Mona Lisa Manga Optical Illusion

The Internet has gone crazy for this new Mona Lisa optical illusion! However, I don’t find it that amazing, though. Still, it would seem unprofessional if I ignored the general opinion and omitted this from our optical illusion blog, when even main-stream media like Gizmodo have broadcasted the story. What you have to do for this to work, is take a step back (or two) from your monitor and then look at the Mona Lisa below. On the right you may see the original, while mirrored on the left you have Mona littered with an old manga sticker. Supposedly you are now standing few meters away from your monitor, and observing the photo – are you still able to see the sticker? The manga is from 1990s macho manga Baki the Grappler and depicts character called Retsu Kaioh, or rather – Mona Lisa’s eye.

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    1. Diane says:
      April 21, 2012 at 5:54 pm

      “just looks like a big dirty blob from from a good few steps away . like someone gave her a black eye .”

      she obviously didnt get that sammich

    2. Is this real?? Mona Lisa was painted by Leonardo Da Vinci before manga popularized , so how come a manga sticker was placed on Mona Lisa’s eye ????

    1. omg sis stop commenting on my website i’m not going on your facebook btw did mona lisa get into a fight or something because that black eye yoooooo weeeeeeeeee not good

  1. I didnt notice the sticker at first though i could tell there was something covering her eye and then as with all once i saw it was a sticker i couldnt see her eye again lol

  2. I tend to agree, there is nothing spectacular here at all. Seems the masses are more dull than ever :(…. Thanks for being unbiased and displaying this lame optical illusion. I can appreciate your fairness even if unable to appreciate the illusion.

    I Love This Site!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. That’s pretty cool from an arms length away, I can see it, and the scar comment was good, ESP if the main character has a similiar scar. Great site.

  3. The further away you walk, the better it is. I went to the other side of the room to see it though. Anyway, if you stretch your imagination and move far enough back, the manga guys hair becomes her eye. Still nothing particularly flash about this ‘illusion’ though.

  4. oh cmon – im usually one to poopoo many illusions on this site but this actually works!

    blur your eyes – the sticker disappears; you see her brow, her eye, the bag underneath, her cheek bone – its all there

  5. Frankly, if an illusion requires a piece of immortal artwork to be turned greyscale and reversed, then have some dodgy sticker overlaid in an area that might show a similar shape IF you aren’t too close to properly scrutinize it, it is no longer an illusion, it is vandalism of art.
    I do agree with Jigille, however, in that you ought to present this kind of thing in an unbiased perspective, but it is not praise-worthy in ANY way.

  6. Of course the sticker is still visible, but I think Vurdak (and the internet) means that the face of this Baki the Grappler guy blends in and becomes Mona Lisa’s eye.

    But the internet is raging over nothing. This sticker is easily found by computer out of a great database of such images with the software that takes a million pictures to create a bigger image with it. (We all know these posters.) I believe somewhere there is this poster, which consists of a million manga images to create the Mona Lisa, and one clever guy took the image of that poster that covers her eye, and copied it on a clean Mona Lisa.

  7. Ok I think this is just another weak way of subtly reviving a culture of former fans in hopes of getting new fans. I love this site and most illusions make you go hmm this one makes you say stupid

  8. i had another illusion…if you focus your eyes on the hairy forehead part the sticker looks like a strange eye…found it more interested,thought i should share..!

  9. yeah. even from a distance I could discern the Manga though when I tried hard, from that point I was able to see her black left eye

  10. What amazed me the most about this was that someone would actually take the time to figure out what would work to recreate her eye like that.

    But if it was done the way NeeL suggests, I guess it really did not take too much time or effort.

  11. If you look at the picture their is no mystery to, i could never understand what people got out of looking at this picture some say its her smile (um, smile where?) some say its her eyes. Pay attention the woman has no eyebrows, this is why she looks weird. That is the only odd/interesting thing about this painting.

  12. Sort of works but not one of the more impressive illusions. Fo to be 5 metres of more and it looks like a slightly distorted mona lisa?

  13. this is ridiculous !!!
    how can you that Mona Lisa has that fucking sticker!!!
    its a nuisance to one of the greatest art in the world!!!

    shame to the one who made that frank!!!

  14. Interesting….but not quite as interesting as the numbers and letters, that are hidden in the eye on the real painting by Da Vinci, that were noticed by scientist a couple of years ago.


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