M&M Dark Chocolate – Find 50 Dark Movies


In this cool M&M Dark Chocolate game I have recently received, you have to find the title of 50 dark movies using riddles in a Hieronymus Bosch-like painting. Can you find them all? To see all the details, I recommend opening the picture in full size (click on it, and select: “open in new window”). Some folks advised you can use the full size image as your desktop wallpaper – supposedly you like it that much… You can check your findings by reading current comments. When you are done, be sure to check other similar search games posted below this poster!

  • me

    haha this is amazingly amusing maybe ill download the wallpaper…..

    • mr doo

      The pencil man at the bottom right of the screen screams “ERASERHEAD!”

  • no likey name


  • that gut with a macbook

    arg i hate these…i never get them!!

  • ~magnolia~

    I believe “Silence of the Lambs” (from the sheeps) and ” The House of Wax” ( from the candle that is melting) are two of the movies. And I am not so sure but “Elm Street” (from the person whose bed is about the go down the hill, And I think the name on the pole there is elm) is there too.

  • magnolia

    oh.. how can I miss the movie “seven” :). I love dark chocolate and dark movies…

  • andrea

    beetle in the cup wit juice leakin out- beetle juice haha

  • Very_Random_person

    I see almost nothing, only the lord of the rings (M&M hola-hoping in the ring)

    nothing else, it is very hard, but interesting, then again, I haven’t ever been a fan of “dark movies”

  • Pandas

    i see 2

  • Sep

    Silence of the lambs

  • Me

    Beetle Juice, Beetle Juice, Beetle Juice!

  • Kayla shay

    Clash of the Titans
    Silence of the Lambs
    12 Monkeys
    Texas Chainsaw Massacre
    The Ring
    Friday the 13th
    Halloween H20
    The Fly

  • Amanda

    Are these some of them??
    Silence of the Lambs,

  • Captain Ron

    Just to name a few,

    Children of the Corn,
    Twelve Monkeys,
    Hard Candy,
    When Worlds Collide

  • justin

    the hills have eyes

  • Amy

    The Hills have eyes…
    Silence of the Lambs….
    Lord of the rings or The Ring…
    Hmmm…. am i on the right track here?

  • Karrie

    I’ve found them all. Took me twentytwo minutes.

  • vintze

    texas chainsaw massacre
    12 monkyes
    the birds
    the crow
    the fly
    psyho… and still counting :)) but i don’t know how manny are…

  • m&m

    1. Seven
    2. Silence of the Lambs
    3. 12 Monkeys
    4. Leprachaun
    5. Candyman
    6. Birds
    7. Signs
    8. The Ring
    9. Pumpkinhead
    10. Friday the 13th
    11. Halloween
    12. Jaws
    13. The Fly
    14. The Crow
    15. Psycho
    16. The Hills Have Eyes
    17. The House of Wax
    18. Alien
    19. Scream
    20. A Clockwork Orange
    21. Beetlejuice
    21. Saw
    22. Blade
    23. The Village
    24. The Children of the Corn
    25. The Omen
    26. The Invisible Man
    27. Nightmare on Elm Street

  • wetech

    i found 27 and gave up.

  • T-Dog

    Here’s my List – I wasted WAY too much time on this….It’s easier to see what you’ve found/missed if you do it at the M&M’s site:

    Rosemary’s Baby
    The Invisible Man
    12 Monkeys
    The Crow
    War of the Worlds
    Texas Chainsaw Massacre
    The Birds
    The Ring
    Silence of the Lambs
    The Hills Have Eyes
    The Creature From the Black Lagoon
    House of Wax
    The Fly
    Friday the 13th
    Children of the Corn
    Nightmare on Elm Street
    The Howling
    The 6th Sense
    The Grudge
    The Dead Zone
    The Mummy
    Child’s Play
    Clockwork Orange
    Dark Water
    The Shining
    Pitch Black
    The Omen
    The Butterfly Effect
    The Lost Boys
    Rear Window
    Twin Peaks
    The Village
    Blue Velvet
    39 Steps

    • Will Gossett

      swamp thing and creature from the black lagoon all in one. I found alot of the ones you all put up. Just didn’t see that yet. the whole picture makes the final movie. The Twilight Zone cause the sun looks like its rising.

  • Blue

    Vanilla Sky
    The Village
    The Invisible man
    Clockwork orange

  • Andrew

    Six Cents. I mean Sixth Sense.

  • Ardak

    I think the most obscure movies I have found so far are Eraserhead, and A Clockwork Orange. I’m at 29. Is there a master list somewhere? I hope that M&M’s releases it later, I’d love to know all of them. This will be great at my Halloween party, I’ll post it on the wall and have all the guests guess.

