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  1. From the widget, all I saw was the cat on her neck, and what I thought was a tumor coming out of her head…

    The last person forgot the frog right abouve the dog on the right.

  2. what’s up with her hair– it lookss like table/chair legs? and is that a crown of torns on her forehead? i don’t get it– the bunny on the left has ears that stand out too much– does this mona lisa have 3 sets of hands?

  3. There are 3 rabbits, the two obviouse ones and the one making up her right arm. 1 dog, the bird on her face, the cat and 9 faces, 4 on the right above the dog, 4 on the left side and maybe i’m just seeing this, there is a face looking upward that makes up her left sleeve.

  4. there are human faces in the mountains, some dogs in the road, and in the mona lisa: two bunnies, in her arms, one in her dress, a cat in her neck and a srtange bird in his head. i think that is all

  5. With the previous post by “me,” yes there are five faces in the mountains (at Mona’s head level), but also four faces in the lower range (at Mona’s shoulder level).

    2 bunnies
    1 cat
    1 dog head
    1 bird
    9 faces

  6. 3 bunnies, cat, bird, dog, and maybe some very angry face of a prehistoric mammal on sleeve near the dog.. but maybe im just wanting it to be an animal. :) and the faces also.

  7. Three rabbits… a darker one right above the two lighter ones. I also think there is something on her left shoulder, but I cant tell.

  8. Mona Lisa herself is a vanity table covered with a blanket, on which the cat is resting. Her face (along with the bird) is in the mirror. The rabbits appear to be on a small bench or step in front of the vanity. I don’t see any other hidden inanimate objects.

  9. theres a frog above the dog if u look at it hard…at first glance u might c the face but if u add teh dogs ear it looks like a frog in my opinion…

  10. saw the cat first. Of course, that’s probably because I’m a cat person. I personally think it is totally UNFAIR that in books or movies, (ex. Cats and Dogs, Tom and Jerry) the cats are ALWAYS the bad guys. I nearly jumped up and down in the store when I found the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. Anyone interested: http://www.warriorcats.com

    Happy… er… catness!

  11. i just want to say that i’ve seen a lot of pics in here like this one…these are pantings made by a mexican paintor…Octavio Ocampo…you’ll find really great paintings from here and most of them if not all are optical illusions…

  12. I found teh dog,cat, 3 bunnies, a frog ( It hard 2 find) 2 faces, a bird in her face! Mona herself is a vanity table. her face is a mirror, the cat is resting on a table, the rabbits are on a stool! Hope this helps u

  13. Umm…A cat. A bird. A rabbit. A…LOL! I see a face (no, not mona lisa) Listen, look at HER right side beside her face…in the distance, theres an angry man with a moustache there…oh and 2 bunnies.

  14. I see 3 bunnies, the cat, the hawk, the obvious dog on the right and maybe another in the top right corner. could be a bear too. also 5 faces + 1 skull

  15. I see a famous optical illiusion in our midst. If you look carefully at her hands, to the bottom-right, you can see a rabbit. Or is it? I, for one, saw the duck first. The rabbit/duck illusion has been around for a very long time. Was I, a 12-year-boy, the only one to pick up on this?

  16. 12 faces inc. mona lisas’
    3 rabbits
    indian woman
    ying yang
    naked woman-was the hardest to find
    homer simpson
    bart simpson
    and something behind her on the left, her right.
    really enjoyed this one.

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