More Body Art Illusions


Friend of mine sent me these two photos of beautiful models posing in an art performance. As you see they have pretty realistic body paintings on them. The first one looks awesome! I wish I had that kind of talent. If you find more of these, be sure to send them to me, and I’ll post them immediately. In my experience these quickly become most popular illusions on the site. Don’t ask me why, am not sure ;) For more body art, check body paint category. Ah, almost forgot! Check the Fish Tale Kissing illusion as well, you’ll have a laugh!

  • eR

    Bodyart rocks!

  • Mike

    You want body art???? Go to “” and check out the “Key West Fantasy Festival Art Images” links. Each link has 3 or 4 pages of pictures.


    That is so awsome i like the second one your site rocks

  • Anonymous

    Hurray, porno on a illusion site…pervs

    • Xybba

      it’s called Artistic Nude. not all naked photographs are porn. it’s only porn if the naked bodies are doing something inappropriate.

  • Artistic

    whoever painted them are real artists!

  • Anonymous

    THIS IS really awesome….
    side note #2=sexy!

  • cat_princess

    Very Clevr! OnThe second picture the girls got a branch over her bits lol! But, me being A Girl you lot are right perves! u disgrace meh!

  • wo mama!

    wo mama check out the first one! no paint on the :)! very very very very veryv good art

  • He

    I can see her nipples

  • Anonymous

    wow, i really liked the alligator one! my goodness, it took me a while to realize the entire painting.. very impressive!!

  • Danger Machine

    No wonder all the guys think this syt is so gr8! (it is neway, but yah, u get the point)

  • Anonymous

    the allkagater looks real

  • Anonymous

    people who actually see this other then art are the real perverts… have an open mind… and get over it.

  • Anonymous

    Wow – the blood is really well done..

  • handsmykyta

    if you think nudity equals pornography i feel incredibly sorry for you. if you see michalangelo’s david do you consider the same as watching sex. we all have bodies which we all came into this world with nude — get over your hangups and insecurities and celebrate what we all have.

  • Christina

    Whoa! I love body art, I think it’s gorgeous, but I think the first one is a little macabre for me. All I’m saying is that would scare the crap outta me to see in real life!

  • Christina

    Whoa! I love body art, I think it’s gorgeous, but I think the first one is a little macabre for me. All I’m saying is that would scare the crap outta me to see in real life!

  • Anonymous

    Ok guys some of you are being dead imature, get a life, the body ar is realy good, well done!!

  • Anonymous

    I have never seen a dollar bill that’s hot and that has boobs

  • Anonymous

    the first one was nasty[all that “blood”!] but the money one was cool

  • Anonymous

    is the 2nd one lindsey lohan?? they’re both so sexy

  • Steve

    Wow body art is soo cool.. and no, im not a perv

  • coco

    #2 is very cute!

  • diaria

    looks like the aligator is eaing her tit. Very impressed! I’d love to be the aligator. The painting is also very good.

  • Me Myself and Not You


    I almost had a heart attack lol

  • Anonymous

    dude the second chick is hott. :] i’d tap that all night long :]

  • Anonymous

    #2 is my dream girl, y? i love money and boobz

  • Anonymous

    my dream girl is number 2. y? i love money and naked girls. shes smart

  • Anonymous

    c’mon, just shut the **** up and enjoy the art!

  • id count that dollor bill all the time

  • Lily

    this is so stuupid and perverted.. its good art at least but couldnt they just have put like a bodysuit or something on? Stupid models, and you guys are stupid for liking this

    • Xybba

      so, you think artistic nude is perverted? if you see this as anything other than art then you are the perverted one for thinking so. nude pictures like this are not inappropriate or perverted. it’s a legit form of art.

  • me

    nice tits

  • goots



  • dear goots,



  • Dhondaime

    woahh amazing … very clever indeed

  • Flogging_Molly7

    the first is wierd, but i like the second one ALOT!

  • Delilah

    now i understand why some people say “you look like a million dollars”

  • joseph ts.

    I like them both,however the first one is very good;although a bit unsettling!

  • pokemon boy1

    woooooooah mama, tits on the first just wanna put my ***** on those

  • Anon

    Nudity doesn’t equal porn, genius. Probably an americanized mind, in europe, kids look at breasts and move on with their lives. Good ol USA makes it taboo to see breasts

  • john


  • GenCat

    being eaten…by a croc…

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