  • Amanda

    1. Candyman
    2. Fly
    3. House of Wax
    4. Batman
    5. Clockwork Orange
    6. Seven
    7. Rosemary’s Baby
    8. Children of the Corn
    9. Grim Reeper
    10. War of the Worlds
    11. Texas Chainsaw Massacre
    12. Butterfly Effect
    13. Silence of the Lambs
    14. 13 Monkeys
    15. The Leprecon
    16. The Nun
    17. The Ring
    18. Frankenstein
    19. Creature in the Black Lagoon
    20. Halloween
    21. Sleepy Hallow
    22. Jackyl and Hyde
    23. Invisible man
    24. Carrie

  • Gina

    I have found them all, it took be 1hr 7 mins, and 5min the second time lolol try using the one on the M&Ms site http://www.mms.com/us/dark, it tells you how many left -its good.
    1. eraserhead
    2. wikerman
    3. candyman
    4. invisable man
    5. clockwork orange
    6. psyco
    7. rosemarys baby
    8. shining
    9. dark water
    10. lost boys
    11. childs play
    12. beetlejuice
    13. creature from the black lagoon
    14. leprechaun
    15. saw
    16. 12 monkeys
    17. silence of the lambs
    18. blade
    19. 39 steps
    20. grudge
    21. halloween
    22. texas chainsaw massacre
    23. ring
    24. omen
    25. pirahna
    26. scream
    27. butterfly effect
    28. alien
    29. seven
    30. nightmare on elm street
    31. friday 13th
    32. fly
    33. war of the worlds
    34. hills have eyes
    35. village
    36. pumpkin head
    37. signs
    38. jaws
    39. birds
    40. house of wax
    41. howling
    42. sixth sense
    43. dead zone
    44. pitch black
    45. rear window
    46. twin peaks
    47. blue violet
    48. mummy
    49. crow
    50. children of the corn

  • Dani Girl

    I figure out all fifty but it took me like an hour…

  • killer bees

    took me a total of 18min and 57sec
    not to brag or anything
    i’m nowhere near the 100 mark on the scoreboard

  • acedriver_82

    i found 28 in the first twenty minutes

  • gemma

    i did it…no cheating either!!!!! took me 24 mins. i really liked this

  • Marie

    Did it all in 2h15. The one that said he finished it in 20 minutes is a big liar!!!

  • R 3 N D

    haven’t finished yet… but it’s cool

  • Izzy

    Gina, #47 is blue VELVET. It only took me 2 hrs, 1 min — with help from your list on the last five. (Once you know the answers, it gets easier to find the object. [grin])

  • Anonymous

    The movie Bats! DUHHH!

  • uary56

    Where can I find the code for it to put on myspace

  • Jacob

    Kayla Shay it isnt clash of the titans it’s war of the worlds

  • Christina-Christie

    beetle juice

  • Amberleigh

    what is the glowing pumkin behind the stairs? thats the only 1 I can’t get

  • Anonymous

    glowing pumpkin = Halloween

  • rebeccatigger

    i got it in 24 minutes, but i had help

  • Anonymous

    Here are some
    -The knife is Blade
    -The saw in the tree is SAW
    -The butterflies is Butterfly Effect
    -beetle in jar is beetlejuice
    -Torn up texas poster is Texas Chainsaw Massacre
    -The berrel of black water is Dark Water
    -The bottom jaw is JAWS
    -The GIANT pirhana is pirahna
    -The bed and demons is Nightmare on elm street
    -The giant corn is Children of Corn
    -giant seven on church is Seven
    -Ring on M&M is The Ring
    Giant fly in background is The Fly
    -The hill with eyes is The Hills Have eyes
    -The guy with a pumpkin head is pumpkinhead
    -Lambs are Silence of The Lambs
    -12 monkeys are 12 monkeys
    -The candycane guy is candyman
    -Giant melting candle is House of Wax
    -The flock of crows is Birds
    -Thats about everything I have.

  • The Gossip Girl

    Because I absolutely love to spoil your fun: ;P

    Rosemary’s Baby
    The Invisible Man
    12 Monkeys
    The Crow
    War of the Worlds
    Texas Chainsaw Massacre
    The Birds
    The Ring
    Silence of the Lambs
    The Hills Have Eyes
    The Creature From the Black Lagoon
    House of Wax
    The Fly
    Friday the 13th
    Children of the Corn
    Nightmare on Elm Street
    The Howling
    The 6th Sense
    The Grudge
    The Dead Zone
    The Mummy
    Child’s Play
    Clockwork Orange
    Dark Water
    The Shining
    Pitch Black
    The Omen
    The Butterfly Effect
    The Lost Boys
    Rear Window
    Twin Peaks
    The Village
    Blue Velvet
    39 Steps

  • Anonymous

    if you go on to http://www.mms.com you play this game and find what they really are!

