More Painted Cars


Check out these two photos of painted cars. Aren’t they cool? It’s like body paint, only done on cars. I had two other examples in my April 2006 archives, gimme a sec to dig them up… Ah, here they are – Painted Van was the first one I posted. The other one is pretty much the same, but this time bus was used as a canvas: Two Buses illusion. Then there were funny versions of this. I really like how realistically these were done. From the distance, you actually think there’s two vehicles, one parked in front of the other. Off course all of them are peanuts, compared to painted trucks. Watch out, the link to painted trucks points to photoshopped images (which I didn’t realize back then), but the winner ideas were made in real-life as well. You can see them here: real painted trucks.

Another category was successfully updated today. This time it’s our under-rated transportation category. Even I often forget about it, and don’t update it as much as I should. Never the less, I just checked it while modifying it, and remembered myself about some pretty cool illusions that were there all the time. You should definitely see it, and you can also comment which category you like the best!

  • Elliexx ANIMALS ROCK!!

    Hey!! First comment on this illusion!! how kl! the 2nd ones quite kl but i dont c the first one – only a car parked in front of the other. it’s so kl that they were actually painted!

    i love this website! its so kl! nearly 5 1/2 million visitors – that’s great!!

  • Elliexx ANIMALS ROCK!!

    oh yeh i understand the first pic now. kl!!

  • Elliexx ANIMALS ROCK!!

    im first, im first!! it’s so kl: im first!!!! soz, im mad

  • Alexander

    I wonder what the legality of this is?

    I would think that with a quick glance when driving it may cause confusion for other drivers…

  • Elliexx ANIMALS ROCK!!

    how kl.

    soz – im random!!

  • Elliexx ANIMALS ROCK!!

    alexander, u must hav just posted the comment. i was first!! soz again – im so mad!!

  • Anonymous


    Have you nothing better to do than to say “omg I’m first, so kl!”?

    Firstly, kl does not equal the word cool. It doesn’t even equal the common “hip” misspelling of “kool.”

    And how could you not tell that the RX-8 wasn’t real? Didn’t you notice the lines of the van going through the RX-8 where it doesn’t actually have lines.

    Sorry for venting, but if you’re going to a page about optical illusions, actually talk some time to look at them before commenting. And spell things correctly. That is all.


  • daingtwins

    i ♥ the first picture. (does the heart sign work? just curious…xD)^^

  • Ben

    Thats so cool

    and no your heart sign didnt work 

    • wefa

      Yes it did

  • Zig

    The Apple worked! The first picture is so cool! I wonder if its on the other side too. And thank you Paul for setting Elliexx straight!!!

  • daingtwins

    Thats so cool

    and no your heart sign didnt work 


    actually, it did. ♥ + ♥ = ♥♥

  • Anonymous

    Elliexx, you must understand that not all of us are 11 year old girls who can understand such non-english phrases like “soz”, “c”, “kl”, “!!”, “u” or even “hav”.

    Have a good day all of you mighty optical illusions readers.

  • Draco –

    In reply to Alexander, I dont believe the graphics would cause too much trouble to othr drivers as almost NO road users will get the perspective of a perfect side on view of another. as soon as you view anything like this from even the smallest of angles it loses all of its visual illusion.

  • Dan

    hah! I especially like the red sports car on the minivan, really nice! i look foward to seeing more of these in the future!

  • Elliexx ANIMALS ROCK!!

    btw, Paul, y do i hav 2 spell things correctly? & i can say kl if i want 2! it’s fine to!! zig your mean 2. also, Anonymous, im 12. it doesnt matter that not all of us understand those things. arent they obvious anyway? and Paul, it was only at first glance that i thought they were 2 cars. SO EVERY 1 STOP BEING CRITICAL!!!!

    • Matthew Manh Nguyen


  • Elliexx ANIMALS ROCK!!

    oh, and btw, Dangtwis, the heart thing did work for me. and Anonymous, IM ENGLISH!!!!

  • Elliexx ANIMALS ROCK!!

