• Mike

    6 obvious ones.

    • Krit Sharma

      7 total

  • beard

    SIX?? where? i only see 4

    • anonymouse10

      sooooooooooo simple! i see 6!

  • jim_hellas

    I can see only 4. Are you sure this is not a photoshop work? :-S

  • leftie2

    I see about 9 faces

  • Farted

    In one minute,I saw about 7.

  • one of them

    I really can see ONLY 7..

  • milliemoon

    i got 6 “obvious” ones but i suppose it depends on what you call a face -what seems to be an “obvious” face can then be turned into 2 or more if you try hard enough.could you not argue that 2 dots over a line is a face(of course with a bit more detail but you get my drift)?

  • Hai

    i see 10!!!!!!!

  • cooljack143

    is this an unedited image..anyone??

  • Amanda

    I found 10 as well. Pretty neat if you ask me!


    i found 13

  • jack mehof

    i only see 5

  • Seba 719

    22 faces (including an evil smile face, a moustached old guy face, an alien face, 2 Vikings arguing, a face with a really long and straight-down nose that is also a secret entrance,Ronald McDonald’s face cut in half,a screaming face, a sad face,a crazy scientist with goggles on face, a warthog face and a monobrow face), a tamplar knight’s head, a knight on a horse, a bird, a Tiki (Hawaiian) mask, a clock, the holy grail, SW III Emperor’s royal guard’s mask, a hippo or a pig, a secret military airplane base and counting. Try setting it as ur wallpaper and looking.

  • M 2 the H O

    seba ur crazy, ;P
    i saw around 11 or so

  • M 2 the H O

    actually, after doin as seba said, i cant count them all!,
    theres 2 many


    I C 5

  • Y do u c are

    I saw jesus and a monkey, I was to lazy to look for more. :-)

  • me!!!

    i c 10

  • NASCAR_Mommy

    is aw five.. so far…

  • __YXO__

    20 faces


    i can only see 5 where is the sixth???

  • Anna-Belle

    i found 23!!!!!!!!!! wow that was tricky very very hard it took me an hour to find 23 and i’m sure that there is more.

  • Jessiczka

    i found 6….its freaky tho

  • Anonymous

    i see one that takes up a third of the page!look at the bushes sideways, and you see a nose,mouth and chin

  • Anonymous

    there are 11….

  • Anonymous

    i saw 9…

  • buhamie442

    i agree with seba… 13. however, ronald mcdonalds face is not visible to me… i see a monkey instead.

  • Hinata123456789

    I can see 6

  • MOI’s Greatest Fan.. (or FAG?)

    Hola! I saw 8 in the beginning but now i see 20!! Whoa!! cool.. i love you VURDLAK! (LoL. Funny Name XD)

  • Anonymous

    It’s Photoshop, but still cool.
    You can tell it’s PS if you look closely at the edges of a lot of the faces, there is a lot of blurring, to make it appear to blend it. Also, some of the profile views are too perfect.
    Not sure if someone said this, I just saw a few people ask.

  • Anonymous

    I see seven it’s so cool

  • Anonymous

    that bottom one looks like obama

  • Anonymous

    i see 14 faces

  • losercupcakelover

    30 faces, no lie! =]

  • Dakota86

    If you SQUINT your eyes, you can see much more; however, anyone can see about as many as they WANT to. I saw about 10 that I would count a real faces.

  • =aku=

    i can see 7

    and an eye with no face


    is this edited?

  • Gina

    Truthfully, it depends on your imagination, and on what YOU think is a face. Also, I see 2 VERY ovouse ones, a 3rd hiding in the corner and a 4th that looks like the head of a man laying down on the mountain. Boy, Nature sure is beautifull.

  • Anonymous

    ive just spent 15 minutes of my life finding 31 faces!

    ..anything to stop me doing this essay.

  • Anonymous

    I counted twice and found 49 but there may be more.

  • sema

    i see 7

  • Anonymous

    49!!! I found 7.

  • Alycia


  • Monxy

    I see 4 easy and 4 harder. :)

  • josh

    found 7

  • feather

    i found 11 and an iffy one

  • Steve

    I see five, my girl found one more.

  • Kamer Ahmed

    12 face

  • Pyro


  • becca

    i see 8 all together

  • becca

    now i see 9 the more i look the more i find

  • becca

    there is a monkey for the ones who dont belive it is in the trees at the middle

  • Dennis

    i found 6

  • Drea

    i found 8

  • billy

    5 for me

  • hotrod

    I c at least 15 2 20 faces at least

  • I found 8

  • duaa

    i found 9, there r also some on the sidez and in the moss/grass

  • kayleigh


  • *score!*

    dats cool. i c like 13 or 14 faces….

  • oouchan

    8 for me

  • punk316

    i c 10 but im sure theirs more…

  • donte

    i found 12

  • Dijonay

    I found only three faces.

  • Jewell

    I have found 25 different faces and still think there might be more….I love you illusions.

  • Sgoeltz

    I have found 12 may be more but to small for old eyes Lol

  • somebody

    I found 15 and a carved out bird

  • BSmile


  • BSmile

    35 I mean

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