or speed is big enough, that gravitational field will move from its center, and thus will cause a tilt in earths week gravitational pull above ground…

  8. the cabin is actually not leaning and it is not a trick.
    the mystery spot is an actual place where the gravitational fields are meeting and contadicting so things dont stand the way they’re supposed to.

  9. HEY!!! i’ve been there!!! quite a mystery,yeah.
    its at USA, somewhere in there.
    i love it, especially the house there cause the house is sooooooo slanted!

  10. The cabin is definitely crooked. Made that way for a tourist trap.
    I’ve been to the Michigan “Spot”.

    The area is an optical illusion. Probably caused by the constant winds from Lake Michigan, blowing against the trees and causing them all to lean just slightly over the years. Many places like this throw people’s simple perception off just enough to make them believe in magic, and that the world is not perfect.
    Oh wait, the world is not “perfect”.
    But I also think that alcohol may have been involved somewhere.

  11. I think that the area isn’t an optical illusion. There’s got to be SOMETHING weird going on there. (Incudes weird stuff like a ball hanging horizonally and balls rolling uphill). So real real real real REAL!

  12. what it is, there is a slop of (example)20 degrees and then say a table is built in the oppisite direction but only 19 degrees so it looks like somthing is rolling uphill when its really just rolling down hill there are thousands of places like this

  13. For being a scientist Farrukh sure doesn’t know how to spell even the simplist words….blah blah blah the explanation this ‘scientist’ gave doesn’t even make sense. It’s an illusion made with gravity

  14. That’s “Confusion Hill at Idlewild Park near Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. I have a pic of myself on the wall when I was a kid, and a pic of my son on the wall from this summer.

  15. ive been to a place thats similar, its near santa cruz in california. they also have a ball suspended on a rope from the cieling. its pretty odd, it hangs straight but if you push it one way, its super easy, and if you push it the opposite way its much more difficult

  16. I’ve been here.

    It looks like Calico Ghost Town in Yermo, California.

    :) Great place to be! There is also a chair that you sit in and will be unable to get up from unless you have Arnold sized legs. :)

  17. if you look outside the window, you’ll notice the garbage bin and the red box hanging by the fence. in the first picture the bin is on the left side of the box, and in the second picture the bin is under the red box. by it’s position, we can tell that the bin and the box is perpendicular to the ground. now check the person in the photo which is parallel to the bin and the box, indicating that they are perpendicular to the ground. it’s just the camera position and a leaning way cabin like you said.

  18. i find it really hard to believe this gravity thing and i dont want everyone thinking that i’m defending the filthy, money-hungry people who make people pay to see this kind of thing, but id like to point out that while everyone can see that the people are (almost) perpendicular to the ground, the cabin itself is apparently (i’ve never actually been there- i’m from australia) built ON A HILL, which means the ground itself should be on a slant. weird eh… but why would the cameras be tilted so much?

  19. in the first pic it looks like there was 2 pics,the girl somewhere n her bg got erassed,then added a backround to make it as if she were floating.the second pic the ladys leaning agenst the wall

  20. k…go to the first post and click on the wikipedia link! the whole “spot” is cleverly built on a hill. aha! they had all u fooled!

  21. the room is built at an angle. if you look at the groung through the door you can see that she is level with it. So the room must be tilting. Simple

  22. I din’t think people were actually this stupid. Its an optical illusion. Its all about perspective. Check wikipedia

  23. I went there.. its an interesting place. They showed us a ball rolls upwards on a wood plane. They used level tool that use indicate the wood is straight (leveled straight). That was weird..
    The cabin was built in an angle which made things confusing… the whole illusion made me dizzy.. Try checking it out.

  24. ive been there many times. its on a slanted hill and the house is built into the hill. so while youre standing on the side of the hill and you put a golf ball on the floor it will roll “up” which is really down with gravity. there isnt anything else spectacular about it other than that.they used to balance a chair on those steps and you felt as if you were going to fall but really with the balance, you were level with gravity. it was just a trick on your eyes.

  25. OK i was here last augast since this is in the u.p. (michigan). it was fun and if anyone wants to go there they have a maze too that confuses u soo bad! but other than that this mystery spot is a cool place to go and totaly mind blowing! so next time anyone wants to do something fun its in St. Ignace (incorrect spelling i think lol)

  26. The Garbage can and the people are not parallel.. grab a ruler dumbarses she is leaning to the right of parallel with the garbage can

  27. I didn’t see any responses here related to what “Bovril” was from your “two bulls” illusion from last week. At the risk of being repetitive, Bovril is a brand name for a beef bullion product. Remember those hard little cubes your mother had to dissolve before adding to homemade soup? It comes in beef, vegetable and chicken flavours. It’s now available in a convenient liquid form (clearly I use this product). It might relieve that “sinking feeing” because it contains MSG. I’m not sure about the product message, but I hope this clears the issue up for you. Great site, BTW. I enjoy the challenge of the daily illusions. I also like your commentary – very enjoyable.

  28. 10 to 1 if you tried to walk in there with a standard level they wouldn’t let you. Snake oil attraction because they don’t explain how it works.

