Monthly Recap + Urban Camouflage


As promised, there are few more camouflage installations by Liu Bolin just waiting to be published, but first I’ll show you another talented urban artist. I wasn’t given any details, nor the name of the talent with this submission, but the photos speak for themselves. Look how professionally did the graffiti artist camouflage his mate to fit the surroundings perectly. If you passed these locations in public, I’m not sure how close you’d have to be to distinguish the hidden persona – very close, I believe!

Concerning our beloved website, I decided to give a little recap of past month and things that kept me occupied. So let’s start with some of the main changes:

Urban Camouflage - Graffiti Optical Illusion 1
Urban Camouflage - Graffiti Optical Illusion 2
Urban Camouflage - Graffiti Optical Illusion 3
Urban Camouflage - Graffiti Optical Illusion 4

  • A

    Very cool.

  • AmsterdamMan

    nice one!!! love this site! keep doing ya thangz,,, much love from hollanda

  • dude that’s awesome, it totally looks like there’s a guy standing against the wall. How did he make it look so 3d? that’s amazing. Oh, wait a sec, nevermind. Well that’s actually sorta lame.

  • The figures were easier to find this time around. I have a problem with graffiti, many times it’s more of an eyesore than a thing of beauty. I’m not saying all graffity is bad, but a lot of it is junk. A lot of these people should put their talents onto canvas or other artistic material. It’ obvious some of these people are very talented, yes indeed.

  • Richard Pie Eater


  • Care Bear

    Who are these people and why do they insist on messing up perfectly good graffitti?

  • OScar

    joe B: that is a person, thery´re just trying to make it look like there’s noone in the picture. i didn’t read the text and saw the illousion first after 10 seconds or so, i thought it was something with the text first

  • Ron Calhoun

    First time I looked I couldn’t see the figures. I was only able to find it after seeing picture 4. Nice job.

  • Chris

    i think it would make more sence if they just spraypainted w/ da guy already there

  • gennia11

    i tink he wud b less noticeable if his clothes wer not rinkly. but thet was……….AWESOME!! xP

  • oscar, I know, I was being sarcastic. I saw the figure when I glanced at the thumbnail in igoogle. I seriously do think this would be an impressive illusion if the figure actually was a painting and we were suppose to think that the illusion was that there actually was person standing there, only to realize that the figure was a painting all along.

  • Nice jobs

  • Nice Art!

  • SC

    This is awesome!

  • anon

    Lol i first thought that he was just a smudge!!! XD

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