29 Replies to “Muller-Lyer Arrow Illusion”

    1. they are the same length. it is the arrows at the end that make the bottom one look longer :D

  1. Yeh this illusion is all about depth perception, the reason why one line looks shorter than the other is because our brains compare them to real life images (e.g. the corners of a room)

  2. For pretty much any illusion that asks, “which is larger?” the answer is, “they’re the same size.” This is a pretty popular one and I’ve seen it a lot.

  3. thats obvious!
    ther both the same length its just that cuz the arrow on the bottem one is pointing in a diiferent direction than the top one it looks longer…

  4. you guys are all wrong. the top one is longer because, as the arrow indicates, it goes on forever

  5. Well, TECHNICALLY, if you think about geomety and lines and line segments, the first one would be longer since it would go on forever. BUT, if you look close, they are actually the same size.

  6. This illusion is on MyMaths (which is a website where you can do online maths. We do it my school) ……
    Sorry for sounding a bit nerdy!

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