  29. 1) They will let you bring your own level
    2) They go to great lengths to make sure nothing visible (including the garbage can) is plumb, level, or consistent with any other object near it, including the pavement
    3) Even with all of that there is definitely something else going on at the site. Bring your own sensitive instruments if you don’t believe me. The optical illusions are explainable. People changing their heights even when you remove all other visual input is not.

  30. I have been to a mystery spot. Yes, the building is tilted. That is an optical illusion.

    However, if you walk near the building with your eyes closed, you can FEEL a pull. It gave me motion sickness.

    1. I dont think its defying gravity… i think theres 3 possible solutions

      1. u see the wall? its really close and dey could be leaning on it
      2. dey could be on a hillside looking at the way the wall is curved to the left
      3. U kno how the wall is curved to the left? well dat could be it… like the steps could be diagonal and the camera could be slanted or dey took a picture and cut off the sides so it looks straighter

  31. XenosDawn is right. The house is built at an angle. Fences and other objects keep you from seeing the horizon which naturally orients you to know when you’re balanced and when you aren’t. Think about it, how do you know any building you walk into isn’t built this same way? Because you have the horizon to compare it to.

  32. hang on a sec….. all those people that said that its on a hill… i think you are wrong because the dustbin in the back ground is standing upright and if you are on a hill and put a bin there, it would surely tip over and roll down the hill!

  33. hahaha, this is the old mystery house at Knott’s Berry Farm in Brea CA. Its sadly no longer there but there were several illusions with water running up hill and such.

    It was all a trick home built on slant. I really miss that tour.

    1. Just to add a little bit to Michael Jensen’s comments; there’s also several Eucalyptus trees within this energy field, which trunks have grown in a spiral or corkscrew shape and a heavy iron ball hanging from a chain which stays at a 45 degree angle even if you try to push it perpendicular to the floor, it’ll swing right back to 45 degrees. Truly an amazing place!

  34. I just went to the mystery spot today. Long before i took the journey to santa cruz, i tried to figure out the secret. The house is built on a steep hillside. The house is crooked. Thats what i thought, but how can you explain balls rolling up hill? standing of walls? ( which is awesome btw!) The tour gave us three explanation to what could be causing it, but it still remains a mystery. i have no clue to what can cause this, but i do know.. next time anyone visits california, check out this place, its amazing!! oh, you will get dizzy and light headed being in there. I couldn’t even stand up straight inside.

  35. Cool illusion. Went to place in missouri and experienced the same thing. Did’nt even realize it till we stopped to look into a full faced mirror. Pools balls rolled back to you and water ran up hill (supposedly). It was a neat feeling and illusion.

  36. I have been here. No trickery, photoshopping or illusions. Gravity just doesn’t work at this place (the mystery spot in Santa Cruz) I saw my lipstick roll up a slope with no tricks. When a tall guy stood on higher ground than a short guy, the short guy looked taller. My brother stood on a wall.

    I know it’s unbelievable, but honestly, it’s true.

  37. The house has apparently slid partially down the hill, thus standing on the wall is somewhat due to the crooked existence of the structure. But as Skeaking said, there are some rather strange and inexplicable occurrences here, like things rolling uphill and relative heights appearing to change.

    Also, as a testament to abnormalities in existence here, there are trees that have grown in a spiral, apparently due to the strange gravitational pull.

  38. Exactly what Curtis said about the house, it slid down the hill and rested at the spot where it is today. I’ve been there, and it has a kind of creepy atmosphere when you look at the surrounding trees–all the branches seem to grow or point towards something and what I noticed was there were no birds at all up in the trees, it is some strange “vortex” that is present. Not even planes fly over this spot. Definitely a place to go if you’re ever in Santa Cruz. Great optical illusion. BTW the house is really on a slant, so wear sneakers!

  39. Those mystery houses may be full of sillyness, but I’d like everyone to remember the burmuda triangle, then explain to me why in a open spot on a grassy hill in livermore can put your vechicle in neutral at the base of this slight slope and it will roll up hill. please explain the light-headedness,even upset stomachs that gps doesent work there either.many people have visited this place. but everyone is usually chased out because it is private property. it is not advertised or even reconized to many. thank you for any explaination any one might offer up .

  40. I’ve actually seen one of these before. it’s like they build these houses all crooked and stuff and when you take picture it looks like you’re defyin gravity.

  41. It’s a crazy house. Notice the steps, kinda funky, and there is a handle above the “door” to help folks get up there. It’s no vortex of anything.

  42. the reason why the garbagae can on the outside is pretty leveled.. is because of the angle they used to take the picture. MYGOD, whatscientistareyou?! that man who said his a scientist. yuck.

  43. I watched a video where cars supossedly rolled up hill over train tracks but come to find out the leveling of the ground and the way the trees grew just made it look like it was going up hill in all actuality it was going down hiil.

  44. Notice in the window that the ground is not slanted like the cabin. So it’s actually the cabin that’s tilted, and the girls are perpendicular with the ground.

  45. I have been to the mystery spot & there is even a small water trough that appears to flow uphill. It’s real. Visiting the mystery spot in Santa Cruz should be on your bucket list!

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