    Paul, kl does stand for cool. wat do u mean?

    commenting on this website is meant to be saying stuff for the illusions, not 4 being critical for other people.

  • Elliexx ANIMALS ROCK!!

    Huh, Paul, dont be a hepocrit – u put talk instead of take!! i probably spelt hepocrit rong but i DONT CARE!!!!

  • Lozza xxxx

    Sorry Zig and anonynmous (paul) those were elliexx’s messages that she chose to write and this website is for people to comment on if she thinks she is cool then leave her be, it is non of your business and i’m sure you wouldnt like it if somebody came on here and started slagging you off and personally i think an apology is in order because you were way out of line. BTW the cars are actually really kl it tuk me sum tym to figure it out too lol p.s. paul how old is the word “hip”?

  • blkwidow

    Back in the day of the murals that used to be painted on many different vans. The ones I enjoyed most were those of the ‘Chopper and Rider’ being painted in this same fashion.
    I’m very glad to see that this is still going on. ;)

  • Kontiki

    The best car\moto illusion I’ve ever seen !!!

  • ohiocpa

    Elliexx —
    Sure, you can use “kl” if you want, and no, you don’t have to spell correctly — unless you actually want to communicate, and want to be taken seriously.

  • Elliexx ANIMALS ROCK!!

    thank you very much – Lozza xxxx (and was ohiocpa sticking up 4 me too? i dont really no) – for saying that.

    but y did Dangtwins repeat wat i said?
    im sorry then that i spelt ur name wrong. but wat was the point of copying wat i wrote?

    but btw, Lozza xxxx, i wasnt even trying to make out that i was kl – only the cars and the fact that i was first. but thnx for sticking up 4 me!!

  • Elliexx ANIMALS ROCK!!

    oh, and lets stick 2 the illusions from now on – not the people that comment on them.

  • daingtwins

    but y did Dangtwins repeat wat i said?
    im sorry then that i spelt ur name wrong. but wat was the point of copying wat i wrote?


    so that you can refer back to it, no duh.

  • some of Elliexx’s friends (abi, beth, alice, and kay)

    kk, (that mean ok yh!) anyway. this is ellie xx’s frends (friends.)(you idiots) anyway, im abi.
    abi:wth, (wot(what)the hell) ellie can say woteva (whatever) she wants. what happened to free expression you injustice fools. haha. so LEAVE ELLIE THE HELL ALONE and u can atleast check your bloody english you hypocrits jeez (that means by god!) yes. we are rather KL and we can say WOTEVA we WONT so in UR face U LOSERS!!

    except for the peeps (people) who stuck up for her ;) thnk ya woo!

    alice and kay: (this is a rap COZ were KL) ok, we’re so cool
    we dont go to school
    we live in
    a swimmin pool
    and eat muele
    but the thing is we rock
    and you where a some socks
    which have building blocks (haha)
    so we say be nice
    or you’ll turn in to rice

    beth: I HAVE A SPOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HAH
    and oh yeah, leave ellie alone you horrible freaks, i dont like u
    and the spot doesnt either
    the spot will get you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    GOT IT?



  • Anonymous

    Seriously…could this get any more stupid and petty? Not the illusion, which I like, but this whole Elliexx vs. everyone else thing?

    I’d just like to say–Elliexx, you’re getting mad at people for taking the focus away from the review of these illusions, when by continuing this pointless argument, you’re contributing to it just as much. It’s wonderful that you like these illusions, but some people (myself included) get annoyed by people who post that they’re the first comment, or use multiple and repetative posts, or use improper English that may be hard to understand. I’m not trying to be rude or to attack you–if you want to take it that way, fine. It doesn’t bother me at all.

    So, let’s all try to mature up a bit and bring the focus back to the illusions.

  • Elliexx ANIMALS ROCK!!

    kk, but Anonymous – that previous comment wasnt put by me – it was by my friends. so dont get angry with me. dont say im using improper English – isnt it easy to understand wat im saying anyway?