  • Anonymous

    Rosemary’s Baby

    Baby holding spices…

  • Anonymous


  • U2freak

    candy man….se7en……and i think bloody mary

  • Anonymous

    sleepy hollow

  • Anonymous

    i see
    1 friday the thirteenth
    2 rosemary’s baby
    3 beetle juice
    4 the ring
    5 saw
    6 texas chainsaw massacre
    7 the birds
    8 the fly
    9 leprechaun
    10 the hills have eyes
    11 seven
    12 alien
    13 signs
    14 the sixth sense
    15 silence of the lambs

  • Anonymous

    silence of the lambs
    texas chainsaw massacre
    friday the 13th
    rosemary’s baby
    the grim reaper

  • Anonymous

    1. Beetlejuice
    2. Signs
    3. The Ring
    4. Friday the 13th
    5. Nightmare on Elm Street
    6. Texas Chainsaw Massacre
    7. Pumpkinhead
    8. Wickerman
    9. Seven
    10. House of Wax
    11. Saw
    12. Candyman
    13. Leprechauns
    14. Silence of the Lambs
    15. Van Helsing
    16. Hills Have Eyes
    17. Grim Reaper
    18. Rosemary’s Baby
    19. 12 Monkeys
    20. The Birds
    21. Jaws
    22. The Fly
    23. Children of the Corn
    24. The Howling
    25. The Sixth Sense
    26. The Mummy
    27. The Grudge
    28. Dead Zone
    29. The Omen
    30. Scream
    31. The Butterfly Effect
    32. Lost Boys
    33. Halloween
    34. Rear Window
    35. Twin Peaks
    36. Blue Velvet
    37. 39 Steps
    38. The Crow
    39. Eraserhead
    40. Piranha
    41. Creature of the Black Lagoon
    42. Psycho
    43. Invisible Man
    44. Alien
    45. War of the Worlds
    46. Clockwork Orange
    47. Child’s Play
    48. Dark Water
    49. The Shining
    50. Pitchblack

  • Anonymous

    Hi I think the planets rushing into each other at the top of the photo is ‘When Worlds Collide’ 1951…. Very fun!

  • Anonymous

    i seeeee…….

    children of the corn
    friday the 13th
    nightmare on elmstreet
    the fly
    scilence of the lambs
    texas chainsaw massacre
    the ring
    pumpkin head
    house of wax
    the invisible man
    the cave
    the butterfly effect
    H2O (jason)
    The crow
    war of the worlds
    Twelve Monkeys
    the hills have eyes
    blade (i think)

  • Bruce

    The beetle coming out of the vial of juice is Beetlejuice

  • smilehigh

    big fish
    house on haunted hill
    39 Steps
    clockwork orange

  • jazzyfayy

    i got the village, the omen, the lost boys, the mummy, monster from the black lagoon, alian, 7, signs, sixth sense, the howling, the fly, war of the worlds, pumkinhead, the ring,halloween,nightmare on elm street,the shining,scream,clockwork orange,childs play,the dead zone,house of wax,the saw, leprechan, rosemarys baby,jaws,friday the 13th, the grudge, 39 steps, hills have eyes,butterfly effect, the crow,blade, rear window, the candyman,psycho, eraserhead, pitch black, wicker man, the piranha,the birds, children of the corn, silence of the lamb,texas chainsaw massacre,beetle juice, ans 12 monkeys, i cant remember the m&m lady.

  • Steven

    what about all the birds flying towards the village id say that thats “The Birds”

  • Cassidy

    The jack-o-lanterns are for the Halloween movies with Micheal Meyers.

  • Wiggele

    not a movie fan so..

  • i looked at this picture my 3rd eye opened 0_0 *SCARED* 0_0

  • Nicole

    Silence Of The Lambs

  • kidsrock12347

    i found 3 movies…..saw…..beetlejuice….and…..friday the 13th….

  • lozano

    i cant get the name of the monster in the lagoon it wont except “monster from the black laggon” as an answer

  • Angeliqa

    I’m so not a scary movie fan, I do know a few of the “Dark movies” all i have to add to what was already said are…
    Switchblade (billy bob thornton)
    and The Burning Plain

    I wouldn’t call it an illusion but i’m glad you posted it, its kinda fun.

  • loldude

    the mnm lady is blue velvet

  • Where is Child’s Play?

  • Bloodless

    You guys missed The Hills Have Eyes.

  • caile

    ok yall i restarted and remered most of them from before and hardly looked back at this and finished in like 17 min. i kno yall can finish it too!!! good luck!!! do ur best!!

