Moving Clouds Optical Illusion

My first intention was to show you this impossible staircase, where two people are climbing it in opposite directions. What struck me, I viewed this image from another angle, and as I moved my eyes arround it, I got impression the clouds are really moving! Maybe I’m going nuts from all of these illusions I see every day, but maybe, just maybe I could be right? Can you post your thoughts? Thank you…

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  1. Totally wicked. My dead friends would flip.

    P.S.) I know I’m expressionless. You don’t have to tell me.

  2. I love your site, always loved optical illusions like crazy.
    One of yours almost made my flatmate fall over … keep them coming, I’m sure you’ll topple him before too long.

  3. now I don’t know whether I see the clouds moving because they are or because you tell me they are…..

  4. And, uh, yeah, I think you’re going crazy. Those are possibly the most static clouds I’ve ever seen in my life.

  5. I see the clouds moving! If you can’t see them moving, look closer to the screen. Hey Zombie, you sound hott! Are you a guy?! :)

  6. I do see the clouds moving, if you move your head to an angle and look at it the clouds do move. So, you’re not crazy.

  7. i know man wat r u smokin. i dont even smoke that stuff and ill tell you i smoke some good sht. hey dave we should get together sumtyme. peace. bob marley 4 life

  8. I Don’t see anything moving, and as for an impossible staircase where two people climb opposite directions? I don’t see anything impossible about it! Sorry dude.

  9. I totally see the clouds moving, man! they really aren’t though. I kept my mouse on a certain spot and that certain spot on the cloud never moved

  10. HHHHMMMMMMM. no clue why it’s so scary cause THEY’RE NOT MOVING. all you people that think they are have probably been looking at too many illusions. sry. As for the impossible staircase, one person is going up, the other going down. no clue what is so impossible

  11. Yo dude, i think its all the other illusions getting to us!!! I see them move, but my bro don’t, and he’s usually the right one of us!!!

  12. We can’t see the clouds moving because the shadows on them are natural, and therefore I brains perceive them as being natural. Use photoshop to invert half of the clouds… and THEN we’ll see what happens

  13. If you indeed view it from a slight left or right of your monitor you get the feeling the clouds are moving… They may or may not but I get the feeling they are…

  14. easy just stand back about 2 meters…. view it from your left or right of your monitor you’ll see it move slightly :)

  15. the clouds appear to be moving only because clouds move very slow. if your stareing at the clouds and think it, it will look like it. but other than that, they aren’t moving.

    cool illusion tho! love the site!

  16. Sorry but I don’t see any clouds moving. You’re going nuts.

    P.S. The Gold ones feet arn’t on the stairs and the silver one looks like he is walking down; Not up in an opposite direction.

  17. your not crazy,i see the moving clouds too. hold your left hand over your right eye take 12 steps back and tilt your head to the left in a 90 degree angle, and the clouds will start to move to the right.try it yourself

  18. I saw the clouds moving, too.You’re not nut, or maybe we both are nut.You see it when you don’t look it very “well”. Look around the picture, don’t focuse on one place.

  19. It looked like they were moving for me.
    But only for about 2 seconds.
    I was moving to the side of the screen then saw it. Heh.

  20. this should go into the impossible objects category

    P.s does the word ‘gory’ come from category

    PP.s get a life farted

    PPP.s well i forgot what i was going to say

  21. I tried looking at the picture from an angle and the clouds seemed to move a little. It may have been because I wanted them to move, but it still gives a good feeling of being up in the air.

  22. WOW!
    thats awsome!
    I am in 7th grade and I am doing a report on optical illusions, so I am having a TON of fun looking at all of them and making my head hurt!
    But I was wondering if the clouds in the sky, the ones that move, if they count as optical illusions?

  23. I dont see the clouds movin i looked 4 lik 10 min. and saw nuthin sry dude i lik ur website alot its my fav website

  24. I have followed everyone’s suggestions but still see no moving clouds… really want to experience this, any other suggestions???

  25. The thing is i think that the pic is messed with but in real life i can move the clouds from one side the sky to another… I mean i can take a cloud and split i in half and move it 90 degree around…. i think im the crazy on i have many diffrent things i can do…

  26. It isnt an impossible object.
    Simple theory: we only see one side, right? What if the other set of stairs was tilted and smaller than the other set so they can’t be seen?

  27. it’s really cool!!! just don’t concentrate on any thing in the picture, and your brain begins to think that they are moving!!!!!


  29. Yes, i see the moving clouds too. If you look at the man or woman hard enougth it will show. But it takes some practice.

  30. Cool clouds, we call that moving effect peripheral drift. Differences in illumination tricks the motion system in our brains, in this case it’s the contrast between the different clouds.

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