  • Anonymous

    I know you didn’t post that last comment, but you posted a lot of comments before that. And I’m not angry–I’m just shocked by how far this has gotten out of hand.

    And, I’m sorry to say, a lot of the words you (and your friends) are using ARE improper English. If you look in a dictionary, you won’t find “kk,” or the letter “y” in place of the word “why”. Little things like that annoy me–I don’t like not being able to read quickly through a sentence, and when improper English is used, I have to pause to try and figure out what the person is trying to say. Sometimes I can figure it out, sometimes I can’t. And before you say I can’t figure it out because I’m old and don’t know what’s going on with the younger generation, I’m only 16. I don’t talk/type like you do because I, personally, feel that it makes people sound uneducated. Again–not trying to make you angry, that’s just the way I feel.

  • Elliexx ANIMALS ROCK!!

    k, but wat’s wrong with using text style words?? & if u cant figure it out, dont read it!! its not like u hav to read my comments. its just quicker 2 write this way – and i’ve got loads of homewrk 2 do so i want 2 always make it quick.

  • Anonymous

    Damn. I’d be ashamed if my blog (assuming I had one) was filled to the brim with pre-teen AOL-speak trash like this.

  • Elliexx ANIMALS ROCK!!

    Anonymous, ur just weird. it’s not trash btw.

  • Anonymous

    Im not a hipocrite but this blogging is of retarded crooked people

  • Elliexx ANIMALS ROCK!!

    then that includes u.

  • that random person over there

    -this is a little fun to read :)-

  • Anonymous

    honestly, elie, when people talk like that, it makes you look uneducated. chat speak and l33t and text based “words” are for the stupid.

  • Anonymous

    everybody hypocrite is spelled H-Y-P-O-C-R-I-T-E.Sorry its just annoying me.but yeah, cool illusions

  • Elliexx ANIMALS ROCK!!

    haha anonymous. you idiot. you spelt my name wrong its ELLIE rather than ELIE… that means your uneducated too, eh? and actually, i go to the top secondary school in the WHOLE OF ENGLAND: Thornden. SO HA. looser.

  • Anonymous

    Though I’m not going to revisit this again, probably due to lack of time or would not want to waste my time over it… Surprisingly I did spend some time over to read the comments here…I really feel England has degraded a lot. I pity when I think english evolved from this country.

    newayz ya brits, not at all kl…


  • Anonymous

    This body paint is really clever!

    lol at this humungous conversation.

    By the way it’s not all Brits we’re talking about here!!


  • the technogirl

    look closley at the windows of the first car.

  • **~**AAAQueen**~**

    How many times do I have to tell you guys, LEAVE EACHOTHER ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! }:(
    ( I’m only 10!)(I hate it when I don’t get to use my angel face0:)

  • Anonymous

    I agree with “that random person over there”


  • daniel_d_man

    eliexx how many posts do you have to do ur al NERDS, and im Not Even Remotely Dorky like wat did there, and by the way i think ur awsome for making this a chatroom about u and by the way im 13 so ha

  • daniel_d_man

    yanks are annoying for beeing diferent and is this website english if it is we rock lol

  • Jonny Shadez

    I just find it lolarious that their advertising a BMW motorbike on the side of a Mercedes Samrt car

  • Reece

    daingtwins and that random person over there – u guys made me laugh. and ellie’s “friends” were obviously ellie using a different name b/c she doesn’t have any real friends.

  • Me, Myself And iPod

    now THAT is kewl!

  • a

    thats one to get the kink of car you want, even thow its paint.

  • lolipop101

    that first one is sooo cool

  • Fred

    I can turn a Honda into a Ferrari GTO!

  • Ellie

    HAHAHAHAHAHA I found this page again, like 5 years later, and all I can do is laugh! I’m 17 now but was I REALLY such an idiot back then? Hahaa this is hilarious.
    I apologise on behalf of my (much) younger self.

  • Dralcorn

    Ellie has 5 years really past i just read all of these and you as young version was a little um to say….. Over the top

  • Dralcorn

    I am just about to see if you were on anymore or anonomouse

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