  • mary

    The blade is Sweeney Todd (i think), beatlejiuce, the birds. Thats all i can think of

  • tazz

    i think i got all of em… maybe.
    1.silence of the lambs (sheep with headphones)
    2.the ring (blue m&m)
    3.jaws (jaw bone)
    4.12 monkeys (12 monkeys altogether)
    5.signs (signs on the top of the steps)
    6.friday the 13th (10/13 TGIF)
    7.pumpkin head (guy w/ pumpkin head near shack)
    8.lepercaun (lepercaun in the tree)
    9.saw (next to the lepercaun)
    10.the village (village)
    11.beetlejuice (beetle and juice from jar)
    12.h2o *jason movie* (lady w/ barrel)
    13.creature from black lagoon (bottom left corner)
    14.6th sense (red M&M juggling)
    15.clockwork orange (orange w/ clockhands)
    16.candy man (candy cane man)
    17.Blue Velvet (green m&m)
    18.rosemarys baby (baby)
    19.eraserhead (pencil with clothes)
    20.perhanna *can’t spell it* (obvious)
    21.Switchblade (switchblade near lambs)
    22.texas chainsaw massacare (sign with blue texas on it)
    23.children of the corn (giant corn with feet)
    24.the fly (giant fly)
    25.butterfly effect (butterflys near perhanna)
    26.war of the worlds (planets in the sky)
    27.howling (wolves howling between trees)
    28.tower (the tower)
    29.invisible man (man near orange)
    30.house of wax (melting house on left side)
    31.reaper (the reaper in the fence)
    32.halloween (lack o lanturns)
    33.seven (big seven)
    34.39 steps (the stairs)
    35.lost boys (3 boys with map)
    36.the birds (birds)
    37.buckethead (guy near candyman)
    38.hills have eyes (hills have eyes)
    39.psycho (stright jacket guy)
    40.the crow (crowe on tree)
    41.nighmare on elm street (guy on the bed)42.rear window (guy with telescope near corn)
    43.Dr. jackle & mr. hide (two guys on steps)
    44.the omen (men with o’s on them)
    45.the circle (kids holding hands)
    46.the shining (guy with lanturn)
    47.scream (guy above perhanna)
    48.babysitter (woman with kids)
    49. ?
    50. ?
    so i don’t have all 50. sue me. lol

  • Kenny

    the dude above me, its not that you dont have all 50 its that most of yours are wrong. the woman with the kids is the mummy. the blade is…blade lol. the kids holding hands are childs play. the guys on the steps are the grudge. and the reaper is the dead zone. the guy near candyman is wickerman. and i dont feel like correcting the rest

  • Lainvid

    Every single one.

    1. Creature from the Black Lagoon
    2. Beetlejuice
    3. Childs Play
    4. Dark Water
    5. The Shining
    6. Psycho
    7. A Clockwork Orange
    8. The Invisable Man
    9. Candyman
    10. The Wickerman
    11. Eraserhead
    12. Pitch Black
    13. Pirannah
    14. Scream
    15. The Butterfly Effect
    16. Omen
    17. Rosemary’s Baby
    18. The Lost Boys
    19. The Mummy
    20. Sixth Sense
    21. 12 Monkeys
    22. Saw
    23. Leprechaun
    24. Blade
    25. Silence of the Lambs
    26. Jaws
    27. Blue Velvet
    28. The 39 Steps
    29. The Grudge
    30. The Ring
    31. Halloween
    32. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
    33. Signs
    34. Pumpkinhead
    35. Children of the Corn
    36. Nightmare on Elm Street
    37. The Howling
    38. Friday the 13th
    39. Se7en
    40. Alien
    41. The Crow
    42. House of Wax
    43. The Birds
    44. The Village
    45. The Hills Have Eyes
    46. The War of the Worlds
    47. The Fly
    48. The Dead Zone
    49. Rear Window
    50. Twin Peaks

  • MossCow

    The movie with Billy Bob Thorton was called “Slingblade,” not “Switchblade,” and Bosch is rolling over in his grave.

  • celticgirl

    How could you miss The Fly! It’s hard to miss sitting there on the side of the hill. I don’t think anyone has them all correct yet.

  • DJ

    Whew…thanks for the help guys. That was really hard. That H20 one really throws you off. Unless they are thinking of another Blade, I didn’t find any of the blade trilogy to be all that scary.

  • David

    Couldn’t find any Dark Movies but did find Carmen and Nemo

    Where’s Waldo?

  • Will Gossett

    the lady in the water

  • Will Gossett

    the mothman prophecies

  • Jason

    Great game. Can someone give me the link? I forget where the game is.

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