Mysterious Caves Project


Scientists have been baffled by the appearance of a mysterious cave at West India Quay, London. It is believed that a light earthquake unearthed the cave which is estimated to be over 10 million years old, but scientists cannot explain the intense glow of green lights emitting from its depths.

By now, you should have guessed that  intro is nothing more than a fiction, with its sole purpose of making this optical illusion little more interesting. What you see below is a 3D Chalk Drawing, created by world-class pavement artist Edgar Müller, whose works we posted on many occasions before. If you remember Ice Age chalk drawing, or maybe that Lava Burst optical illusion – Edgar was responsible for both! His newest creation was exhibited on West India Quay’s Festival in London. It’s hard to imagine you could easily walk over this huge cave, and that concrete pavement is still lying beneath. It took 5 days for Edgar to finish this project. Below is the “Behind the Scenes” gallery, where you can see the work in progress.



Mysterious Caves – Behind The Scenes:

  • gouri

    omg tht is tha most beautiful chalk drawings ive ever seen. the first one is so detailed and radiant. it must of took a long time to create tht piece of artwork.

    • radha

      WOW…. awesome one, mind blowing..

  • It seems so wierd seeing Edgar standing in “mid air” as he works on the cave. Great drawing.

  • whoami

    Just one word: AWESOME!!!!! :-D

  • CatGirl

    Cool I love these Illusions (First comment!!!)

  • Love those chalk drawings! They are great!!!

  • I would love to be able to use my sidewalk chalk like that. These posts are among my favorites.

  • WiseAcre

    The first image of the cave pavement art you have posted is a digital draft, Edgar’s ‘shopped concept of what he was going to do. It’s not his actual pavement art. His website confirms this.

  • NEO


  • Wow! That’s amazing

  • Andrewson30

    wow, these are brilliant 3D arts!

  • ali

    Wow, even though you can clearly see the artist standing in the middle of it in one pic, my brain refuses to believe that it’s not actually 3D

  • J

    WOW is all I can say :)
    this is definately my favourite street painting illusion, amazing.

  • Care Bear

    WOW! I have a sudden urge to go spelunking.

  • Merry

    Definitely definitely my fave piece so far. This guy is pure talent.

  • At first reading the news really shocked me. hey guys this is truly an “exotic” website i have came across. Keep up the good work. :)

  • Connor

    Pfft i can shit that in my toilet hole after eating skittles.

  • Detective Kitty

    wish he’d do one near my house…I’d pretend to fall everytime I walk over it…just to see who i could trick…of course they’d have to be at the right angle…I wonder what he was thinking and indeed what is the green light?

  • Rudolf

    that is fantastic

  • Freakin Amazing this one. Thanks!

  • Phenias Flinn

    Great depth and dimentional scenes …Truely outstanding work…Does the photo seem fisheyed or is it just me ?

  • Great depth and awesome dimentional illustrations……Is it just me or do the scenes seem fisheyed ?

  • Melissa

    The first one makes me wanna run on it to see if Ill go through *-*

  • popisthebomb

    that is sooo cool! i wana see for my self

  • Paolo Josiel C. Arias

    I wouldnt step on it myself

  • Isa

    This is definitly strange ( for me, Im just 11). I love optical illusions, but this one is the best so far! I think my sister would scream if she was just walking to the store with mom or something and found herself in midair in a cave; my cousin and I would just laugh ( after we freaked out). Amazing! Tres belle!

  • Why cant we have something like this in Uk, would love to take pictures in it?

  • Jamie

    The first one is a digital draft of the project, FYI.

  • josephine

    I would be scared to death to walk on it :)

  • tom

    i would not walk over that!

  • taylor

    i wonder if the picture still looks 3d if u were looking at it from different angles then the photo was shot.

  • some optical illusion adect

    heh heh it looks like a scean in SPYRO THE ETERNAL NIGHT…I beat the game 4 times and im only ten ;)

  • Nikki

    If i stood on that i’d be scared. IF SOMEONE FELL IN THAT WOULD BE SO FREAKY…

  • ValentinTUna

    hahaha This is Fake!!! look at the buildings on the both images.they are the sames.XD and on the where is painting o which is on the first picture on the second one ??? XD ahahhaha This sucks

  • Put a few people in the caves below. Make it look like they’re enjoying themselves down there. Maybe taking a dip in the water. :)

  • dude man that is just wicked awesome, people walk next to it and go,”Holy crap dude, I almost fell in a cave!!” :D

  • Does it stop traffic from driving over it?

  • pokemon boy1

    i don’t see the artist but still EPIC!!!

  • Chidambaran.K

    Wow !
    Marvelous and astounding ! !

    Ask the artists to say something to us !

  • Adewuyi Owoade

    this is just too WOW!!! Awesome one!

  • Wow !Marvelous

  • teja varma

    this is absolutly brilliant stuff……..marvelous

  • Fantastic !

  • Looks Real

  • Lecithin Benefits

    This is by far the best street art i’v ever seen. It looks most realistic.

  • Nice! I hope here in philippines has a paintings like that.

  • radha

    wow,.. mind blowing

  • pius

    Thats what you call ART!!!!!!

  • Becky

    Truely amazing

  • wow look so real, maybe people never wanna pass that way if they never know thats just a painting. Nice illusin :D

  • garaa

    damn it!! awesome sial!! it’s really amazed me..well done>>keep doing this FUCKing art..

  • ดูหนังออนไลน์

    nice amazing lllusion

  • Lou

    This looks so freaking real that it makes my ass cleanch. Awesome.

  • Srujan

    All i can say is Edgar you are truly gifted…creating things which aren’t really there….thats one wonderful talent you got…people sometimes dream about stuff which only exists in their dreams…but you make the dreams come true….may you have all the enery to make more of these everyday of your life…a truly inspiring figure you are to the modern art world…keep going ….even sky shouldn’t be your limit……

  • Nice Creativity appreciate your work keep it up Creativity

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